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The Mayan Elders Speak

8-revelations (1)

presented by Sri and Kira

We are honored to live in the highlands of Guatemala amongst the “Authentic Elders” of the Maya. These humble beings of great service have invited us to share the MOST IMPORTANT 8 REVELATIONS for this moment! These beautiful beings do not speak English and have no desire for worldwide fame, internet presence, or attention. They do care deeply about humanity being “off track” due to the misinterpretation of THEIR CALENDAR.

Because of the great love that they have for all of humanity, they offer the gift of 8 profound revelations. As you read these Revelations of the Mayan Elders you are encouraged to let go of all preconceived “meaning” of the actual words and to allow your soul center to hear the greater message being delivered! On 11:11:11 we will share more their words as all beloved beings of light acknowledge their call to mastery and send a clear signal to the Universe that we are ready!

Mayan Colors

The First Revelation

Your world is at the point of severe imbalance and many slumber in their delusions.  The planet is crying out and asking for appreciation.  Balance will only be restored when a great amount of those who have forgotten regain their love and presence again.

The Second Revelation

Many are being greatly affected by astral energy. They seek to “steal” energy from others. This stream of manipulation will cause great disruption in the coming times. Only a heart that is pure will walk through this.

The Third Revelation

Those who carry a torch of light need not fear these times and there is certain success for the pure of heart. There will be a “Great Challenge” through the illusion of ego and each will have to find their way. You can learn to harness pure light to be Shielded from harm.

The Fourth Revelation

The great shift in energy that is upon the planet is due to the “sick”. Those who are seeking to take from others and seek domination and control are distorting the birth of the New Era…all times lines are shifting.

The Fifth Revelation

The interpretations of the Mayan calendar by Astrologers and researchers is WRONG. Only a Mayan Oracle carries the lineage and the codes to fully unlock the calendar. The world will not end on 12/21/12.

The Sixth Revelation

We are at the time of the return of ceremony. This is a sacred gift that honors all traditions, and each day that you honor ceremony, you honor the continuation of the planet.

The Seventh Revelation

All people must ask for forgiveness…All! Everyone must remember that the “abuelas Y abuelos” (grandmothers and grandfathers), are watching. There will be much destruction and many people will transition in the next few years. If we all ask for forgiveness the world will be much better.

The Eighth Revelation

Our cosmic brethren are returning! The Blue Star people are already guiding us and only those with a pure heart will be recognized by them. Focus your love and your life each day upon the birth of a new world that remembers itself!

Mayan Colors



14 responses to “The Mayan Elders Speak”

  1. Thank you for sharing this sacred message from the Mayan Elders. It helps explain why so many of the messages I am channeling through from Mother Earth and on her behalf include deep deep appreciation, love and connection with Her. It is limitless the love she has for us, and uplifting and freeing to my spirit each time I consciously reconnect with her so deeply and lovingly.
    Namaste, and thank you. Ma’at Rah Tat

  2. It is with great gratitude to the Mayan Elders and I send my appreciation for the sharing of their wisdom, so much of which validates what I have been experiencing for several months. It is such a blessing to have these messages come now in support of our journey. Thank you.

  3. The Revelations inspire me to stay more focused on messages from Angels of Mother/Father Spirit. New Life is awakening everywhere. Thank you for the encouraging news and words to send to all the world. LOVE Forever —- Joyfully !!

  4. this is so true at this point in my life thanks all the Mayan Elders for sharing the wisdom and love for human being as we continue in this journey of light and water to fulfill our destiny.

    please keep sending the revelations so we all can learn and share the love of the universe.

    Namaste !

  5. Thank you for your outpouring love and the messages that you have shared with us. The Eight Revelations offer clarification and confirmation to all that I have been receiving. Thank you for opening your hearts to the Archangelic Realm and the Ascended Masters in the Crystalline City. Thank you for your obedience and acceptance of the call. I have received many blessings through your radio messages as well as the written messages. May you both be blessed with an abundance of light and love. I look forward to the day when I shall meet you in person and see you face to face. With great love and light – I send this blessing to you through my mighty, victorious Presence of God I AM in me.

  6. So appreciate the change and I already feel it in myself! I used to feel afraid and doubtful but now I rejoice in a new beginning. When I see beautiful visions at night I am remembering who I am everyday!


  7. Blessed Ones here and all over Earth,

    Thank you so kindly for sharing these wisdoms. My Grandmother passed from this plane in 1990, she was a North Carolinian, and Cherokee. Two days after her
    departure, she came to me in Vision, telling me about Stewarding the Land and the Arts, the Sacred Ways, that I was to have a role in this. I have landed at SkyBridge Farm in Half Moon Bay, California.

    I understand, I see, and feel, I know. The wisdoms of the GrandMothers and GrandFathers speaks Strongly in my Heart and Bones now. We must change our ways.
    We must Balance. We must Balance the Heart and the Mind. The mind must still to the Heart.

    The GrandMothers and GrandFathers, they indeed
    Thank you, and Honor you and your Frequency Keeping~~

    In blessed StarWalking, d.

  8. These revalations are so true.I see evidence of it every day, everywhere.we are being bathed in the cleansing female energies emanating from the great void, the black hole hole of the milky way galaxy. All issues,karma and ego comes to the surface to be transmuted and healed at this time

  9. Infinite/Eternal Divine Blessings to you and All, always.
    Ever-increasing Gratitude, Appreciation, Joy, Love, Light, Peace, Healing, Ascension, Oneness, Wellness, Wealth, Freedom, Wisdom, Power to you and All, always.

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