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Quantum Clairvoyance

Quantum Clairvoyance


March 22, 2021 Live Video Journey taught by Kira Raa

Learn how to open your intuitive guidance with clarity, accuracy and compassion!

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Fun, profound, and Life-shifting

  • No experience necessary!
  • Easy to follow comprehensive Workbook
  • Audio lesson explanations from Kira Raa
  • Video processes for easy comprehension and practice!
  • Certification process to be a Professional Quantum Clairvoyant

“Since doing the Quantum Clairvoyance home study, my practice has taken a quantum leap. I am so busy and people keep contacting me for appointments. I have witnessed profound shifts in clients-ones I have worked with many times prior to my taking QC. Every time I enter the quantum field, I experience Love that goes to my heart and fills me with radiance. I seem to be given the information about where to work and what to do and it includes my training yet goes beyond. The “work” seems to be coming through me and yet co-created by the client, me and the Higher Realms. Truly a quantum shift and I am sure it will shift even more as I deepen with it. This class is so what I was needing………thank you!” – Pat L

Einstein and Parallel Universes

It is no secret that since the early 19th century, quantum physicists have been searching for the unified field and have discovered along the way that an infinite number of alternate universes exist.

Einstein acknowledged the possibilities of other “Earths” in parallel universes. Einstein’s theory further acknowledges that humans from other realities might appear to be as human beings on our Earth, only with varying levels of consciousnesses.

Today’s leading scientists agree!

You do not need to be clairvoyant or have a “second sense” about things to learn Quantum Clairvoyance® & the 8-Fold Quantum Revelation!

Whether you have been intuitively gifted since birth or are brand new to exploring your Clairvoyant Birthright, Quantum Clairvoyance® will take you to the ultimate level of prosperity, clarity and universal connection!

Acknowledge your open heart and open mind and PREPARE TO FLY.

The Quantum Clairvoyance Home Study will guide you through a journey of Sacred Discovery of the Quantum Self as you re-awaken your ability to quickly and easily enter the Quantum Field: Yes, you have done this before!

Graduates worldwide agree that they have learned more and receive more CLEAR answers after completion of the program!

Within the Quantum Field, you can accomplish YEARS of knowledge in only days!

“I thought that during the Quantum Clairvoyance workshop my heart had traveled about as far as any one person could go. However,  once I arrived home and decided to reactivate the 8-Fold Quantum Revelation, the energy was so powerful that I had to stop and receive before I could even ask a question. When I discovered the messages, it was so profoundly clear, it broke open my heart. Thank you!” – Luella, Pennsylvania

Delight yourself as you Master and Learn how to:

  • Clear out all remaining doubt, fear and blocks to PROSPERITY & JOY
  • Apply Quantum energy to any healing modality
  • Read quantum energy fields with clarity and accuracy
  • Be certified as a Quantum Clairvoyant and give readings to others!
  • Learn and MASTER the 8-Fold Quantum Revelation
  • Re-Discover your ancient connection to the Quantum Field
  • Discover how EASY and SIMPLE it is to receive an answer to ANY QUESTION

Many have been exposed to the concept of the 10% Brain. That is, we are only fully utilizing or drawing upon 10% of our total abilities. While this statistic is now being disputed, what we do know is that through Quantum Clairvoyance® we can access greater wisdom, clarity and abundance than we can possibly imagine.

Have you ever heard of a mother’s intuition? Most likely you have also heard the stories of those who knew a loved one was in trouble even when they were hundreds or thousands of miles away. Or, the phone rings and you just “know” who it is before you pick it up? (And we are not referring to caller ID!) Each of these so-called coincidences are actually moments when you have connected to your quantum clairvoyant stream of energy.

“After attending Quantum Clairvoyance, I was able to feel the energy and high vibration of the Cards of Clarity even before I removed them from their packaging. I felt an immediate affinity for and connection to the Cards of Clarity while holding them to my heart as I took a conscious breath. As I invoked the 8-Fold Quantum Revelation I became aware that me crown chakra was WIDE open, allowing me to enjoy an even greater Soul/Divine connection.” – Paulette, Washington DC

As your intuitive clarity skyrockets, it is important to become responsible for how you share this energy. Practicing Quantum Clairvoyance® EMPOWERS your Divine Connection and sense of belonging in the Universe. Your energy and presence will lift! In fact, your mere presence will free others. Not your words…your presence, an important distinction.

Now is the time to claim YOUR Quantum Clairvoyance® and re-discover the extraordinary intuitive acumen you HAVE ALWAYS POSSESSED!


How did Quantum Clairvoyance®come to be?

“Welcome to your journey of insight, discovery, wisdom and remembrance.”

These were the first words Kira Raa read in the small journal sitting on the table in front of her upon coming back to waking consciousness after a 48 hour period of Divine connection on the stunning shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Twenty four hours into their first personal retreat in the highlands of Guatemala, Sri Ram Kaa became suddenly unable to leave his bed as he was gripped with a very high fever and otherworldly communication. Kira Raa has only vague memories of those two days in the lake-side hotel room.
As Sri went in and out of consciousness in his bed, Kira Raa drifted into deep communion with the Universal oneness.

Kira Shares:

“I remember being asked to find Sri’s beard trimming scissors, and to cut very small pieces of paper out of my journal. Two days later, before us both were 52 amazing cards, a full text on how to use them, and instructions that they were important to be available to the world as soon as possible.”

It was clear that these cards were a gift for accessing Ascended guidance. Mystified and delighted by their appearance, Kira Raa immediately offered readings to several brave souls with her little paper cut out cards. What she became consciously aware of was that a “technique” had been re-awakened inside of her and the full text of this ancient technique and the importance of sharing it with the world was also clearly written on the journal pages in the hotel room.

These hand made cards evolved into the  Self-Ascension Cards of Clarity.  This divination deck  offers highly accurate readings and the Cards of Clarity are the foundation for Quantum Clairvoyance.

Already a clear and well-respected conduit of the Archangelic realm, Kira Raa’s communion brought forth the timely gift of a stunning revelation for humanity’s awakening: The 8-Fold Quantum Revelation.

Using the small hand made paper cards and teaching the 8-fold Quantum Revelation to a few close friends, everyone was humbled and amazed by the results!

Clear, concise guidance to any question, time and time again. The intuitive readings were so clear in fact, that “secrets” were revealed indicating a much deeper presence guiding the journeys of all who were participating. The Quantum Field had been re-ignited with simple, easy and clear instructions on how to navigate its wonders.

Time and time again, as Sri and Kira shared this gift exactly as the Archangelic realm instructed them to do so, miracles began occurring for those who used the process.

“A gift to those who are ready to trust themselves even more.”

…was another specific instruction that had been shared by the Archangelic realm on that fateful day.

Quantum Clairvoyance and the Cards of Clarity are clear from any energy that would distract you from your direct connection with your highest guidance.

“I say, Yes, yes and more Yeses! Yesterday and today I just sat with the 8-fold Quantum Revelation and the profound Cards of Clarity. Amazing–the clarity–the energy! Feels like a “Clarity” fest, and I can stay here the rest of my life!” – Shirley, New Mexico

Through your consistent and loving use of the 8-fold Quantum Revelation you will find greater clarity in all aspects of your life. Your questions will shift as your answers become ever more available. Your life becomes blessed with the embrace of Self-Ascended energy!

You will also discover that your life path can effortlessly unfold with the continuing self-realization that YOU ARE THE GIFT.

Awakening to our “Higher Consciousness” at first feels like a vacation in heaven!

With practice, your Quantum Field experiences bring the Ascended energies of the Universe into your every-day experience. We then become the very Presence of the Awakening that humanity has been waiting for.

The time is now!
The 8-Fold Quantum Revelation is here and you are ready to step into your

Quantum Clairvoyance

The Cards of Clarity are utilized extensively in this training.  

You can purchase your personal set of Cards of Clarity by clicking here.

*Tuition for all courses is non-refundable. No cancellation or transfers for digital, online home study courses.

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