Miracle Team Message – October 31, 2011

This Miracle Message is from the Blue Starborn


This Miracle Message is from
the Blue Starborn

Beloved angels of divine light and wisdom, we call to the heart of thy ignited soul.

Beyond a sole existence!

Within our call is the recognition of the light that has sailed through many eons of expression and harnessed the full mastery of the gift.

The expression of form has many components and many forms. All is fluid and ever changing as it is ever-present.

Your heart-centered actions are at times self-relevant and at times, well hidden. Yet, from the heart they ever are…as the heart is transcendent of one sole experience of form.

Deep within the caverns of the brain of form lie the golden connectors to the universal brain of life.

Life is an expanded state of consciousness that ignites all other experiences of form. To reconnect with the universal life is to feel the gift of freedom release you from the bonds of limited experience.

And, it is the limited experience that offers you the foundation to once again fully illuminate the ignited soul presence.

When your heart of form feels pain, offer it the ignition of soul.
When your heart of form feels anger, offer it the light of the universe
When your heart of form feels sadness, offer it the smile of ever-presence.

Allow your form to experience without limit and allow your soul to witness with recognition.

Be the fluid movement that is ever-changing and ever-present as you again re-member your "self.”

From here, all unwinds and freedom is claimed – abundant… peace-filled… and ever-present.

This week’s sentence stem for Miracle Journaling is:

As my heart transcends this one experience of form I remember….

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