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Global Minga Supports Humanity

Global Minga Supports Humanity

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Discover the Gift of Minga as Shakti Exchange. Minga Consciousness is the blessing of Cooperation and Care in the spirit of Unity, Love, and Oneness. 100% of your donation supports humanitarian projects.

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Discover the Gift of Minga as Shakti Exchange. Minga Consciousness is the blessing of Cooperation and Care in the spirit of Unity, Love, and Oneness.

Shakti is LOVE and the Essence of ALL humanity! When we give with an open hand our Shakti increases as does our ability to radiate the illuminated presence of PURE LOVE in ACTION! The gift of Shakti honors the balance of exchange with the reassurance of our abundant nature as activated through the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

100% of  donations and our services are shared via the wholeness of Shakti exchange. Tax donation receipts from the USA are available upon request and may your heart be reassured that 100% of ALL received shakti is immediately offered the gift of flow to serve others!

New Projects include Modern Laser Therapy combined with Egyptian Healing Rods at  Clinica Linda Free Pain Relief Clinics;  Pyramid of Peace a 22 meter tall structure that will open to the world; Building Homes and Community Support Programs for handicapped Indigenous neighbors.

Minga Project Update! New Home for Maria breaks ground. We successfully raised funds thanks to your community support to supply the materials for Maria’s first true home! The entire community of Dug Dug and neighbors have gathered to help build the new home in the true spirit of Minga. Stay tuned as we share more about Maria and her new home. 
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Project Highlight – Pyramid of Peace
The Mastery Avesa Oasis Pyramid at TOSA Blue Mountain Ecuador is the first of 12 more pyramids to be built around the world. This 72 foot tall Pyramid, built in the loving energy of the yin and yang of mother Gaia herself,  using only natural materials will support our planet and healing for humanity. Learn More About the Pyramid of Peace

This pyramid serves as a point of healing for the planet and will be the sustaining stabilization of 12 more large pyramids and the expansion of 1000s of Avesa Oases healing pyramids around the planet.

Project Highlight- Building Homes
Two homes built for our indigenous neighbors in Ecuador  so far with plans to continue building for those in great need. Some of these families have been living in conditions that threaten their own health, well-being, and lives. Help us help them.


TOSA Blue Mountain Project Highlights

Your love and generosity is a clear signal to the universe that we are saying YES to Oneness.
Standing by each other we DO make a difference!

Unite TOGETHER and IGNITE the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation
As you support another, you FREE yourself from the fear of Lack, Limitation
and Poverty Consciousness as you CLAIM Manifested Abundance for ALL!

Supporting Indigenous Lineage Holders on Planet Earth brings healing and balance to Gaia.
TOSA service projects include:
1 . Free Pain clinics for Indigenous people
2. Medical Services to those in need
3. Building homes and communities
4. Protecting the Amazon Rainforest
Help us maintain the Pyramid of Peace for Gaia and Humanity!


Donations of the heart welcome and appreciated. Whether you donate one dollar or thousands, your act of generosity will support many! Thank you for supporting greater harmony and healing for humanity and the Earth. Your donations create miracles and that energy returns back to you as abundant flow!

Just change the donation amount above to match your heart’s call.  Whether you donate one dollar or thousands of dollars, your act of generosity will nourish your soul and the lives of many other Beings.

Thank you for helping support greater harmony and healing for humanity & the Earth!

Your donations Create Miracles and that energy returns back to you as Abundant Flow!

Your entire contribution qualifies as a USA tax deductible donation to The Temple of Self-Ascension of AIWP, a 501 c-3 non profit organization.

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Ministry of the Yoga of Self-Ascension

Sri & Kira established the Temple of Self-Ascension in 2002 as a formal congregation. Navigating a 20 year bonafide 501c3 supports the upliftment of humanity through humanitarian service projects. As licensed ministers Sri & Kira donate 100% of their combined life force to serve. Discover the Peace, Love and JOY at our Sunday Service, Monday Magic, and our Self-Ascension Homestudy classroom !

Your loving contributions make the difference!


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