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The Cosmic Gateway to Perfect Balance - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Cosmic Gateway to Perfect Balance

2024 Sea of Neutrality Energy Flow 2

The Cosmic Gateway to Perfect Balance:

Releasing the Pain of the Pain through the Five Medicines of the Yoga of Self-Ascension

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

Sunday, November 26, 2023 TOSA Blue Mountain, Ecuador

The St. Germaine IT-self Shares through MLKR:

We come to thee now as the cycle of Ascension Consciousness is richly sustained with the energy of Awareness, Experience & Choice. What many consider to BE the magical momentum that continuously sustains the cycles of Consciousness IT-self.  As this weaving now takes its form, remember that this specific potentiality has initiated a freshly risen 50,000-year cycle. Arriving with the smile of remembrance and appreciation as the call of the Green Comet, it heralds the expansion of remembrance and healing.

ALL have arrived at their moment of Divine Freedom.

How this expanding alchemy unfolds IS the Choice before the ONE and the ALL.

It is valuable to consider that, individually and collectively, ALL choices are birthing. Breathing with ever deeper awareness, ignite the inner smile of KNOWING. The energetics of 2024 are fully supporting awareness and the experience of CHOICE.

A diversely varied energetic flow, choice is here. A rarely unique moment to actively call forward Divine Mastery Presence as the clarity to rise through the perception of chaos. To KNOW, through the deep inner wisdom that flows with each conscious breath of Peace, Love & Joy, that the gift of living the momentum of the Four Knowns is yours to claim.

YOU ARE…stepping into the Cosmic Center of Consciousness IT-self. Whether consciously aware of the moment or not, the four foundational pillars of this potentiality have RISEN.

This opportunity invites your Divine mastery Presence into Active service. To KNOW that the focus of your mastery is to sustain this experience of form as the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energies rise to be healed.

These four pillars are sustained, uniquely for each individ-you-will, through the accumulated and patterned beliefs that are bonded together through repetitive experience.

2024 is HERE…NOW…inviting YOU to RISE through the illusion of the linear experience that is unfolding. This widening of the eternal spiral offers a richly textured and wondrous moment. The invitation to fully adapt into the Alchemy of Circular Inter-dimensional awareness.

While that may sound complex it is quite simple.

Relaxing into the KNOWING of the YOU that IS HERE, NOW, invites your vibrational harmony into a deeper resonance with the frequencies of eternal knowledge and wisdom.

The gift of trusting Divine Mastery Presence as the guiding illumination of the body of form sustains the frequencies of wisdom.

These eternally conscious energetic pulse waves adapt as needed. Continually moving and vibrating in perfect a-lion-ment with your formed awareness, experience, and choice, to sustain this potentiality through the four pillars of formed potentiality.

Consider your-self, as validated through the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation, as the wheel of eternal presence.  Relax into the totality of the circle as YOU.  Breathing and exhaling…transform your perception of the wheel into a spiral. A pillar of spiral energy beyond any sense of a beginning or end.  The bliss-full awareness of the spiral energy that is presenting IT-self in a circular form in this moment.

Relax and breathe with ever greater spaciousness.

As this awareness opens, the sequencing that both Binds and FREES reveals IT-self. The depth of this paradox reveals IT-self as self-evident when navigating with ever refining CLARITY. IT IS…through conscious awareness, you first notice the circle. From here the circle reveals a sequencing that is received through the patterned conditioning of the brain of form.

Training your inter-dimensional presence to SEE is to go beyond this sequencing through the conscious awareness of the mirror image.

Notice the spiral as it unfolds the five medicines as you quickly identify the sequencing as if a clock spinning in the proper direction.  Transiting beyond the 12 numerals, dive into the center. The acceptance of the invitation of consciousness asking YOU to command the wheel it-self.

Now…imagine walking through the wheel to the other side. Turn and gaze at the wheel from here. Suddenly the proper direction is a journey of integration seemingly in the opposite flow yet working with the same four pillars.

Welcome to the space between the space.

The open portal of awareness where the pain of the pain unfolds and releases. The field where partners in pain are released through the full integration of Sacred Union with the body of form. Relaxing into the in-body-ment of complete TRUST of your Divine Mastery Presence.

The magnification of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation into this potentiality of formed Conscious Awareness.  This is the Divine Mastery Presence in-formed passionate action, ready for the Alchemical transformation and smiling with JOY at the KNOWING IT IS HERE.


You can download a pdf copy of this message by clicking here

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