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Navigating Energy Cords & Interference Energy


Healing! Your Personal Journey of Resolution:

Navigating Energy cords & interference energy

By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

Your unique path of awakening is a journey of healing, divine trust, and lifting the vibratory frequency that sustains your mastery.  Healing is a personal journey of resolution.  As such, it requires authentic willingness to face the through the lens of mastery. A gift of self-love that resolves/releases the hurts once and for all.

Healing is fully resolved when trust in the Divine is absolute.

Why?  Because YOU ARE… a spiritual BEing! Claiming absolute trust in the Divine in conjunction with personal courage, self-love, and the divine support to fully forgive the past to embrace your mastery potential beyond hesitation.

Energetic cords are a natural expression of ‘connection’ with another person. Consciously or otherwise, we open to cords with family and people we love.  It is important to remember that cords are formed during sexual intimacy.  YES! Lovers and/or enemies can be corded to you!

Emotional trauma, deep feelings and conflicts, create the possibility of accepting an energetic cord, or hook, to another.  These cords consume portions of our life force energy. Thereby, cords frequently interfere with our vitality and clarity.

The Yoga of Self-Ascension invites your Divine Mastery Presence to rise and remember.  To free the self from the dogmatic traditions. Throughout traditions, spiritual gurus sometimes cord their students:  often welcomed by the student, it provides a sense of connection to the guru and a sense of protection and support.

Any guru/teacher who cords students is doing so to gain loyalty and greater self-energy through an attachment formed with perverse disrespect. This type of attachment is utilized to take advantage of the  fear and lack of self-trust in the student in deference to the guru/teacher. 

Cult leaders are good examples of this.

Aware of the affects of cords, the natural question is:  How do I know if I’m corded?

Have you ever been ‘surprised’ that another person pops into your awareness?

How about the person you can’t stop thinking about?

….You might be corded….

When we have love for another being, our intuitive senses can be heightened toward that person’s energy field. Spiritual discernment offers us the clarity of what is and what is not a cord.  Passion is a powerful energy that can lead to a cord, however with Divine Mastery Presence we transform that energy into action!

Exchanging energy with a corded being can sometimes offer the energetic or emotional experience of excitement, similar to an adrenaline rush. This is often the cord was accepted to begin with.  And… more often cords are a direct source of  energy drain.

Remember that with all cords, YOU ARE…sharing life force!  For example:  Narcissistic people may be charismatic, (attractive), at first, however, ultimately they thrive on other people’s energy.

Cords can be felt and identified through one’s ‘inner vision”.  Have you noticed or are you noticing:

  • Your energy is lower.
  • You are feeling emotions that do not seem to be yours.
  • You are experiencing repetitive thoughts from outside the context of the interaction.

You may be corded.  So, what now?

It begins with the essential skill of cultivating a sensitivity for your own energy.  Remember that most energy cords offered some form of ego gratification such as a reinforcement of “rightness” or feeling ‘saved/rescued’ from a negative emotion.

Anger and betrayal open us to cording.  They bind us to a person or institution. This energetic cord often feeds egoic righteousness and judgment. The payoff of this cording is that it offers the ego a sense of validation and power. This energy directly inhibits your clarity.

Healing occurs when mastery forgiveness is called into the situation.  True release, (healing), anchors as we lift our vibration above the frequency that accepted and sustains the cord.

An empathic person is usually more open to cording.  It is valuable for healers and empaths to clear themselves often.  Without conscious clearing one may discover emotions that are from the person you are connected to.  This type of cording is confusing and depletes your energy. This is because the cord is an open channel.

Cords sometimes offer a perverse sense of meaning. And the cord can substitute for direct Divine connection. Cords feed the ego to supply you with the additional energy that arises in certain contexts.

Interdimensional cords to a disincarnate Being frequently appear when we pray for assistance while feeling victimized.  We seek help and get some…but at a cost. The help is temporary, and the energy drain is now open 24/7.  Inviting a cord to exist in your energy field limits your vibrational upliftment. Often lethargy, depression and sadness are the result.

Relationship cords usually tie to the third or fourth chakras.  Interdimensional cords are often located in the sixth and 7th chakras.  These cords influence your perception and clarity.

AND…All cords can be cut!  YOU ARE SOVERIGN and all-ways have control.

To regain the integrity of your energy field first requires awareness that you are corded. 

Once you see or sense the cord, you are ready to heal this intrusion.   Removing a cord requires awareness and self-trust.  Healing is supported as we discover the hidden benefit of the cord.  After all, you allowed it in!

Joy-fully learn from this situation. Forgive yourself and the other. Take action and remove the cord.  There are many effective techniques.  Remember to seal the aura and ask your spirit guides and angels to polish and fill the space once occupied by the cord with Clear Crystalline Light.  If you are not experienced in this process,  obtain assistance from an experienced healer when first addressing an attachment, cord or entity.

Spiritual possession is different than cording.  There are similarities, however possession leads to an abandonment of free-will in favor of compliance to a thought or action from outside you.  Possession can be partial, intermittent or complete.  Many in institutions are influenced by demonic energies. Unseen and undiagnosed by the medical professionals who treat these patients.   90% of mass shootings are committed by people who have opened to this possession.

Both possession and cording have one thing in common: you agreed to allow the interference in. 

It is highly likely that you were not fully aware of your agreement. When people are caught in the victim triangle and emotionally distraught, their field of awareness is limited.  The good new is that regardless of the cause, rather than adapt to the interference, CHOOSE to take the steps to regain your sovereignty.

For over 20 years we have confirmed that AVESA Balancing is a great step forward. It restores your ascended energy as your clarity enhances your Divine connection.  With an AVESA balancing, you joy-fully and quickly recover the deeper soul connection that empowers your authenticity.

Filled with the gift of Peace, Love and Joy… IT IS…from this state of consciousness that clearing interference energies is effort-less.

Your AVESA healer can support you to release all unwanted interference energy.

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