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The Children are Talking…Loudly!


The sun is shining brilliantly as the birds fly overhead and we celebrate that the Year of Divine Service in Action is upon us all! The energy and power of the momentum that is at hand can be overwhelming for many at this moment and in the recognition of this enhanced vibrational “overload”, we would like to bring your attention to the children of our beloved planet.

You may have already noticed that on the homepage of we have updated the text that is next to our picture. This enhanced phraseology was first facilitated by the TOSA Leadership Team, and then expanded upon by us after the first in-soulment of the new series arrived in conjunction with the energy of the solar eclipse and the anchoring of the year at hand.
One of the sentences found in our text is as follows:
By truly anchoring in the soul, one lives life as a great adventure, with moments of involvement that seem less spiritual and moments that seem to be peak experiences…yet all these moments are grounding in a state of Being that is the precious love of Life, the essence of Divine connection.

We bring this sentence to your attention for many reasons. It is meant as reassurance at a time when chaos seems to be abundant and fear is constantly rising. And, in many ways it also explains the multitude of energies that are expressing through the children of our planet at this moment.

Every precious moment of life’s journey is the expression of your being.
It is only due to the perception of our actions by the judgments of others that often clouds the recognition of the journey. It seems that the ones who fall prey to this judgment the most are the young ones of our species.

For many, this seems as natural as any other human action. There is the overlay of guidance and protection of one who has not yet “learned” the ways of the world. And while guidance and protection are indeed necessary and valuable, they are, in the end, energies that are being offered as a gift through children as well as being given by adults.

When one is open to a new paradigm, what they discover is that ALL children are awake, eager and ready to learn. It is the Ascension Imperative…to grow through experience until one returns to the full recognition of who they are. Yet within the framework of societal beliefs and emotional patterns, we forget that these eager young learners are here and ready, often insisting that they wait and “forget.”

Without going into the entire new crop of labels, (indigo, crystalline, rainbow, etc.), what if we could simply recognize that ALL children are our teachers? What if we could receive the gifts they are offering? What if we actually listened to them?
There is much more here than we could offer in any single overview, so we would like to invite you to do two things this week and then discover how they might enhance your Divine Service in Action!

1. Listen or download our radio show, The Children are Talking…Loudly!
2. Go to this link, open your heart, grab a tissue and gift yourself with the most profound 6 minutes of your week! The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes. (And, remember you are watching a video that was produced in 1992…making it all the more poignant).
As we journey further into the Powerful Energetic year, may your heart be your guide and may your soul fly free with the gift of Self-Ascension!
We love you!
Sri and Kira

An additional note:
As all of our guidance called us to focus upon children this week, we were particularly moved by the death of Christina Green, who was born on 9/11, and killed during the recent Arizona shooting.

We encourage you to perhaps see her beautiful face in this link below and to honor her POWER and the gifts of her short yet important presence on the planet.

How many more children need to call back to our collective sanity?
With love!
Sri and Kira

3 responses to “The Children are Talking…Loudly!”

  1. Oh Sri and Kira! You are wonderful! 😀 Really, thank you SO MUCH for this absolutely BEAUTIFUL and ENLIGHTENING newsletter! My heart is so expanded with love and gratitude for you in this moment and all of the multitude of topics and ideas you bring illumination to with ascended consciousness. I am equally humbled and inspired by the work you bring forward and dedicate your life towards.

    I was especially touched by this newsletter because I have been guided as my life calling to bring forward my highest service in assistance to children, families, and parents of the new earth. I have emailed before about my work with ascended parenting and how deeply and powerfully I feel called in my heart to bring forward service in any way I can in this area. HUGE Hugs and thank you’s to you for the Divine inspiration! I am literally vibrating with ignition and creative flow in this moment as a result of your precious words and energy regarding the children on our planet and what they are offering us. I have begun work on an ascended parenting website that has come forward as part of my divine service in action this blessed year of 2011! I am FILLED with excitement, co-creating a portal for others who are guided to work with the new children to connect and share in community. I feel that as I dedicate my path to my highest service ALL clarity and ALL inspiration is immediately present. I am so grateful for my inner clarity that is coming forward so clearly and radiantly already in early January of 2011 and for your support and that of the TOSA community!!! It is my heart-centered commitment to offer my highest service in all ways to all beings on this beloved planet!! Thank you for your beauty and your service that is such a wonderful example of surrender, trust, and passionate action!

    We are beaming you love, blessings, and abundant gratitude!

    I LOVE YOU!!


    • Dearest One!
      At this most important moment in history it is time for all beings of peace, love and joy to fully support the beloved volunteers that are here for us…our children.
      At TOSA we are currently expanding many of our programs for the children including a children’s Avesa program and our home study program Navigating the Inner Matrix will be available for two age groups!
      Also, pieces of the NIM are already being taught in classrooms as special curriculum being developed for high school athletes! Stay tuned, there is more to come and we celebrate our beloved Self-Ascension Community for their support in this loving service for all of humanity!
      With great love and Many Blessings of Self-Ascension, Sri & Kira

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