Miracle Team Message – October 10, 2011

From the Essene-ah Brethren


This Miracle Message is from
the Essene-ah Brethren

Stars Everywhere

From the starlit regions of the brotherhood of light we offer thee the song of love that illuminates all soul-heart energy.

The starlit regions are the gift of Divine sanctuary for all beings of light that gather together in love and harmony. Upon your world there are many starlit regions.

The abode of the heavens seemingly above your world that illuminate with cosmic light at night and shine with solar brilliance in the day are merely reminders of the starlit regions.

Starlit regions exist in a multitude of places, often beyond the perception of the dense form until one calls forth the union of love and harmony.

Light begets light begets light.

You are ever illuminated and this gift is yours to expand limitlessly throughout the multitude of journeys.

To discover the starlit regions is a great gift that brings forth ever greater light.

The starlit regions exist within your physical form.

The starlit regions exist within your spiritual form.

The starlit regions exist within your gaia-experience.

And, the starlit regions are calling to you.

Simply sit and breathe and discover one starlit region now. Relax deeply and feel the gift of light pulsing through you and harmony balancing you.

Breathe ever fuller and release the grip of the mind…the daily routine…the list of things to do…the sense of "need".

Then, allow your heart to simply call out: Ignite the starlit field of limitless joy within me now.

Prepare to delight yourself as you call out for every starlit region to illuminate fully for you again.

Then, may you sing the song of love that illuminates your soul-heart energy and clears the pathway.

This week’s sentence stem for Miracle Journaling is:

Closing my eyes and entering into the journey of the starlit region, my soul-heart energy illuminates and shows me……

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