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Art of Ascended Living


There is a call from the heart. It stirs your soul and brings forward a voice of inner wisdom that emerges from deep within. This voice arises when we are ready to accelerate our spiritual growth. This momentous time on our planet has brought forward rapid acceleration for all. Through this acceleration, the gift to fully re-awaken your divine nature in harmony through this seemingly chaotic experience is yours to claim today!

Through “The Art of Ascended Living”, you will learn to heal negative patterns. It is your time to release limiting beliefs: the moment to fully heal trauma and release all judgments of the self and others! The gift is simple and profound! Once you initiate the journey of sincere surrender, the Peace,(Shanti), Love, (Bhakti) and Joy,(Ananda), that is your true nature steps forward to support you as the journey deepens.

Relax and have mercy on you! We all pass through a veil of forgetfulness when we take birth and this is a gift waiting for you to open. Through the shard human seasons of growth, our consciousness then identifies with our individuated experience as the ego strengthens and we separate further from Oneness.

You are ready to awaken which is why you are here…now! Your heart and soul have unified and offered you the lovingly nudge, ‘the call’ or ‘yearning for Oneness’. The divine and eternal breath of Spirit has wrapped its heart around you and invites you to relax the ego’s grip and re-discover deeper levels of truth.

We are all on our individuated life experience, and your Journey Home is a remembering of our Authentic Self. This includes remembering that we are all eternal cosmic beings having an earthly experience. Your galactic heritage cannot be fully understood by the brain of density. This is perfectly understandable because the density-brain can only relate/interpret things from the context of earthly experiences. It can be challenging to expand the context beyond the brain’s known world.

And! We can each move forward with grace, ease and divine support! Through the sincere undertaking of the Spiritual practices of the Yoga of Self-Ascension and the study of the Twelve Lessons of Light a beauty arises as you soften the ego’s natural resistance and reawaken dormant memories, wisdom and connection.

Our Gift To You! The Twelve Lessons Of Light

The Twelve Lessons of Light activate information stored in our cosmic DNA. Just as our heart has wisdom that seems illogical to the brain, our cosmic DNA knows things that are far beyond the brain’s conceptual filters. The purpose of activating dormant strands of cosmic DNA is to unlock your personal galactic encyclopedia! A warehouse of knowledge that has been patiently waiting to assist you to cultivate responsive capacities to your current world experience… imagine the blessing of truly connecting with the fullness of your divine nature and applying it to your life immediately.

This divine connection ignites your cosmic capacities and they integrate into expanded states of consciousness, awareness and energetic attraction.

Our “brain of density” often prefers a sense of perceived stability. When our traditional world-view is challenged the ego will try to discard the destabilizing information. Centuries ago human consciousness believed the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. People who held alternative views were rejected and even persecuted. This pre-Renascence prejudice is a metaphor for how the human brain functions. The brain will revert to a false understanding, regardless of the actual truth, simply because it helps you feel safe.

Thus, in our world there are many understandings and many misunderstandings. New understandings come at the expense of the old understandings; something is lost when the new truth comes in. This is unsettling and can stimulate grief and a refusal to grow due to the temporary anxiety that naturally is felt when one is in transition.

In order to ignite ascension energy, one must have a source of stability outside of the mind.

Take a moment now and bring your hand to your heart. Notice the almost immediate reassurance that is being pulsed to you and from you! Gifting yourself with this loving connection often is a beautiful way to begin the gentle recognition of your cosmic DNA and ascended consciousness. This invites the heart to become a center of stability and safety; it alone can support the brain going through a “reboot’ without losing a sense of self! A vital first step!

From this heart-centered identity we can more easily access our cosmic wisdom and divine knowledge. The energy of self-trust helps us sense and accept subtle energies and information. Our intuitive knowing then comes forward more frequently and with a greater sense of accuracy.

The Twelve Lessons of Light are an invaluable gift that will assist you to rediscover your soul’s wisdom.

The twelve specific lessons of Light were offered with great love from Archangel Zadkiel through Kira Raa while in dialogues with Sri Ram Kaa. They were first revealed to Sri & Kira to stimulate their evolution and stability with the Yoga of Self-Ascension. They privately lived with these lessons and the connection it revealed for several years prior to being gifted the blessing of sharing them with the world.

The consciousness on our beloved planet is ready to embrace this information and those that are rapidly awakening need a source of support and community. The time of culmination is at hand, and we have an opportunity to come to completion and begin the conscious return to Source through the Art of Ascended Living. For the sincere student, the Twelve Lessons of Light offer the codes of the Yoga of Self-Ascension that will rapidly accelerate and stabilize your journey.

Your commitment to integrate these lessons assures you of success with the practice of the Yoga of Self-Ascension. At first read the lessons might seem simple. Far from it! The material in these lessons does have the potential to destabilize the grip that the density-brain has upon your experience of reality.

Archangel Zadkiel directly advised that the student read through the each lesson, journal about it, reflect on the writing and then read it again. Integrating the learning in this manner takes some time and conscious effort. It is a proven method for calling forth the deeper understanding and personal experience that is perfect for your journey.

This is why we are offering these Lessons in a paced manner. By taking 2 full weeks with each lesson, you will not unconsciously skim the material and simply read it with your brain alone! Taking the time to process and integrate is a gift that you give yourself.

To start receiving your series of the Twelve Lessons of Light, simply click on the button below and register as a student. You will receive your first lesson immediately upon registration and then look for your lessons to appear in your email every two weeks.

As you bring your hand to your heart now may you relax and remember that paths are perfect. Each Being is contributing to the fabric of your experience. If your personal clarity has brought forth the choice to transcend density-consciousness, then these Twelve Lessons of Light will support you and we are honored to welcome you. With only love and many blessings!

-Sri & Kira