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“The Price of Admission? Your Mind!” - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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“The Price of Admission? Your Mind!”

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Spiritual growth! This extraordinary experience is by necessity an expansionary dance through the density. Spiritual growth offers each being a renewed sense of Self as it expands the worldly perspective. Growth is liberating! As we lift from Density Consciousness into the more ascended states of consciousness, our ego can, and usually is at some point, triggered. This trigger of the ego sets off ripples of fear as the controlling energy of the ego prefers ‘the predictable’ and is both resistant and afraid of change.

Ironically through this ego trigger, arises the dilemma of true growth! In these moments of insecurity we walk through the unknown to discover the other side. Whenever we grow, there is a tender time. That time of transition where the old ways seem to be calling us back while we are learning to stabilize in the newer ways. This is when our self-trust must be firm and without doubts. This is when our spiritual tenacity is called forward to lead us through. Sometimes when we are at our most tender moments, it is our friends and family that try to call us back to the old patterns! Well-meaning beings who are not on the same journey, are there as a silent reminder to be tenacious!

Spiritual practice is the essential tool for transiting the states of consciousness that accompany expansion. This is true for everyone, regardless of who you are and what you might believe. The truth is that if you want to Self-Ascend, then relaxing into surrender is necessary. This includes surrendering the need to control, surrendering attachments to people, places and ideas. Surrendering your expectations on how things will work out.
Surrender is the gateway to expansion. And, when combined with trust and commitment we learn how to ‘let go’ and THRIVE.

The egoic mind often throws tantrums around losing control. It wants acceptable results, and if possible, a guarantee for success at all costs! It has defined ideas about what that means and it calls in “partners in pain” and latches onto spiritual fads to protect its own interests. There is a way through this “mind trap”. Simply stated: when you are truly willing to “Lose your Mind” you will discover that your “Higher Self” has been there waiting patiently. With practice, the ego will learn that your Authentic Self is loving, wise, connected and forgiving. And…that your higher self can be trusted to drive while the mind takes a well earned nap!

You can actually practice “losing your mind” and stepping out with trust! The Mantra of Self-Ascension is a safe, simple and non-dogmatic gift that quickly calls forward your spiritual resources. Through that process, your ego will relax its fear-response without the tantrum. Your success is assured! Letting go of the worldly timing is the final step. Patience will ignite the results you are dreaming of!

So why not start right now with the Mantra?

I am Here!
I am Ready!
I am Open!
Guide me!

All are finding their way. After all, you found your way here! Now…Follow your Joy and Trust your soul’s timing!

Many Blessings,

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