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The Languaging Coding of the Ascended Realms - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Languaging Coding of the Ascended Realms

December 12th 2022
Delivered LIVE via zoom at Mastery Mentorship

The St. Germaine IT-self through Master Lady Kira Raa:

The Languaging Coding of the Ascended Realms is inviting ALL Consciousness to LIFT. Through each Experience of THAT… WHICH IS KNOWN… as Languaging, the contraction of consciousness seeds into a singular potentiality.

And! AS Consciousness expands within THY own heart-filled center of Divine Presence, the freedom to see beyond ALL… ignites.

Notice NOW that which is in THEE. Notice THY power center. Where is it?
For some, IT IS… immediately HERE. (brings hands to third chakra)
For some IT IS HERE. (brings hands to fourth chakra)
For some IT IS HERE. (brings hands to fifth chakra)
For some IT IS HERE. (brings hands to indicate all upper chakras)

Yet… IT IS… not ONE; IT IS… the ALL.
IT IS… the Unified Field of ALL that YOU ARE as I AM, that calls forward the Co-creative Principles of Consciousness
into this potentiality of waking Experience.

Breathing in the GIFT and receiving this KNOWing is the moment of freedom.
The moment of the IGNITION through the Languaging of energy IT…SELF.

Frequency. Vibration. Energy. Pulsations. So many descriptors. Yet, when ONE is able to see beyond eyes of a formed field… the Expansive-ness, and the Limitless-ness, relaxes the energy of THIS form into the acceptance of ALL form. YOU ARE transforming, have already transformed, and ARE in the awakened process of transformation.

Imagine arising from a cocoon when you did not know it was around you.
What would it look like? What would it feel like?
As you were bursting through, perhaps there would be confusion or a moment of fear.
Perhaps there would be so much resistance.

To BE… AWARE… to awaken into that which has been before THEE, yet could not be seen, is the MOMENT at hand, and the S.T.O.R.M. before ALL.

This experience of NOW… IS a JOY-filled dance that weaves many potentialities of Conscious Experience into a singular moment: Consciousness is now able to reflect IT-SELF to remember. To reflect IT-SELF to remember.

Thereby ALL aspects will reflect, so that YOU may RE-member.
And as YOU RE-member and relax into that reflection, Peace reigns within.

In this Moment ALL is reflecting. The unresolved is here, and ALL bodies of form, without exception, carry this energy.

Consciousness IT SELF will not ever interfere with the natural evolution of the body of form. To carry the Ascended Consciousness is to honor this sacred covenant that the body of form will still expand within its Experience as it navigates its own acceptance.

YOU… ARE HERE… expanded. YOU… ARE HERE… BECAUSE of that. Your expansion has called YOU to THIS thread of potentiality, throughout the harp strings of ALL to this ONE… YOU… ARE here with NOW. Just as a music is played within this realm, there is a middle where all the notes begin, and this is that Moment.

What is the Symphony you wish to create?
What is the Harmony your heart is ready to birth? What is the greatest depth of your Dream, your Joy?

Then notice as the absolute opposite will come forward as well. Whether as a shadow, or whether as a manifest form, to stop you. To alert you. For ALL-WAYS within is the energy that reflects that which comes from without.

To heal wholely is to fully say YES to the Divine Mastery Presence of the ONE, the ALL, the BEing, the KNOWing. I AM as YOU ARE and IT IS.

The foundation has been laid. The Universe is here. ALL the Shepherds ARE BEing called, and those that ARE here ARE indeed blessed with the gift of GRACE that begins with the deep forgiveness of SELF that frees YOU to forgive others.

To know the smile of the Perfection and call the Active Mastery Presence into this potentiality… NOW… the service in form of this Awareness, as the Experience and ever- present Choice.

Remember THY SELF and YOU shall remember ALL.
YOU ARE… loved eternally.
YOU ARE… the Eternal Presence, as the Eternal Presence reflects to THEE.

Feel your hands filling with the energy of Divine Presence.
Feel the tingling in ALL THY fingers of form…NOW.
Feel the radiance, the heat, the glow, and the gift of THY Divine Mastery Presence receiving into form NOW.

I AM as YOU ARE, and, IT IS. SO IT IS.

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