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Avesa Quantum Healing


Listen or turn away…

The universe is speaking loudly now and the opportunity to harness the extraordinary energy being poured forth and experience the full attunement and soul opening that is Avesa is here!

The massive influx of spiritual illumination and the anchoring of your Divine alignment is the time for re-claiming the fullness of the your soul’s journey of mastery.

Avesa is an ancient mystical modality of spiritual empowerment that calls forth your most abundant life and reveals wisdom and clarity that defies the mind.
When Kira first received this direct transmission from Madame Helena Blavatsky, she was told that the “greater revelation” would come forth AFTER the “cosmic shift” had anchored on the planet. That time is NOW! The final activation of the Unification Molecule in Cairo in October 2011 means that Sri & Kira are free to share ALL the AVESA revelations!


What is Avesa Mastery?

We are at the time of the great awakening and the gift of Avesa Quantum Healing is the opportunity to embrace all of the changes around us with ease and Joy!

The decline in pharmaceutical effectiveness….radical new illnesses….the return of the plague…the search for Divine Consciousness…make Avesa Energy and Avesa Quantum Healing much more than a just a wondrous gift from the Divine.

Avesa is a mystical and tangible solution to the increasingly critical needs of our times.
Avesa energies have come forward to us through an energetic lineage of wondrous beings. These energies were kept very secretive prior to 2000 because the vibration level on the planet was not ready to receive them. Prior to 2000, the last time Avesa energies were available on this planet was during the late 1800’s when they were used by sages or gurus living in the Himalayas and by others in Tibet.

Through the love and dedication of lineage bearers, Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, everyone can now receive the grace, blessings, and archangelic energies of AVESA.

Avesa is the ancient art of Pure Angelic In-Soulment, to Fully Awaken the Divine Within: Re-member, claim, and fully exist AS the Universal Divine!

Pure Angelic In-soulment offers your eyes the opportunity to clearly see. It is the cosmic connection that fully aligns with the Divine energy seeking expression through you.

“Ave” means “Hail to the Divine”.

“Sa” is the expression of “Infinite Consciousness”—the limitless love of the Divine.

Together, Ave plus Sa means Hail to the Impersonal Infinity, the return of your Divine empowerment.

Avesa Quantum Healing is a gift from the Crystalline Dimensions that offers alignment with one’s authentic soul energy thus enhancing harmony and balance in all aspects of life.
It is an energetic blessing and alignment you can also share with others. If you are already a healing practitioner, you will delight in how easily Avesa can be incorporated into and enhance your other healing modalities.

Avesa Quantum Healing expands the cutting edge of spiritual healing. It opens an inter-dimensional portal where energy and intention flow FAR more powerfully than in the physical dimension. It opens one to receive the revealed mysteries that appear when one “Surrenders what Surrender looks like.”

The powerful gift of Avesa energies is available to anyone through a beautiful, magical, life transforming attunement process.

“An experience BEYOND BELIEF . . . to actually be able to find YOUR TRUE SELF!” - Program Participant