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About Sri & Kira


About Sri & Kira

Continually serving for 20+ years, Sri & Kira are committed to humanity. Sharing the true abundance of the Yoga of Self-Ascension, they lovingly model our new earth through a life of authenticity.

Acclaimed Visionaries, Consciousness leaders, best-selling authors and show hosts, they have journeyed through near death experiences, transcended fatal dis-eases, and demonstrated the healing miracles through the power of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

The Art of Ascended Living as master-fully taught by Sri & Kira demonstrates that ALL who carry a sincere heart, can thrive to live the life of their dreams.

Two of the Best Examples of Open-Mindedness!”

– George Noory, Host of Coast to Coast AM

Sri & Kira, Visionary Facilitators of Positive Shift, arrived at the forefront of the higher consciousness movement, and have remained there for over 20 years, due to the wisdom, clarity, and accuracy of the information they share. With four best-selling books, a highly acclaimed/syndicated radio show and continual outpouring of timely information, they present extra-ordinary insights about our human origins and divine destination.

As you experience the undeniable love of this Mystical couple, you clearly understand why they dedicated their lives to this unique work. Together they empower the up-level of Consciousness through Peace,(Shanti), Love, (Bhakti) and Joy, (Ananda).

Sri & Kira emanate the energy of Authenticity through the gift of Universal Spirituality known as The Yoga of Self-Ascension™.

They share the experience of Soul Nourishment, MLKR’s innovative vegetarian cooking series, at TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary, Ecuador.

Sri & Kira hold the recognition that ALL Beings have the full nature of the sacred inside. The ability to call forward divine abundance assisting the sincere spiritual seeker to that glorious moment where the journey transcends dogma and ignites Direct Mystical Experience.

This is The Law of Instantaneous Manifestation in active motion. The loving embrace of the Yoga of Self-Ascension that ignites the gateway to re-discovering your Inner Magic, affirming YOU have every-thing you need to BE ONE as your divine ascended presence.

Sri & Kira are the living expression of the Art of Ascended Living modeling Universal citizenry. They reside at TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary in Ecuador.

"Sri and Kira explain the world of forms that exist outside of our everyday perception. In that world, forms of energy or light navigate freely. They are us and we are them."

-Bill Birnes, Star of UFO Hunters and Ancient Aliens, Author of Day after Roswell


Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa was born in 1952, the Year of the Dragon. As a ‘triple Cancer” he wrestled with creativity, sensitivity, and depth of perception since birth. Sri’s early adult years were marked by entrepreneurship. He started several small companies, and while working full-time, earned an MBA.

In the mid 1980’s Sri was intrigued by the emerging computer industry and he developed software programs and computer-guided machines that opened new market niches. His innovations received rapid acceptance and his designs and products were marketed globally in 22 countries. This rapid growth caught the eye of stock market professionals who encouraged him to take his company public.

Sri’s business success attracted demanding shareholders who sought financial rewards. This financial pre-occupation stimulated a “soul anxiety” in Sri and he soon felt imprisoned by the very corporation he had created. One year following his public stock offering, new competition from Japan and Microsoft overwhelmed Sri’s young company. His public corporation was forced into a bankruptcy that brought him to his knees.

With the bankruptcy, the life Sri had identified with was gone; shame and terror replaced it. Sri was at the chasm of the void…the crossroads of his life. His despair stimulated an inner search and the truth of authentic beingness began to be recognized.

Sri chose to listen inwardly and follow the irrational nudges of his heart and intuition. Sri applied his business skills part time to maintain a paycheck while studying with Indigenous Shamans and entering graduate school. In two intense years Sri obtained his masters degree in psychology while also pursuing extensive holistic health training. He opened a successful counseling practice in Seattle, Washington and soon he recognized that emotional problems were exacerbated by a desire to conform to conventional norms. Many clients’ distress were actually related to their expanding authenticity.
Motivated by a desire to understand the mysteries and the energies that underpin our experience, Sri became a Reiki master, clinical hypnotherapist, and over the next several years he received certifications in over 24 different healing modalities.

Sri’s unquenchable thirst for unraveling the mysteries led him to the emerging field of Medical Intuition. His intuitive aptitude lead him to became an accomplished Medical Intuitive and he later taught at the Stillpoint Institute, where he had previously trained. His private practice revealed that there were two basic orientations of clients, those who wanted to cope and conform to cultural norms and those clients who sought expansion or enlightenment.

While the years of counseling others expanded his wisdom and compassion, nothing he studied fully satisfied his inner yearning for Oneness. In the year 2000 Sri closed his practice, bought a 32-foot sail boat and courageously single-handed the boat from Seattle to Alaska. Alone in nature, anchoring in the wilderness areas of Canada, journaling, meditating and making space for Enlightenment he experienced a kundalini expansion. His courageous vision quest brought forward a powerful realization of the nature of consciousness and ascension.
“My biggest challenge initially was loneliness. Through spiritual practices, deep reflection and commitment I faced my anxiety and confronted my shadow in order to find spiritual connection and peace.” This profound commitment in combination with Divine Grace, opened Sri’s communion with Spirit and ignited an unshakable trust in the Divine Nature that underpins the personal reality.

Divine trust lead to deeper personal surrender and after years of searching, Sri’s yearning faded away in a seeming instant. “The conscious experience of boundlessness, with no boundary between myself and the outer world, left me embraced by an ocean of infinite compassion. Bathed in my own salty tears, noticing the energy of Joy that invigorated the cells of the body, the little brain within my body recognized that a field of infinite love supports us all.”

In early 2002 Sri’s heart brought forward the recognition that his ‘other half’ was in form and available for partnership. An active quest to be united with his ‘twin flame’ guided Sri to find Kira in August 2002. They first connected via email and shared a nearly instantaneous remembrance.

Shortly thereafter Sri & Kira met in person and a profound spiritual healing unfolded; the Archangelic Insoulments spontaneously began. Visitations from Ascended Masters and Archangels were frequent as information and energy was poured into Kira and Sri thus propelling them on their shared mission of world service.

His spiritual connection was tested again by a medical emergency in 2019 that resulted in a ‘near death experience”. During his time out of body Sri’s vibrational frequency was up-leveled and he more fully aligned with his soul’s mission of Divine service for humanity. Today he and Kira devote their energy to supporting the Awakening of humanity through the Yoga of Self-Ascension.

Joy is not just for the few. Bliss and serenity are not just for the spiritually accomplished. They are your birthright!”

– Sri Ram Kaa


Master Lady Kira Raa is a well known and highly respected intuitive. Having assisted 1000’s to discover their own mastery through the accuracy and pure stream of energy she emits, she is often referred to as the “teacher’s teacher”. Her journey is inspiring!

A lifelong mystic, Kira Raa was raised in an environment not ready to have an accomplished “seer” in the midst. As a child she assumed everyone saw auras and received messages from those who had crossed over that were seeking to connect with loved ones. She still has early memories giggling in her crib watching her stuffed animals float and then seeing them quickly “fall” whenever anyone would enter the room.

As a young child Kira freely shared what she heard and saw around others. This often banished her to her room to avoid the ramifications that came when her parent’s friends would be brought to tears with the messages Kira offered them! By her mid-teens, she was acutely aware that her abilities were not fully appreciated. To avoid being ostracized, she began a descent away from her gifts that would resurface after her first near death experience.

Enjoying early success in the business world, Kira literally “worked herself to death”, and died during uterine cancer surgery in 1989 when to the dismay of her startled doctor her body reanimated after a time of death had been established. It was during this Near Death Experience, (NDE), that she agreed to the mission offered to her from the Ascended Masters. Once her body reanimated, she did not immediately activate her mission and spent another 12 years deep in the drama of worldly energy until she could no longer deny her reason for being!

Shortly after the millennium, Kira fully released her traditional life and surrendered to be of service as agreed during her NDE. It is valuable to note that prior to her stepping into her “second life”, Kira was already a highly acclaimed inspirational speaker, and author of the series, Women, Wellness, Awakenings™. Her early inspirational success led her to be a favorite and repeat guest of many network TV and radio talk shows, including Good Morning America.
During this timeframe, she was a successful entrepreneur and owner of one of the largest Woman Owned insurance agencies in the United States. She was a sought after keynote speaker for the Colorado Dept. of Revenue, S.C.O.R.E., and NAWBO, among many others. Always “ahead of her time”, she graduated high school a full year early at the top of her class and completed her college studies at age 19 to pursue her career.

Wildly artistic, and filled with love for all creatures, Kira is also a gourmet vegetarian chef and shares her love of the life experience with all who come in contact with her.

Kira Raa has dedicated her life to the recognition of the mastery within each of us! She has been gifted through the blessing of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters to assist any and all, “to know, to remember, to celebrate being on this planet at this moment in history.”

For over 20 years Kira Raa has steadfastly lived the Yoga of Self-Ascension in Sacred Union with her beloved partner, Sri Ram Kaa. Their commitment to the Art of Ascended Living beautifully demonstrates that anyone with a sincere heart can break free and live a life of Miracle Presence.

"We fall asleep so that we may heal...And...when we are healed...we AWAKEN!"

– Violet Ray Shiva through Kira Raa

Sacred Union: The Journey Home

When Sri & Kira first met, they surrendered what many called normal lives and activated a soul agreement that opened the door to direct communion with the Archangelic Realm, Ascended Masters and the Blue Starborn. This loving story is told in their powerful first book, “Sacred Union: The Journey Home”. Here we learn about the many layers of emotional and spiritual release that they encountered as they together said “Yes” to accepting their divine mission to ignite The Art of Ascended Living as they model the Yoga of Self-Ascension.

Sri and Kira are offering reassurance and uplifting the consciousness of the world.

– Newsweek Magazine

Our World Service Declaration:

To share the authenticity of the Yoga of Self-Ascension by modeling Sacred Union with the Soul.

Our Sacred Intention for Being:

To listen, love and hold the space of enlightenment through the Art of Ascended Living.

Humanity is at a crucial choice point and as we soar boldly into the future, many are asking: “How can we possibly prepare for what we cannot even imagine?” Sri & Kira KNOW that we each have the Mastery within to co-create a future that evolves consciousness and awakens the energy of joy. This is the Yoga of Self-Ascension.

“Two of the Best Examples of Open-Mindedness!”

– George Noory,

Through the blessing of divine inspiration and the support of the Ascended Masters, Sri & Kira have opened their home and their hearts to 1000’s of people throughout the years. This first began with TOSA La Laguna Boutique Hotel & Retreat Center at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. 100% off-grid and in full connection with the ancient energy of the Indigenous Maya, for 5 years they lived in the highlands and assisted all who felt called to call forward this blessing for themselves.

In 2015, Sri & Kira were blessed to have new custodians come forward to continue the work at Lake Atitlan as they were given clear guidance to continue their mission of opening Crystalline light portals. This time they were called to Uruguay, South America. Here they activated the a direct Crystalline Gateway at Terra Nostra, located in Garzon, a hub of Ascension frequencies and pure mystical magic. This activated portal of Light is radiating from Terra Nostra and now supports the stability of the Earth’s Crystalline Grid.

Sri and Kira are dedicated to serving the upliftment of humanity by modeling the Art of Ascended Living and demonstrating Spiritual generosity. Today they reside at TOSA Blue Mountain Ascension Sanctuary in Ecuador of 5-star holistic retreat centre. This sacred land in the Andes offers healing and ascension frequencies nourishing all who visit. Sri & Kira’s sanctuary offers visitors the opportunity to heal, destress and fully experience the blessing of the Art of Ascended Living.

Internationally recognized for their unwavering commitment to “walking the walk” of authenticity, Sri & Kira are refreshing and masterful Human Beings! Extraordinary spiritual teachers, they are dedicated to sharing the Yoga of Self-Ascension and modeling the Art of Ascended Living.

The Yoga of Self-Ascension affirms that you already have everything you need inside your heart to reconnect with your divine ascended presence. Sri & Kira live each day as the expression of the Art of Ascended Living, the energy of Shanti-Bhakti-Ananda*.

They model Universal citizenry while honoring that each person is sovereign. Your heart has connected with your divine nature and we welcome you to re-discover the Magic within. It is time to reawaken as you safely embrace your direct mystical experience through the Yoga of Self-Ascension. Welcome home to your divine self, beloved one!

*Shanti: (Peace)

The peace of divine connection. The peace that transcends the mind of this world and assists the divine nature within to flourish.

*Bhakti: (Love)

The gift of linking the soul to the divine as a personal experience of direct and conscious communion with love.

*Ananda: (Joy/Bliss)

The state of divine connection that comes from the ineffable joy of trusting in the divine flow through you and as you. This joy is not swayed by the “good” or by the “bad” it is an eternal presence and state of being.

Sri and Kira are bringing forward important work for these times. I encourage everyone to read their books and pay attention!

– Dannion Brinkley, Author Saved by the Light & Secrets of the Light

Sri & Kira and have been published widely and have had frequent appearances on TV and radio shows throughout the world including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and other major news outlets. They are currently monthly columnists for the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Their weekly radio show, Sri & Kira LIVE!, is one of the longest running, highly rated mind/body/spirit programs on the air today. Airing live each Sunday at Noon, ET USA they share laughter, love and timely wisdom for the journey! 

“Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa cover every aspect of modern human existence including romance, life lessons and preparation for the current global shifts. Their unique voice expands our conceptions of reality. In the end, the reader is gifted with a different perspective of our earth, the universe and our place within it all.”

– Visions Magazine