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Navigating through Fear to Oneness!

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Beloved community of Self-Ascension!

As we quickly come through the center of the storm energy that encompasses the April –July period of 2017 and will fully ‘realize itself’ in August, there is a rapid rise among many of fear.

This fear is concerning, as it is seemingly widespread and finds an easy voice to sustain itself with virtually every moment!

Whenever we are faced with the rapidly changing energy of our planet we have the choice to decide how we move forward…or not! The energy of the planetary thought body is strongly organized around fear and being fed heaping amounts of distrust and distraction. This is a strong recipe that will result in those who will dive deeply into the chaos without hesitation.

However, you have a choice and this is a bountiful moment if you call it forward! As we sit in sacred moments and invite guidance about this time, we were directed to this truly powerful and loving message from our beloved Archangel Zadkiel.

This message is timely and offers clear answers to so many of the questions and experiences of this moment. So please gift yourself with a quiet moment, perhaps grab a cup of tea and delight in the perfection of connecting with this beautiful message…right now!

Be sure to share with us your experience of the message and if it assisted you we would appreciate your sharing it with others as well!

With all our heart and only love!
Sri & Kira

PS: We also invite you to gift yourself with the 12 lessons of light that are yours to start RIGHT NOW as our gift to you. These lessons are a true road map through the experiences that are causing so many so much discomfort and just click here to begin.

Archangel Zadkiel speaks:

Be in Oneness! Be in joy! This is the mantra of the day, to be in oneness, and to be in Joy!

We come forward with our divine presence to offer this mantra to assist the divine reawakening of the conscious memory, so that all who choose can remember, to BE in Oneness, to BE in Joy as we offer to this gift for all at a moment where there is great concern about the blessing of BEING and the presence of JOY.

Humanity is circling in this moment and the moment that is before thee is a blessed sacrament. This linear year has been an evolution of energy that offers any and all who wish to claim it, the blessing, convocation, release and great empowerment. Simply breathe in this moment and discover this as the blessing it is.

Through the multitude of events that have transpired and are to come, for many it is as if they have been taken from spirit, then offered through the realm of the density and given back to spirit again. This is an energetic experience of the perfection of a circle. And comes forward during the time of the great cycle.

To understand the perfection of this is to ignite your inner wisdom with greater clarity. This is the experience of the limitless expansion of the limitless existence. For when you are open and in the flow of your divine nature, the perfect teaching that inspires the perfect moment of transcendence comes forth and all is at peace again.

All of the chaos prior to the moment of transcendence becomes irrelevant and the mind of form relaxes into the divine gift of wisdom that goes well beyond the world of form.

For soon a grander scale of moments will appear before you, and through this transitionary period, the chaos becomes irrelevant. This brings forward the divine recognition of our union with the body as to why, while in the form experience, do we add credence to the chaos during the time of chaos?

For so many there is the obsession of fear as the energy of the chaos is seen as being real, necessary, tragic, awful, or whatever other describing word feels appropriate.

We invite you to know the perfection of this fear as you know the perfection of our journey. To know without doubt the perfection of the miracles you have experienced along your pathway. Breathe and know the perfection of the celebration of the calling together now of aligned hearts through the celebration of wholeness and oneness.

The divine gift of oneness and joy, to Be in Oneness, to Be in Joy, to Be whole.

All energy is lifting now and everything will shift now. All energy will escalate and move forward. This is a simple fact and one that invites you to release any fear as you move forward into the joy of moving forward into the oneness with God Self. This is your perfect moment to claim your wisdom as you remember chaos is an illusion. As you regain your clarity you will discover the seemingly miraculous removal of the obstacles that sought to keep you from your divine nature.

Now is the moment to honor the gifts as you are present with that which is present with you. This is the blessing of the joy of oneness: to embrace your limitless expansion, wholeness and integration. As you embrace this gift and remove your gaze upon the chaos, it is the moment to be steadfast in your work, to BE in oneness, to BE in joy, and to KNOW the outcome is assured.

This is a valuable discernment, for you to KNOW that the outcome may not always be as you would want it to look, however, it is assured, and it is as it should be. Your divine nature will in all ways keep you safe.

The challenges of density become larger when there is a preconception of how experiences should look or manifest. When the density mind demands conditionality. As you trust the divine flowing through you more and more, simply hold the outcome in your heart, hold the truth of the work in your heart, hold God in your heart, hold wholeness in your heart, and there can only be one outcome…the divine miracle of your true nature in form!

Your protection is great and mighty forces are here to support you as All illusion is releasing more and more. Even fear will experience less resistance, for it is time to let go, on all levels.

Radiate your divine nature as a pillar of light from the center of the divine crystalline temples. Focus upon establishing your pillar of crystalline light and send it out to the world. For as each being calls forward their pillar it will ignite a tidal wave of love and light, that will generate an outpouring of truth, consciousness, and divine knowingness.

This ignited pillar will shoot high in the sky and as wide as the Earth. Its glowing radiation will expand the presence of magic that sends the clear signal to the universe that we are here, we are ready, we are open, guide us, and through this signal the portal of divine ascended presence appears, it is that simple.

Know this!

There is only one challenge before thee and it is the challenge of connectiveness. This is a valuable discernment for when the flow stops or is interrupted, it is the moment that one must look at the challenge and ask, am I connected?

And if I am connected, what is it I am connected to? This is the greater question. For it is simple to have and create attachments through the density experience and it is simple to have and create cords. It is just as simple to experience the energy of clinging, and this is important to recognize for this is vastly different from the energy of connection.
Through your spiritual discernment that is honed by the journey, comes forward the recognition that there is only the one connection that offers your complete nourishment, and supports energetic flow. This is our connection with the oneness. The gift that ignites within thee the understanding of the limitless, boundless joy of your true nature and calls forward your infinite wisdom and guidance through this true connectivity.

Many claim to be connected and in their momentary experience they believe this to be true, and then discover as they awaken that they are actually attached.
This is a valuable step along the way and the blessing is that attachments can always be removed.

True Connection is spacious. When one is connected, one enjoys the spaciousness of all room needed and necessary to experience expansion. This is the divine relationship of connectivity that offers giving and receiving simultaneously without judgment, without fear, and with a bounty of trust and love.

Connection is vastly different than attachment…and this is a valuable discernment.

Attachment can be cut away once seen for what it is. Attachment is manipulated, attachment has rules, attachment has caveats, attachments have all of the necessary strings that hold us captive in our thoughts, in our patterns, in our habits…captive; without the freedom of connection.

One might say, “How do I know the difference between connectivity and attachment, how can I possibly understand that difference?”

Connectivity creates a spaciousness of energy that sustains comfort. It encompasses you as a pure crystalline bubble. It nourishes you as it offers you the spaciousness of a peaceful mind, an open heart, and giving hands. It is without judgment, and it fills you as it nourishes you with the love of God or the universe.

Attachments are felt in the chakras of the body and you experience them in the repeating thoughts that seek to claim your harmony. So many have many attachments, and they are fed through many cords in the sixth and seventh chakras. There are often many more than most are aware of because they have been attached for a very long time…especially to fear and the illusion. This is a valuable moment of wisdom for when one has these attachments in the sixth and seventh chakras they are not capable of seeing the illusion that seeks to keep them bound. And! Free of attachments you are are FREE to ignite the pillar of your crystalline light as a presence to assist others to ignite.

For the greater intent of the energy of attachment, it the illusion of spaciousness as it is actually using the energy to hold you in a space. That is the difference between attachment and connection. You can be held, (attachment) or you can be free, (connection).

True freedom comes from intentional connection to the oneness at all times. This is what you call the bliss state and it is yours to claim regardless of the illusion.

As you relax into spacious connection through knowing and shifting with the energetic cycles your soul emerges as does your deep knowingness of connectivity. This comes forward and you are able to hold gratitude for every event and every experience through deep connectivity. The fear releases as does the preoccupation with the “events” and you rediscover your freedom through the field of density without denying it.

The events that are now co-created upon your planet have come forward with an invitation. You are being invited to dive deeply into the center of your divine nature. To once more embrace as you recognize connectivity and oneness in all actions. Through this divine embrace everything becomes illuminated and everything becomes one.

Connectivity and authenticity are both the same, are they not? For when one is living with the energy of true connectivity, authentic is effortless and automatic. Authenticity cannot live or survive in the realm of attachment.

We invite you to once more consider…What are you attached to?

Today we are sharing with you about energetic attachment. We offer this for it ignites the understanding that as one releases energetic attachments, and lives in the realm of divine connection, everything else falls into place.

From this divine presence, you do not need a set of rules to live by. From this space evolves the conscious evolutionary experience to live in bliss. When one is living in bliss, rules become irrelevant for one is living in the joy of connection to the divine nature of oneness. From this spaciousness one understands completely, and with great gratitude, the perfection of all paths, and the true surrender and release of all judgments.

It is only when one is living in the world of attachment energy that rules become needed. The sense of do not do this, do not do that, you should do this, you should do that, only exists because the attachement energy separates you from yourself. Thereby your true consciousness and ability to see clearly is interrupted by the pattern of attachment energy.
When one is attached to an outcome, then all decisions, movements, and energies are directed toward the outcome, and this often circumvents pure intent. Even in those that are circumventing and looking for a pure outcome.

You may become curious as this seems challenging to navigate. If my outcome is to serve the world, to spread love, how can that be an attachment? Notice this! Simply make the decision of that which you know you are and then…

Be Love
Be Service
This is how you surrender the outcome.
Be that which you seek, be peace, this is true connectivity!

The time on the planet is here when all are able to walk in connectivity, it is not elusive, it is not that which must take years of practice and study, it is here for anyone who desires to go into their heart and be that which they seek.

Claim it now and know it is yours. It is that simple and you are supported. All love is yours and the illusion is no longer your attachment. The freedom of connection is merely a heartbeat away. We connect with your heart now and offer you the divine blessing of your expanded presence to flourish and BE! Many Blessings.

3 responses to “Navigating through Fear to Oneness!”

  1. Thank You for reminding us to “Be in Joy” to enjoy the Oneness of ALL. This naturally leads to the unveiling of whatever needs to be unveiled gently and Lovingly.

    Love & Light … Always & In ALL ways … Joyce

    • Life consists of a series of Free Will Choices for every Human. It is up to us to chose to “Be in Joy” or to chose not to be in joy. And I Thank God that if and when I am not in joy, I can instantly chose to “Be in Joy” in that present moment at any time or any place.

      • Namaste!

        Life is filled with choices and their consequences. It is good to remember that we are NOT victims of circumstances; we are empowered choosers! Every breath carries an opportunity to choose Joy.

        Many Blessings,

        Sri and Kira

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