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Divine Galactic Blueprint

Divine Galactic Blueprint

Imagine your life with the blessing of your ASCENDED CHAKRAS fully open and ignited. Imagine what your life would be like with this energy STABILIZED for the journey through these times! Especially from 2015-2022 as humanity prepares for its next evolution.

For thousands of years we were taught that opening the heart was the destination, the goal of spiritual practice. This was indeed a blessing and most true for the infancy stages of our ascended evolution. And! Since the vast energetic pace that has now emerged upon our planet since the year 2000, this has shifted.

For, in fact, the Heart is merely the beginning, the doorway to something more! The truth of our cosmic capabilities becomes easier to accept as the heart opens.

The Blessings being poured upon humanity now are vast and the blessing of connecting directly with your Ascended presence is yours to claim as you open and stabilize your heart!

The Divine Galactic Blueprint is a 12-pointed ascended chakra system. You enter the energy of the Divine Galactic Blueprint by stabilizing the heart chakra as your foundation. This is a blessing for it offers you the rare gift of healing the worldly preoccupations of the lower three traditional chakras. When the first, second and third chakra stabilize, the heart ignites in a divine dance of eternal light. This ignites our cosmic presence and brings forward our ancient mastery and wisdom!

Humanity has now entered the ascension cosmic cycle from 2015-2022, and The Divine Galactic Blueprint has been activated again.

The gateway of your personal Divine Galactic Blueprint has been opened. This gift has come forward as the energy on the planet is ready for greater alignments and YOU ARE HERE, connecting with this NOW, because you are already ascending and igniting your divine presence once more as a conscious co-creator.

At the cellular level, ALL beings on the planet are aware that a major shift is upon us. The preoccupation with ancient doomsday prophecies, rapture agendas, even the New Golden Age of Peace and Harmony all have their origins in your DNA. Your cells know that you are here at the single most important time in our collective history, and your conscious mind wants details!

The last activation of the Divine Galactic Blueprint was at the end time of Atlantis. It is important for you to recognize that the Divine Galactic Blueprint is now back on the planet, and therefore you have the choice.

You have the choice to say, “I wish to participate in this energy, I wish to be part of the lifting, and I will indeed touch the door of consciousness and bring to light the greatest manifestation that I can”.

Or you can say “not now, not for me” – either way, you have made a choice.

Making your choice is the most important gift you can give the world.

You can learn more about the Divine Galactic Blueprint in Sri and Kira’s ground-breaking book, 2012: You Have a Choice! This book is filled with timeless spiritual practices and wisdom and is available at and elsewhere.
Discover first-hand the energy of the Ascended Chakra system through the workshops and home study programs offered by Sri and Kira.

Being in the presence of the Divine Galactic Blueprint often Reawakens your ancient memories with greater clarity! You can order a full color print of the Divine Galactic Blueprint by clicking here.

The Divine Galactic Blueprint ignites at your heart chakra. Bring your hand to your heart, take in a deep breath and simply relax as you experience the divine ignition of this animation of the Ascended energy.