Day: July 3, 2011

  • Video Newsletter – July 4, 2011

      This week’s video newsletter is packed with relevant and important information about preparing for the massive energy that is building toward 2012! We are being called to our authentic energy, and how we choose to engage that process is up to us. RELATED LINKS: "The Re-birth of Humanity" The Miracle of Service: 12 Steps…

  • Podcast: In-soulment July 2, 2011

    “The Re-birth of Humanity” podcast

  • In-soulment, July 2, 2011

    “The Re-birth of Humanity”

  • Responses to the “Spam” Email

    An email with false allegations against Sri and Kira was sent out to some members of the TOSA community over the weekend. The July 11 newsletter video shares the hidden gift of this action as it so clearly illustrates the energies of July. Below are two of the email responses Sri and Kira received following…

  • What is Soul Nourishment?

    What is Soul Nourishment?

    The recognition of Nourishing vs. Eating

  • Miracle Team Message – July 4, 2011

    [podcast][/podcast]   This week’s Miracle Team Message is from the Sun God RA: Ignited warriors of Divine light and presence, the illuminated rays of the universal sun are now streaming through you with great joy! Stretch out your arms and ignite the sun within that rests as the Golden Center of your heart. Feel the…