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Ascension Symptoms

As we rapidly move through the 2015-2022 Ascension escalator, the experience of time is folding upon itself! The dimensional experiences are escalating rapidly and your third dimensional experience IS SHIFTING!

With the full anchoring of the Fifth Dimension, (and the collapse of the Fourth dimension), many are experiencing changes in their body, mind and emotions. These Symptoms and Signs of Spiritual Awakening and Ascension can be unsettling!

You are not crazy and are not alone!

The 3D “experts” would call these symptoms! There is an aspect of truth in that claim as they are changes from what many have been considered “normal”. When considering the vast energetic shifts and multi-dimensional experiences that are coming forward, a more accurate description would be Ascension Acceleration Energy Experiences!

This list that you will find on this page was compiled at the request of the Archangelic Realm to offer you reassurance and enlightened perspectives as you walk through this process of rapid integration.

This AAE Checklist includes ‘symptoms’ that many people began experiencing in the years leading to 2012. The years from 2001 through 2012 opened a period of expanding energy on planet earth, with 5th dimensional energies being overlaid with the 3rd dimensional experience. Many people felt that these ascension energies would culminate on December 21, 2012, with a Cycle of the Ages experience.

In fact, the energy of expansion continues and in the period from 2015 to 2022 we are witnessing the culminating transition as the 3rd and 5th dimension energies have created a twin reality situation. That is, the 3rd dimensional experience continues, while a 5th dimensional reality exists along-side. People began reporting a new range of symptoms as they touched more fully into the 5th dimensional experience and from there began accepting 7th dimensional frequencies into their bodies.

To fully walk through these experiences with complete understanding we invite you to take your time with the list and the Tips for Flowing with AAE’s that are found on this page. We also invite you to watch BOTH of the videos posted here to gain ever greater insights.

Then! Please click here and continue with the ENHANCED AAE’s. Gift yourself with carefully taking time with all the information listed!

May you heart know, (and your mind be reassured), that these energies appear as “markers along the way”. They are signs of your expanding ascended presence!

If you are experiencing one or all of these energies, we encourage you to: Breathe, Laugh, Smile, and KNOW! And…be sure to check out the tips on how to make this easier after the list and then continue on to the Enhanced Symptoms Page!

Aae Checklist


First and foremost, do not panic or over-react! Know that, this too shall pass. Offer yourself the gift of deep breathing. Bring your hand to your heart, center yourself, take a deep breath and Trust your process!

Choose Joy!

Drink as much fresh, pure water as you can…and then drink more! Seriously.

“Lighten” your nourishment. Ascension Energy is “light” and a dense diet will be in conflict with the flow. A vegetarian diet will make the transition easier. Even if you only “lighten” a few days a week, you will notice the difference.

Use the Mantra of Self-Ascension daily to ground yourself in the truth of conscious evolution. I am Here, I am Ready, I am Open, Guide Me.

Gift yourself with gentle movement every day. This can be as simple as walking, Sacred Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, swimming. Be loving and invite yourself to be present with the connection of your moving the energy.

"In the creationism energy, the truth of your consciousness will be your greatest expression."

- Archangel Zadkiel