Global Minga for ALL Humanity

Coming Together in the Best Interest of ALL

Minga is collaborative action to improve the collective well-being of ALL, achieving results only possible through the participation of many towards a common goal. It is a way of life that extends back thousands of years in cultures of the Andes where this indigineous tradition still exists in many South American countries of this region. This concept is found in roots of every lineage around the world.

Global Minga is for ALL Humanity. We support projects that are fueled through the passionate action of many beings working together. These projects begin in our own backyards and extend to the whole of the planet. Unconditional Love and Service helps those who are in need! When one rises so do we all, this is the time of Unification through Global Minga in service to ALL.

Collaborative Action and Care for Collective Well-Being
True Nourishment for ALL.

Discover the Gift of Minga as Shakti Exchange. Minga Consciousness is the blessing
of Cooperation and Care in the spirit of Unity, Love, and Oneness.
Minga – Collaborating in Love, Cooperation in Service, and Care in Action.
Minga ALWAYS has
SERVICE for a Common Goal

Minga at TOSA Blue Mountain

Be Part of the TOSA Blue Mountain 5 Star Global Minga Experience and Contribute.
“Current Global Minga Projects”

Clinics to Bring Care and Pain Relief to Those in Need.

Clinica Linda at TOSA Blue Mountain and its first Mobile Clinic in Paute are the model for Clinics being built around the world. Providing Modern Laser Therapy in combination with Egyptian Healing rods, our clinics offer restoration and renewal, wellness care, and relief from pain to our indigineous neighbors and those in need.

Contributions in shakti exchange through volunteer service, donating materials, construction, cash contributions all keep clinics open. Retreat at TOSA Blue Mountain as a volunteer or send your contribution to support the many we are a lifeline for. Contribute to the growth of clinics around the world.

Food and Essentials Project

When the Corona Virus shut remote villages out of receiving any food or support we began our contributions to our neighbors. This program has continued and expanded, providing a lifeline to many who truly cannot afford to meet all their basic needs.

Building Homes

Two homes built with indigenous neighbors in Ecuador  so far with plans to continue building for those in great need. These families have been living in conditions that threaten their health, well-being, and lives. Help us help them.

Contributions in shakti exchange through volunteering to build, donating materials, cash contributions all keep clinics open. Retreat at TOSA Blue Mountain as a volunteer or send your contribution to support this project.

Pyramid of Peace at TOSA Blue Mountain births 12 more around the World

Unifying  tribes across Ecuador,  coming together for the first time to build this structure in the traditional  Bahareque manner of construction. This 72 foot tall Pyramid, built in the loving energy of the yin and yang of mother Gaia herself,  using only natural materials will support our planet and healing for humanity. LEARN More About the Pyramid of Peace

This pyramid serves as a point of healing for the planet and will be the sustaining stabilization of 12 more large pyramids and the expansion of 1000s of Avesa Oases healing pyramids around the planet

Support this Project or Sponsor a Pyramid as one of the 12 points of Peace and Healing for ALL Humanity.

“ offer them a glass of water as the Divine flow of their own life. When they reach for that which is less nourishing to their soul, offer them comfort in the water of life.” – Lost Books of the Essene, Lesson 1