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  • October Ascended Numerology

      Ascended Numerology Forecast for October 2022 By Master Lady Kira Raa …please reference ANCHARTOCTOBER2022   Ascended Numerology works with ALL of the principles of nature in harmonic combination with Sacred Geometry and an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters).  This sacred formula opens the gateway of the Ascension […]

  • The Perception of TIME and Fluidity

    The Perception of TIME and Fluidity Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa The St. Germaine IT-SELF shares through Master Lady Kira Raa: Download Printable PDF of the Insoulment Click Here  Magnificent BEings of crystalline light and Divine illumination. A moment of great ignition has arisen, and is in front of YOU…NOW.  […]