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May LOVE light the WAY: The gift of the remembrance - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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May LOVE light the WAY: The gift of the remembrance

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May LOVE light the WAY: The gift of the remembrance

Through Sri & Kira

The St. Germaine IT-Self shares through Master Lady Kira Raa:

Greetings and JOY for Thee and ALL!

Love is the energy that sustains your Divine Mastery Presence as the living in-body-ment that is the exquisite balance in motion.  The energy that arises through your sustained experience of form as it evolves into the awareness of the essential synergy of love and wisdom.

This is the love that floods through this form of the density experience. FREE from the illusionary grip and anxiety of fear and doubt. Arising into the moment of Conscious Connectivity … aware of the awareness! The support network of the ALL. The re-cognition of dancing with the potentiality of conscious ascended presence stabilizing into the blessing of Ascended BEing-ness. A mastery gift of remembrance that is lovingly offered…once more.

Take a moment. Simply breathe this in.

The moment of expansion is here …NOW…AND… the contraction is similarly dancing with ALL that is rising.

When this moment of specific awareness arises through the energy of experience, IT IS.. the ignition of the CHOICE. Your remembrance and relaxation into Divine Mastery BEing is ALL ABOUT CHOICE. The conscious creation of the buffet of choices before you. Smiling into this re-cognition, KNOW the most important:

The Choice to consciously keep saying yes to YOU.

To KNOW that the January 1, 2023 moment is worthy of GREAT energetic focus and support. The moment that is shepherding Humanity into a month of EXPERIENCE of the S.T.O.R.M. that matters! The gateway to a year so richly textured that IT IS… deeply… building toward the June 1 moment.

Humanity has arrived! The key that opens the lock of your Divine Mastery Presence is the wide open and STABLE eye of the S.T.O.R.M. of 2023. To remember that the S.T.O.R.M. is here to:

See The Oneness Reclaim/remember Mastery!


This gateway…once touched and amplified with the presence of the divine mastery nature of your eternal SELF…IS the center of the eye of the S.T.O.R.M. and defines 2023. WE…collectively…have all-ready achieved more than ever before. With each breath call forward the smile of assurance that your Divine Mastery Presence is HERE! I AM…as YOU…ARE.

The humility of that KNOWING is the harmony of Divine Mastery presence.
IT IS… a stunning and momentous experience.


Gazing before YOU…NOW… as the many begin the turning of a calendar year marked by linear time, the question arises…how did we arrive here? Why are we here?  What do we do?  These are questions that often arise from the remnant of the fear energy that is seeking YOU to wrap your loving arms around the self with the wisdom of knowing.

In this realm of potentiality, the 2022 experience of expansion and contraction called forward the moment at hand on November One, 2022.  The November experience anchored the space that is HERE for ALL…NOW.  It was the first of the three moments that are before you and in the moment of conscious creation.

On November 11, 2022, the infinite presence of the Ascended Realms heard the call of those offering the gift of Sincerity, Love and PRESENCE as the lotus of illumination blooms. Connecting with this sharing…now…simply relax into the gift of this moment as the space outside of linear time and the invitation into conscious awareness of your limitless nature.

Simply join us here… January 1, 2023. The prime ignition of this specific date is the moment that ALL are jumping into the S.T.O.R.M…the Harmony of the Master as the re-cognition of Service.  A rare and beauty-full moment to restore the vision of ALL that IS.

To simply relax and remember:  The power of your power is a blessing.  The knowing that YES is the only option. The smile of transcendent acceptance that ignites the voice of empowered love. A mastery energy that squelches any-thing less than a-Lion-ed presence.


The courage of the yes is the moment the S.T.O.R.M. sustains your alchemical nature as the Sea of Neutrality.

Calling forward the Law of Instantaneous manifestation,  you KNOW…YOU ARE… AWARE of the CONSCIOUS CHOICE.


To joy-fully say yes to that which is yet to be known and is all-ready in motion.  Without Hesitancy, doubt or fear…removing all victim consciousness as the celebration of re-birth and remembrance.


This is the moment at hand for the ALL as this January moment of the potentiality of ALL re-sets and restores! The momentum of this energy is the fuel that calls ALL to the June 1, 2023 Eternal Life Ignition. The intersection of the moments that have been calling us ALL to notice. The moment to return to the tangible markers that were left for YOU…to FIND!

The opening of Egypt through the valley of the kings offers the expansive gift of RECEIVING THE CODES AND THE ANSWERS for this moment of ascension as the FLOWING COSMOS of service in action.

YOU MATTER and the November 1, January 1 and June 1 pyramid of A-Lionment…is loudly calling YOU to go beyond ALL fear, doubt, anxiety and perception of pain. To soar into your 7th dimensional presence beyond ALL ILLUSION.

Celebrate the Mastery of your Conscious Connectivity. Remember that YOU ARE the LION/ess standing with the true beauty of YOUR DIVINE MASTERY PRESENCE fully IGNITED! The DYNAMIC and FLUID moment of Conscious Connection. The gift of gazing deeply within and noticing what you are noticing.

What is your consciousness connected with?

The moments ahead are yours to walk on the water of the sea of neutrality. To discover the in-lightened flow that is yours to claim and in-joy!

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