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The I of the Storm


The eye of a hurricane is a relatively calm center, with clear skies overhead. The outer areas of the storm circulate around the eye, stirring up content and bringing movement, chaos and darkness to the forefront. The metaphor of a hurricane is a useful picture to describe the evolution of consciousness. To find our own peaceful center in the midst of the seeming chaos of the outer world is one benefit of spiritual practice.

The various storms of our lives provide us with some practice. A ‘storm” can be a health problem, a career setback, relationship pain or financial distress. These personal ‘weather systems’ teach us about our own priorities and help us cultivate inner wisdom. Life’s lessons initially hone our coping skills and indirectly impart an intangible quality, self-trust. Trust is the intangible sense that in spite of the challenge at hand, ‘all is well’.

Spiritual practice offers us inner peace and resilience without the need for a storm! The ultimate preparedness action you can take is to deepen your conscious connection to Divine Trust. There are many, many practices that help quiet the ego and reveal your inner truth. Touching this Authentic essence empowers self-trust. This is true power.

Worldly skills, money and position can be useful with respect to navigating the matrix of density consciousness. Worldly skills and success help create physical safety and stability – for a time. Once the physical needs are met one either expands the playground, seeking even more money, power or fame…or one looks deeper and begins a conscious spiritual journey. The yearning for deeper truth ignites the path of awakening.

Abraham Maslow brilliantly outlined that human beings have a hierarchy of ever-refining needs. He writes that as the basic needs (safety, shelter, food) are satisfied, mankind naturally ascends into more refined need fulfillment, such as beauty, creative expression and spiritual fulfillment. Maslow in fact describes the natural process of ascension. And, as the journey become conscious, you are then on the path of what we call Self-Ascension. We are traveling on an ever-refining journey of upliftment.

You can train your mind to relax it’s need to engage the chaos through spiritual practices that center your energy and also through training the mind to view the world through a more ascended context. We invite you to explore our home study class on “Ascension and the 7 Polarities of Free Will” – this class will help expand your understanding of the forces that affect us.

We can’t really control the weather. Life will bring its storms. With conscious intention we can cultivate an ever-deepening trust in our spiritual nature. As you lift into the truth of ascended love, you will gain ‘power’. True power does not forcibly seek to control others. True power begins with having power over your own reality! True power emanates from your Authentic Essence, the “I of the Storm”.

We love you!

Many Blessings,

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  1. Congratulations on your new website. I’ve enjoyed browsing and getting to know more about you. Thank you for the e-book and 12 lessons.
    I love you bunches.

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