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2019 Crystalline Ascension Symptoms - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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2019 Crystalline Ascension Symptoms

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2019 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

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One response to “2019 Crystalline Ascension Symptoms”

  1. My Dream:

    I awoke to discover myself, if you can call it that, without form, floating in the most beautiful, sparkling, loving, golden light.

    while it cradled and bathed me, I was permeated by its absolute warmth and love.

    I knew I was awake. I thought; let me stay here longer, please!

    It was like ecstasy.

    I heard no words and for a time could even become aware that I was still in bed: my husband next to me.

    This event lasted, in my awareness for approximately 2 minutes. (I have no real idea how long I was in the light before I became aware of it-this felt so intentional)

    I only refer to it as a dream but know deeply to my core, that I was glimpsing more even from the body mind perspective. (when I physically opened my eyes)

    I can refer back to this experience as often as I need and it is just as profound, meaningful and beautiful.

    Not liquid but like liquid light. Not solid but capable of supporting me as if I were a newborn. Full of sparkles, perfect warmth and a depth of love, compassion and joy like none other.

    I really wanted to share this.

    Thank you for listening.

    Yours in the light, love and Oneness of GOD.

    Marci Schluckbier

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