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Mastery Mentorship


Over 20 years ago the Ascended Realms of Crystalline light invited Sri & Kira to assist all who are ready to expand their lives and remember their mastery through the Yoga of Self-Ascension. Through their unwavering commitment to supporting the awakening of Gaia, they have selflessly offered Spiritual Mastery teaching and practices as provided from the Ascended realms.

Throughout their personal journey, the consistency of SUPPORT rings supreme! Sri & Kira share:

“We are 100% committed to the Peace, Love and Joy that can be claimed by ANYONE through the Yoga of Self-Ascension. As we gazed deeply at the blessing of so many dreams (MIRACLES) manifested among those we have the blessing to serve, it is obvious that TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!

This led us to dive deeply into the question of “how can we assist more to remember the truth of who they are?’

Knowing that the world is at a cross-roads moment and the illusion can often do less than inspire positivity and enlightenment, an APP seemed the obvious solution! Our sacred intention through Spiritual Mastery Mentorship is to offer a platform that is EASY, Convenient and ALL-WAYS there to support you! Especially in those moments when everything else seems “whelming”. The ability to re-connect with each other in such a profound way in conjunction with the gift of weekly guidance for the Mastery community is truly a great blessing for us all. Together we are ready to support each other as we move forward in these amazing times. As a gift of Divine remembrance, in harmony with the call to reunification, may our sincere outreach through the Mastery Mentorship program ignite miracle works around the globe. We are reminded of Archangel Zadkiel’s revelation that:

"When you truly empower the energy of Self-Ascension, you open the portal for 100,000 others to do the same!"


Imagine your life…today…with your dreams manifested! Beyond the MANY tangible & energetic benefits you will immediately enjoy, your heart will sing as you receive the gift of CONNECTION with Spiritual family that understands and supports your journey.

Through the Spiritual Mastery w/ Sri & Kira APP, we are committed to the HEALING AND LOVING energy of the Yoga of Self-Ascension. Together as a community, may we maintain and strengthen the transcendent wave of love that is shining for all who are finding their way through the ocean of density into their Divine Awakened Presence. As a Mastery Mentorship Member, your benefits are expansive, and your love assists to create a truly beautiful and exponential shift on our beloved planet Gaia!