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What is Soul Nourishment?

The recognition of Nourishing vs. Eating

Essentially, Soul Nourishment is the recognition of Nourishing vs. Eating…

The Archangelic realm is clear about the concept of nourishing vs. eating. It decidedly offers you consciousness regarding food decisions. Essentially the question before you is this:

Am I eating this food for my soul or my ego?

Or, as Archangel Zadkiel states so wonderfully in the book, Sacred
Union: The Journey Home
, page 89:

“We propose a question for you to ponder. Is it truly bliss to
eat that which may taste appealing to the body and yet leave you feeling afterwards
sad and confused or up, only to come down? Or, is it bliss to consume that
which you know is nourishing you further, and allows you to be in constant
Peace and Joy? Which is truly satisfying?

And so, before you ingest, you simply say, “Which am I serving,
my bliss of authenticity or my pallet? Which will enhance all aspects of that
which I am? How do I nourish myself?”

When you gift yourself with a moment of consciousness vs. a quick bite to eat,
everything in your life begins to awaken to greater consciousness. Everything!

In actuality, the Archangelic realm did not offer the word or system of being
“vegan”. We use this word because it assists the mind in feeling
safe through the shift into Soul Nourishment vs. eating. Yet, true soul nourishment
extends well beyond what we ingest.

The guidelines for the foods of Soul Nourishment are quite simple as gifted
to us through the Archangel Zadkiel:

“Eat only whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and no eggs. Also, be
sure not to consume anything of the cow.”

Please know that there is nothing inherently wrong with eating traditionally…if
you want to maintain a strong density alignment. Often times you will find yourself
eating without onsciousness simply because you are unable to “deal”
with the events around you. It is important to release any and all sense of
failure around this.

Simply stated here are the left brain reasons offered by the Archangelic realm
to support soul nourishment as a lifestyle shif.

  1. .Eggs interfere with telepathy and higher dimensional contact.
  2. The DNA of cows has been permanently altered due to the unnatural abuse
    of the animal. Therefore, regardless of how it was raised or fed, genetically
    you are ingesting fear and abuse from any cow product.
  3. This same DNA interference has now reached the same levels on this planet
    for pigs, chickens, and fish.

As you read this simple 1-2-3 list it offers quite a bit to think about. The
greater question at hand is simply: What are you trying to call into your life?

With true Soul Nourishment, you are not giving up anything…

Certainly one of the most popular comments offered to “new vegans”
is the statement of wonderment from well-wishers that goes like this:

“Wow, I could never eat that way, I would have to give up so much!”

Albert Einstein

Let’s think about that for a moment, shall we?

Do you ever wake up not feeling refreshed?

Are there moments during the day when your body is responding to food that
may not be the most pleasant?

Have you decided that antacids with calcium are actually good for you?

You get the point.

What if you could release the energy of giving up anything and simply embrace
that you are receiving everything! Really!

Perhaps your body has spent so many years in pain and/or physical symptomology
that you’ve conditioned yourself to believe it is normal.

The gift of soul nourishment is that you are sending a signal to the body that
you love it. When the body receives the signal of love, it will respond with
healing, peace, serenity and vitality. The benefits that you experience will
far outweigh any egoic filter that believes you are giving up something.

And, by the way, there are many amazing dark vegan chocolates on the market…just
be sure to read the label.

It doesn’t have to happen all at once…and it only takes small steps
to totally integrate this gift!

Are you ready for the next step? If so, here are some suggestions to
get you started:

  1. Read or Re-Read Sacred Union: The Journey Home
  2. Click on every article on this website about Soul Nourishment
  3. Gift yourself with Kira Raa’s amazing course on Soul Nourishment
    and learn how fun and tasty it can be
  4. Educate yourself!

here for more info and to purchase Sacred Union: the Journey Home

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