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Presence: The Ascension Gateway

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 Presence: The Ascension Gateway

Through Sri & Kira


The Blue Starborn speak:

Divine Beings of Great Light, Great Love and Great Presence! The divine presence has abundantly ignited for thee through the energy of the manifested realms of experience.

Agenda and Control

We are here with Presence! When one embodies Presence, walks with Presence and offers Presence, then one lifts beyond any form of agenda or control of outcome.  These two energies are gaining strength, the agenda and the control of an outcome. Together they have momentum, and, are a manifestation of the extraordinary, unlimited expansive energy of the All-ness.

To move forward with an agenda limits the expansion. 

The need to control an outcome limits your expansion.

This energy calls forward the repetition of a cycle as the beginning of another journey for those making this choice.  And this is also a gift; is it not?

To repeat any cycle, in any form, is to offer oneself the gift expansion…again. 

To breathe through the repetition of a cycle is to free oneself from the cycle.

The Energy of Presence

In the presence of your Divine magnitude, your Divine expansion is experienced as freedom.

Presence is an active energy. 

Call forth Presence.

BE Presence.

Live Presence.

Experience Presence.

Delight in Presence.

Move with Presence.

Live with Presence.

Speak with Presence.

Act with Presence.

Breathe with Presence.

Eat with Presence.

Speak with Presence.

And! Relax into Presence.  Presence. Presence.


The Energy of the Agenda

Beloved Ones, when you disconnect from Presence, agenda appears.  The agenda embodies many, many forms, and nuances, and manipulations, and experiences.  Agendas care only to create another agenda, thereby seeking another agenda, thereby seeking another agenda.  Do you see the cycle of repetition within the agenda energy?

When the mass illusion creates mass hysteria, then agendas become held up as a way out, as a need to have a pathway from the hysteria, or the chaos, or the illusionary principles that seek to distrupt your Presence.

When one is in the eternal connection of the Divine Presence within,  then one is unable to be disturbed by any energy.

You may say, “Oh, I am only disturbed by a certain energy, or being, or phrase, or experience.”

We invite thee to notice that any disruption arises from the lack of Presence. Destruction can be a gift when noticed through the lens of presence. For each destruction offers the opportunity to anchor Divine Presence through ascended awareness!

Disruption calls forward the gift of illuminated love and recognition as Presence.

Imagine now your world with every being living, expressing, eating, loving, fulfilling and knowing Presence. This creates the energy of creation which releases the agenda momentum.

To see, witness, and understand Presence, is to activate thyself as a Pillar of Light for all who are calling out to remember their divine presence of be-ing.

Disruption creates growth. Disruption unsettles because it shifts habitual patterns as it moves one into divine presence and illumination.

Rather than resist the disruption, embrace Presence.

The Action of Presence

As you navigate your experience of this Divine illusion and wondrous expansion, Presence is simply a breath away.  Just a breath.  Breathe now, Beloved Ones.  Presence.

We wish to share the recognition that as you hold Presence, you become most active.

Expereincing Presence without the active energy of Presence, calls forward an agenda of what Presence is.

“I will just sit and be,” has in and of itself, an agenda; a need to control an outcome. Hidden within the denial of the experience of disruption, it is easier to sit and pretend it has not happened.

Better to dive into the energy of disruption than to sit and ignore it was ever present.

And as you dive, it is how you navigate the dive that ingites ever greater presence.

Do you belly flop into the pool of destruction? 

This could be painful; could it not?

Or do you walk out to the end of the high board without any fear, grasp your hands in prayer position, and gently say, “I am yours,” as you feel the flow of the Universe

 Guide you into the pool of ever greater consciousness.

How you enter is how you ignite, and how you swim in the energy is how you express your gifts of light, love and presence.

The Soil of Judgment

In your world experience on this planet of density, there are limitless agendas, yet only a little over seven billion of you.  Consider the multiplication energy, the infinite amplitude of agenda energy.  It is a miraculous energy in that it will propagate itself perpetually.  It will continually propagate and find welcome and fertile soil in the hearts and minds of those who who carry judgment.

All agenda is birthed on the soil of judgment.

Judgments are the fertile soil of the agenda.  The emotional body when left unchecked transfroms into the fertile soil of the judgment.

Offering yourself the inner wisdom that arises from the ignited presence of a divine heart infinitely expanded, illuminates and free you from dogmatic traditions seeking to hold you captive.

Dogmatic traditions embody the energy of agenda regardless of any emotional energy that seeks to placated those who question the agenda energy.

Take a breath…claim your mastery Presence.

Crystalline Connectivity

We invite you to step into greater Presence, to experience greater freedom!  As we connect with you, we have ignited a 33rd Crystalline Dimension seed of divine light for those who choose to receive.

You may feel or see around you illuminated crystalline white energy.  You may simply feel it.  And as you feel it, you may first notice your lungs or your breath.  Try to avoid holding your breath as you invite spaciousness into your breathing.

Beloved Ones, the opportunity to create your container of illuminated presence exists outside of any words of any language.  It is a tangible experience of Divine Light that can be tangibly received, welcomed, loved or dismissed.  It is, and has all-ways been your choice.

Experiencing Crystalline Transmissions

As the crystalline realms come forward with ever greater connection, the world of density experiences this in many ways.  It is as similar energy as when your beautiful body temples are cleansed with water.

If you have eaten junk food laced with chemicals that do not support energetic expansion, when you bring Presence to the body, you begin to notice discomfort; do you not?

You may share, “I have slight headache,”because you are purging an energy from the body that it has been accustomed to that is not serving the highest receptivity of Divine Light.

You may feel tired as these energy fields release.  You may feel sluggish.  You may need to drink more water in the recognition that, as you clear, you begin to truly see again, and your Presence restores.

We offer this example because your planet is receiving vast vibratory crystalline light, and she is clearing that which does not serves her, so that she may heal.  This is not difficult to understand.

 It is simply outside the agenda of density as understood by those deep in density.

As the universal energy of pure crystalline light and love is transmitted directly to thee, what does your emotional body feel?  What does your mind do?  What does your breath do?  Notice and be free.

Anything unlike divine joyous receptivity is the gift of the overlay of agenda that is still in your tissues.  This is not a shortcoming.  This is not something that has been done wrong.  It is the recognition that you have been navigating density and that you have done it very, very well.

To release all need to judge is to release the fertile soil that gives the agenda its’ limitless cycle of repetition.

You, Beloved Ones, right now, must decide:

Is my cocreative, limitless experience moving forward with the agenda energy,  or am I ready to stabilize Divine Presence?

The reason, if the mind feels reassured with “a reason”, that we offer this to you now is because your world is needing reassurance.  She will continue to act out until the reassurance is mirrored back to her.  She is purging, Beloved Ones, just as your bodies would purge when you cleanse them.

Great floods of water cleanse your body.  Why would it be any different for your planet?

Great floods of water.  Do not lament. That which is cleansed, through the process of cleansing, will always find a new way of being.  Relax and take in a deep breath.

The Expansion of Presence

We offer thee recognition that you are here on this glorious expansionary journey of divine reconnection through your own choice.  The choice of an individ‑u‑will is called forward from the spirit of the heart, not from the mind, of the heart.

When the spirit of the heart reignites with your divine energy while you are in form, Presence arsies as an effortless moment, effortless gift, and effortless experience.

Your Presence is the only energy that will ignite others.

Presence, Beloved Ones, is an action.  Presence is a movement.

Presence is a divine recognition that all is exactly the way it has always been, is now, and will all-ways be.  Presence does not demand the repetition of a cycle and yet it witnesses all cycles.

Presence is a flow.

Presence is abundance.  Presence is joy.  Presence is love.  Presence is you.  You are Presence.

The Peace of Presence

Within the container of your sacred environment on Beloved Gaia, there is disturbance energy arising from the convergence of many agendas.  When many agendas converge, there is a struggle for the agenda to emerge.

And when there is a struggle for agenda to persevere agenda, Presence disappears. With the lack of Presence, peace becomes difficult to claim.

As you seek peace within, simply begin with the Presence.

As you discover your Presence, hold Presence, live with Presence,  love with Presence, then peace is effortlessly and in all-ways present.

Experiencing an agenda that seeks to struggle for its survival is outside the experience of peaceful Presence, therefore try not struggle with it.  Struggling with it creates greater disparity within the harmony of your own being, your life experience.

We invite you to step outside of this while releasing judgment of what you feel you must do about it.

The mind of form loves doing, the mind likes to wake you up with its doing principles, it likes to guide your hands with doing principles, it likes to guide your life with doing principles.

If you can guide your life from the doing principle of Presence, funnel the energy of the mind, the doing principles of the mind, into the Presence energy, and you will discover before you mountains of golden light, abundant streams of flow, communities of wholeness instead of victimness, and the experience of expanded Presence fully ignited!

YOU ARE the Divine Presence

In the eyes of the Presence to the Presence, in the recognition of the one and the one and the one and the one, you transcend perception as you fully embrace Divine Presence…the authentic You.

Yes! You are Presence!  You have all-ways been Presence.

Within this moment of linear time, in the world of Divine experience, before you now is a choice, whether you are conscious of or not, it is here and it is yours to make.  Simply ask yourself:

Am I supporting the agenda energy, or am I stepping into Presence energy?

Beloved Ones! Recognize that all choices are Divinely illuminated.  Each choice will sustain the choice of another.  For those stepping fully into Presence, this Presence will ignite others into Presence. For those stepping into the energy of the agenda, they will assist those who have chosen Presence to continue choosing.  Each helps another as all are having their divine experience.

In your world experience now, the agenda seeks to savethose who do not align with an agenda.

Let go of the perception of the need to save any.

You are already saved! And it is only the energy of the “doing mind” what would need to hear those words.

You came here to this experience, therefore you are already saved.

It is the playground of the Universe to dance through a life on a planet of experience, to smile gently as you would move to your next experience, celebrating that you fully experienced.

And as the container of this experience of density comes ever closer to

 Divine culmination, it is your Presence that will dance you through it in whatever form of dance you enjoy, for there is no agenda around the dance.

If you like to tango, you tango.  If you like to rock and roll, you rock and roll.

 It does not matter.  What matters is the dance!

What matters is the celebration!

What matters is that you are present for this experience.


Whether you are conscious of your Presence or not, it is the inescapable truth of life in form.

How you call forward your Presence is a gift!

We love you, and you are loved.  We salute you.  We hail to you.  We feel you. 

We delight in you.

From the rays of the Divine Crystalline Light, we have this moment through these eyes to see, and see through you, and for this we are great-full.

We love you.


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  1. I Thank You and Source for sharing this Insoulment.

    ‘Knowing/Remembering’ I AM Divine Presence
    while in present time

    on The
    Pathway – in The Place – at The Point in time
    that my past … my present … and my future does bring

    gives me all I need to Lovingly continue and proceed.

  2. This is exactly the booster energy I needed. I hadn’t read this in years and it offered greater clarity and meaning at this moment. Perfect timing!!

    I reviewed the app on iTunes for you! I love being connected daily! I am grateful for all your work with technology to connect with us in so many ways. Thanks for the time and effort!!

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