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The Healing Light - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Healing Light

All prayers and intentions submitted to the Healing Light receive the powerful energization and full presence of Miracle Energy generated by the TOSA Miracle Team. This blessing is offered during the Monthly Miracle Gathering of Spirit held the first Saturday of each month. During this gathering Angelic Messages are often shared by Kira Raa. You can energize this miracle blessing while RECEIVING miracle energy by inviting yourself into quiet presence and receptivity at NOON ET, USA the first Saturday of each month. Through cultivating your own receptivity to Angelic Messages, The Healing Light becomes a gateway to claiming Empowerment and Mastery.

Your prayers and Intentions sent to us will be printed and placed on the highly energized and sacred TOSA altar that holds crystalline essene energy found at TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary. At this most sacred site, your sacred intentions will be energized in the full presence of the Archangelic Realm and the Ascended Masters as they are lovingly energized with the intent that the highest good be served. After bathing in these profound healing energies for one week, they will then be released through a fire ceremony at our authentic ceremonial site.

We are grateful to share this gift with you at absolutely no charge and trust your prayers and intentions will manifest with profound miracle energy as they have for thousands over the past 13 years. Click Here to send your prayer for energization. This email address is to receive your prayers only.

Many Blessings,

Sri Ram Kaa and Master lady Kira Raa