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Responses to the “Spam” Email

An email with false allegations against Sri and Kira was sent out to some members
of the TOSA community over the weekend. The July 11 newsletter video shares
the hidden gift of this action as it so clearly illustrates the energies of

Below are two of the email responses Sri and Kira received following the distribution
of the "spam" and after the issuing of an apology for
the unauthorized use of TOSA email addresses.

Video Newsletter


Dearest Sri & Kira,

I just received this disturbing e-mail, and was going to just delete it, but
I thought you should be aware of this garbage that is being sent out among our
members. I don’t even know how I ended up on this list!

I am staying in my center of peace, and trying my hardest not to go into judgment
towards the ones who are projecting all these negative accusations. It really
hurts my heart to hear these awful things that they are saying. I had just finished
looking at the Shield of Zadkiel that I had drawn in one of my journals (complete
with glitter)! before opening my computer and finding this e-mail there.

I love, cherish and honor you both, and my strength and authenticity is returning
to the forefront and it is because of you! I AM HERE, I AM READY, I AM OPEN,
and I AM TRULY GUIDED. I will strengthen my Shield and send out prayers of peace.

Thank you for Divine Presence and ALL that you do!

Infinite Blessings,
Sue S.


Beloved Sri & Kira:

We have not met ‘face-to-face’ yet, but we have met in a most wonderful
and divine way.

Your apologies are accepted and I am grateful for being included in these email

I have just resigned from what has become a duplicitous and malignant work situation.
The work I have done over the past 6 years was offered from a place of love
and heartfelt desire to bring order to the chaos that existed. I worked with
a few diligent and committed individuals who also offered their gifts from that
sound place. As I write, one individual is causing much hurtful chaos. The words
spoken and written sound true and unless one has insight and discernment, those
words will be believed. I understand in an intimate way something of the process
that is unfolding before you.

You have both been such a gift to me. Your teachings have opened the heavens
and shone a light upon the path that winds ahead and your teachings have directed
me to find my way home. I am so grateful to you both and to those who surround
you to support you in your work. You have taught that we must seek through the
‘chaff’ to find the truth. And so I look deep into my heart and
soul and am able to respond with unequivocal joy to say thank you, Sri Ram Kaa
& Kira Kaa.

I look forward to meeting you in Los Angeles for The Golden Ray Intensive, and
then again in Vancouver for the Insoulment & Quantum Clairvoyance.

Many blessing to you both. Hand to heart, Namaste.

Moira M.

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