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50,000 year Eternal Life Experience - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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50,000 year Eternal Life Experience


The 50,000 yr Eternal Life Experience

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

 The St. Germaine IT-self Shares through Master Lady Kira Raa:

Welcome BE-Loved ONES.   The moment of the grand adaptation to your Divine eternal nature in form has arrived and carries with it the gift of the eternal presence of the energy of the five.  As the first of the three spirals of emergence in the linear year of 2023 are ready to ignite their greater purpose for creation, ALL is alchemically transforming.

Through the mastery awareness of the energy of the year known as 2022 in this potentiality, humanity adapted and up-leveled month by month.  This was a power-full remembrance moment and a gift of divine grace for ALL in preparation for the experience of NOW.

The active awareness of the ignition of the Sea of Neutrality within the full expression of polarity.  Extra-ordinary!

May your heart KNOW, TRUST And REMEMBER that Divine mastery energy is NOW…HERE… in ways that have not EVER existed in this potentiality.

The vast co-creative experiences that are continually and alchemically shifting, have now expanded beyond the limited mind of this experience of form. The existence of these experiences is the invitation for ALL to trust the Divine Master within. To ignite the eternal smile of mastery and rise as the inner comfort for that which would seek to limit. The exhale that relaxes into the expanded presence of BEing…again and again and again.

Consciously calling forward the active presence that in-bodies formed existence AS the Self-Ascended presence. This moment, beyond the limits of the mind of form, IS the turn of the 50,000 year cycle.

Breathe and joy-fully relax into the inner knowing of this sharing beyond the mind, and then…call forward the presence of BEing that this cycle began February one, 2023, in this realm of potentiality.

As the spiraling experience of this moment calls you into the greater depth of your eternal presence, you have ignited rapidly expanding culminating energy. What does this mean?  It means, the YOU…ARE in the active and conscious awareness of form that is continually creating and re-creating.

The cycles that support this potentiality sustain the fabric of the universal energy of the eternal life presence while offering the beauty of formed life.  The cycles that have sustained this specific potentiality have called forward a 50,000-year re-set that assists the energy of ESSENCE to BE… and the miracle of Seventh Dimensional existence available to ALL while in conscious formed existence…NOW.

This gateway is available to be entered as ONE relaxes into the fully in-bodied acceptance of the Divine Mastery Presence as “the SELF in form”.  THIS IS…the energy of the FIVE at its essence:  the place where infinite expansive consciousness enters formed experience as ONE with full Conscious awareness of the form.

Eternal life, consciously in body as IT-self, with full awareness of the existence of a-self.

The entrance of the stabilized field of co-creation that welcomes your full in-body-ment of conscious Divine Mastery Presence.

Breathe and in this moment simply relax your mind.  Inhale and exhale as your body accepts this command from the Divine Mastery Presence. Consciously directing the breath is the both the pathway of the student and the master. The unified field where eternal life essence is free to BE.

YOU ARE… NOW…sustaining a healthy experience of the fifth dimensional state of experience that is supported by the energy of compassion. All lift from the illusion begins in this field of potentiality as compassion is re-cognized and embraced.

Living the experience of compassion anchors within through the mirror energy of forgiveness. Together, compassion and forgiveness ultimately begin with the self.  This unified healing ray continually emanates from your Ascended Heart center.   Consciously aware and loving the blessing of ALL!  Especially the self!  Wrapping your arms around YOU while consistently saying YES to the radiance of the fullness of compassion.

Lifting YOU, effort-lessly, from the emotionality of the linear into the illumination of the relaxed egoic presence.  Adapting to the living energy of compassion in action is an act of mastery while in formed experience.  The journey into conscious mastery that re-claims Eternal life presence and illumination, as the living essence of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

And…this journey is often robust with self-sabotage as this is the frequency of this realm of formed co-creation:

to invite the harmonies of the eternal life experience into awareness through the conscious command of the illuminated presence that is fully a-lioned with the

 Divine Mastery Presence HERE…NOW.

Free from the fear that is often projected through this realm as real, the fully a-lioned presence ignites the vision and clarity to call forward the seventh dimensional lift. This is the conscious LIFT That invites YOU to STAND TALL into your infinite KNOWING.

The Five plus the Seven, together is the 13.  The place where the infinite presence is ever-present and stable. To dive with conscious awareness of the eternal life presence into the still center of the circle of 12 that sustains formed existence.  The moment that the seventh dimensional gateway invites YOU to STAND and arise into the gift of truly witnessing.

The gift of the power of five arises throughout the experience of density in this potentiality.  IT IS…all-ways here as the silent reminder of your eternal nature and the assurance of the perfection that is yours to behold. So many magical moments are here for you to notice and appreciate with greater clarity of the depth of the “why” they are before YOU.

Beginning with these bodies of form…you have the experience 2 arms, 2 legs and one head as the necessary components of motion and interaction.  The infinite expresses into form in this world experience with the gift of your eternal essence literally built into the form IT-self.

The expression of this connection is amplified in this specific potentiality through multiple spiritual experiences and symbols.  ALL are here so that ALL have the opportunity to connect and remember.  The five-pointed star, praying five times per day and the Living Ankh are just a few examples of the many ways your eternal life nature is calling to you.

The essence of the five as eternal life is calling ALL to remember BEYOND the limitations…now!  When this unique moment is combined into the energy of the 13, the cycle of WHOLENESS beckons.  The 50,000-year re-set…IS HERE NOW.  Invite your FULL Divine Mastery Presence into the Gift of this body of form and KNOW….


Invite the egoic nature within to relax and say YES to your Eternal nature.  This is the moment to navigate the Sea of Neutrality without the distractions of greed, competition and jealousy!  TO BE…the Essence of FREEDOM.

Living this essence is the opening for YOU to Flourish and Re-member HOW TO COMMAND your vessel upon the Sea of Neutrality. FREE FROM the illusionary distractions and fully illuminated as the Teacher, Healer, Mentor in FORM…HERE…TO BE…the Essence of FREEDOM.

This is the moment to smile and say YES! AND…as all-ways the CHOICE IS yours! The cycle of the 13 opens the greater SUPPORT of re-membering your-SELF as Divine Mastery Presence Anchors the Alchemical Transformation of the HU-man into greater CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.

YOU…ARE…READY to claim your seat at the table of the masters and set the Law of Instantaneous manifestation into motion! Your physical body is supporting YOU to BE in form because this moment of potentiality has arrived. YOU…ARE…

Anchoring…Expanding…and BE-ing the active presence of the Law of Instantaneous manifestation.

We honor you and so it is!

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