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Quantum Healing: Hype or Hope – Pt 2

Today's article will cover the more "well known" alternative healing methods -- the methods we are asked about the most and/or are on the forefront of mainstream consciousness.

Welcome back, Beloved Ones! Last week, we got technical and defined the meaning of the words “healing” and “cure” — both as they are traditionally known and how we use them here. It was an important first step to provide further clarity to this series and what lies ahead. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to go back and read the post.

Following that, quantum energy healer Chris Kehler joined us on Sri and Kira LIVE to discuss how he got in touch with his intuition and opened his heart and mind to alternative healing practices. We touched upon how, after traditional means fail, we’re more likely to seek — and be accepting of — healing methods that are less widely accepted and practiced. A subject that we also cover in our new e-book Kira’s Cure! Journeying Through Illness and Addiction: A Guide for the Afflicted and Those Who Love Them. 

This week will be acting as a bridge. As we transition from the energy of May into that of June, this, too, is a transition. Today’s article will cover the more “well known” alternative healing methods — the methods we are asked about the most and/or are on the forefront of mainstream consciousness. These are the methods that most have heard of, even if they don’t necessarily know what they truly are/do.

Today we transition from definitions to applications. And, next week, to the mystical.

5 Common (Mostly) Accepted Alternative Healing Methods

1. Egyptian Healing Rods

Starting off with one of our personal favorites. We have long been believers in the powers of Egyptian healing rods, and have often spoken of their amazing powers when used by those who trust in them (and themselves).

To understand the healing power of the rods, one must first look at their power source: Pyramids.

Pyramids can be used to condition your environment. Water placed inside a pyramid in sub-zero temperatures does not freeze — the energy contained within the pyramid keeps the molecules un-agitated and un-changing. But this is far from the most amazing feat of the pyramids. It’s speculated that pyramid energy can also boost the immune system!

Egyptian healing rods have been filled with crystals (amazing healing conduits in their own right!) and placed within pyramids, becoming infused with the pure, divine energy of the pyramids — unaffected by modern society.

By clasping these rods, you begin to quietly release stress and pain; restoring harmony to your body. They’re the Egyptian answer to acupuncture. Which brings us to…

2. Acupuncture

A key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture has been categorized as “alternative” nearly everywhere else in the world (though it’s becoming much more accepted).

Acupuncture is the stimulation of “acupoints” on the skin/body using heat, pressure, lasers, and/or needles. It’s purpose is to balance the qi (chi) in your meridians. As a form of alternative therapy, it’s used primarily for pain relief.

3. Magnetic Therapy

The use of magnetic fields to improve blood flow and restore the body’s natural electromagnetic energy balance.

The theme of “balance” is once again the driving force here, as it is with…

4. Reiki

Laying on hands with the intent to restore harmony with the understanding that life force energy flows through you to guide the healing process. With Reiki, intent is key — as well as the belief that your body (your hands) are but a simple vessel for a more complex equation at work.

Reiki isn’t that unlike other forms of healing massage; the difference being that rather than simply restoring comfort to the superficial/physical being, the healer goes in with the intent to heal on a level that goes far beyond “skin deep.” It’s this level of belief in oneself as a healer — and in the healer as a patient — that puts Reiki right on the edge of the alternative and mystical. (In fact, the two often overlap as Reiki, while non-dogmatic, promotes a closeness with that which is greater than ourselves).

5. Homeopathy

Substances such as flowers are added to water to produce certain effects. Through water memory, the healing properties of the original molecules remain, despite multiple dilutions.

Homeopathy, although one of the most widely-known forms of alternative healing, is one of the most controversial on this list. Many have decried it as a “pseudoscience” — a watered-down “placebo” in a world of real cures.

But this fits in with the overall theme of this series: Hype or hope…?

Prayers and Placebos: Bridging the Medical to the Mystical

The idea of dismissing alternative healing as a “placebo” is, in fact, dismissing the larger backbone of true healing as a whole: Mind over matter. The Placebo Effect, while scoffed at by so-called medical professionals, is very real:

“The placebo effect is no small or insignificant statistical aberration. Estimates of the placebo cure rate range from a low of 15 percent to a high of 72 percent. The longer the period of treatment and the larger the number of physician visits, the greater the placebo effect.” ~ Faith Brynie, Ph.D., Psychology Today.

At its core, the Placebo Effect is a matter of faith. And the longer that faith is indulged, the more likely it is to work in the believer’s favor.

The power of prayer has been studied in a similar fashion. Both prayers and placebos have been dismissed as not being “real” cures; however, their effects cannot be denied. And while neither works 100% of the time, that’s hardly the point.

If placebos worked 100% of the time neither hype nor hope would be needed!

Holistic healing is about bringing a harmony to the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual…and the “X” factor. The quantum piece. And it’s that piece that we will discuss in Part Three of our article series.

In the meantime, join us this Sunday — June 8th — to hear firsthand more of Kira’s journey. We will frankly discuss the challenges of living with someone who is experiencing the symptoms of “density” as well the Miracle of AVESA Quantum Healing.

We will also share simple yet highly effective Quantum Healing methods you can access simply and easily. This is the show that will prepare you for the final show (and accompanying article) in our “Quantum Healing: Hype or Hope?” series and you are invited to call in, participate, and share!

Tune in! Live call-ins (and requests for mini soul-readings) are welcomed.

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