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Living With Ascension Energy: Accepting Divine Mastery - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Living With Ascension Energy: Accepting Divine Mastery

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Living with Ascension Energy: Divine Mastery

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa

The Cosmic Essene speak:

With a vibrant hello we offer the glorious recognition of Divine love, presence, acceptance, being and knowing through the golden streams of illuminated energy.

Re-Connecting with Essene Christed Energy

In loving alignment your Essene Brethren, have come forward at this time on the planet and are walking with you. Many are hand in hand with the energy that you call Christ.  You are in the hands of this Golden Ray of the Divine Love of this Christ energy.

Precious beings of wondrous Love, the time of the ascended awakening of the authentic connection of the truth of the bliss, of the love that you know as

Christ energy has manifested in many ways.

 This Christ energy abundantly circulates throughout your heart, and your crystalline Light. It circulates throughout your being-ness and your knowingness. In this time of reconnection with the Divine Authentic Remembrance, many have walked the path of  ascended recognition before.

You are at the time now of the ascended recognition of all that has ever been, folding into all that is, and all that is ready to be yet again.

The Golden Energy of Divine Connectivity

Beloved Ones, like the Divine serpent, so many say the energy of gold filament runs in your veins and offers you the gift of Divine connectivity.  Mortal wounds for many of you were suffered many times through your hearts.  Many of you have endured what you call crucifixion.  Many of you have felt this in your hands, many feel this as arthritis in your hands, hips and feet. Many are feeling this again now, enduring hours of bodily shifting and changing.

Remember that in the full embodiment of the Love of the Universe, you have come forth in Divine wholeness and acceptance that you are ready to move forward into your Divine resurrection.

Dearest Beloved Ones, many of you have spent many life times in the Gnostic recognition of mystical knowing. Many have walked the path of holding authentic awareness, heart-centered being-ness, and the recognition of Divine Unity.  Within the recognition of Divine Unity, you have chosen to reincarnate many times on this beloved Gaia, so that your heart may expand and open ever more, so that the pain may be transmuted ever more.

Many of you are experiencing emotional and physical pain. As you try to hide from the gift of your divine self the pain escalates.  We invite you to no longer hide or deny your authentic self.  As you try to deny the shining Light that you are, your physical body will be in resistance and your emotional body will flare.

The Body is Reacting

Many are experiencing disconnection that becomes depression.  A disconnect that becomes a lack of clarity, causes hopelessness, and recreates a cycle of doubt.

Dearest children, it is important for you to honor the resurrection energy on your planet now with great abundant joy.  Your hearts have been opened and, how you handle this opening is a gift that only you can give to yourself.

Before you now in the next 11 cycles of what you call the moon, or 11 months on this planet, you will see much of all energies discharged here, unified here and expelled here. There will be many who will run in terror and there will be many who will jump in joy.

How are you able to hold the energy of your own beloved Christedness during this time?  Are you the Maitreya, are you the opening?  Or, are you the one who chooses to carry the sword of density?

Many will carry the sword of density.  While carrying the sword of density, and will have the opportunity to be firmly rooted in all of the manifested expressions of the third dimension.


There will also be an angelic recognition of the ascended energy of the Christedness, which is notexclusive to one, what you would call, religion.

Dearest children, Christedness is the energy of Crystalline Light.  It is the energy of wholeness; it is the energy of love.  It is the energy of peace; it is the energy of the

Divine acceptance of all within.

 As the Cosmic Essene presence comes forward now, there will be many more of what you call miracles that will appear on what you call your TV.  Science will be baffled evermore.  Cures will be ever more popular from a non-linear understanding. Energetic medicine will reach a new level of recognition.

Each of you is empowering the energetic Christedness that you are.

What runs through your veins dear child? We are not talking about blood, we are talking about the Crystalline Light of the Divine running through your veins; every tissue, every cell, every membrane.

How do you wish to be with those around you?

You are all, without any exception, Divine Healers with the Power of the Crystalline light of the Divine running through your veins.

How you heal is the expression of uniqueness that you bring forward now.  How you bring forward healing begins with you, most precious beings of Light.  It is a powerful time for you.  You have stepped into ascension energy.

Living with Ascension Energy

Within ascension energy, all that is unlike Light will dissolve. When you step into ascension energy, sometimes you must leap into the Void.  It may feel as if you are dying, as if everything inside of you is dying, as if everything is being questioned, as if everything must turn around again. Honor your intuition.

As you honor your intuition, you release the “doubt molecules” that hold you in density.

 If you wish to remain a warrior in density and play in that realm, then simply empower your doubt even more, and seek answers outside of yourself.  These two energies, doubt and reliance on outside sources, will anchor you in a density experience.

Universally, this reunification has been coming forth for eons, and the Christ energy is right before you.

Feel the eyes of the Universe looking into you.

Feel the eyes of the Universe as you.

Feel your heart connected with the Divine Love of Christed energy.

Allow the Lotus petals of Divine energy to flow out of you, in front of you, and grace your path in all moments, in all ways.

Tread in the Lotus of Love, tread in the Lotus of Being-ness.

 Dearest beloved ones, it is a Divine time for you to trust your knowing.  Often times many call out: How can I trust myself, I feel my messages are mixed? How can I trust what I am feeling and what is happening around me? 

We invite you to first remember you are not alone.  You are here with Divine love, support, and abundant resources.

It is only in the despair of doubt that your resources disconnect from your own being-ness.

 We invite you to make a list to have in front of you at all times. And your resources have many functions.

What are my spiritual resources?

What are my emotional resources?

What are my physical resources?

And whatever else may come forward.

We invite you to take your pencils and write down your resources in front of you. Oftentimes density claims that which you already know, and when you are in the thick of that, you forget what is in front of you.

As you claim your resources, and as you allow yourself to reclaim your Christedness, you are able to offer to yourself the gift of Divine acceptance of your intuitive knowing.

How often do you get a clear answer and immediately deny it?  How often do you know the yes or the no, and yet seek to change it?  How often does the mind of density come forward and say I want it this way, so don’t pay attention to that voice over there?

Experiencing Living in Divine Multi-Dimensional Alignment

How do you align with Love? Many align with love through a manipulated and perverted stream of war.  There are many expressions of Love.

How are you expressing Love? 

If you stamp your feet with your signs and join great protest, then you must do it well, however, what are you loving, the protest, the hoped for outcome, or the energy?

Be clear on what you are loving and how you are Love.  There are great outbursts of protests on your planet, and not all end peacefully.

What is your Love?  Where do you Love?  How can you hold presence?

When you give energy to anything, it expands, so where do you give your energy.

When you come together in groups of Divine, authentic, crystalline beings of Christ-filled Love, come together to celebrate each other, not to influence each other. 

Understanding the Galactic Gateways

Come together with clear hearts.  Come together clear in your knowing, clear in your trust, so that any gathering may be a celebration of Love, not a manipulation of love.

Dearest Ones, these galactic gateways in front of you right now are powerful, gifted glorious alignments that are happening in many worlds, dimensions, galaxies and universes simultaneously.

There is not an ideal time of these alignments, unless you are a linear time being.  So many will say, according to our chart, you should do this at this time right now. While that may be true, it is important to recognize that their chart only takes into account this dimension and this universe.

Perhaps it is right for you at one time and right for your mate at another time.  Perhaps you are called more than once on a particular day. Perhaps you must stop everything you are doing and pay attention.  Good for you, celebrate your paying attention!  Celebrate that you did not need to read a time that said in this dimension, this is the time, and this is fine too, it is always fine to honor whatever you feel called to honor.

If you wish to expand beyond just this one dimension, just this one world, and just this one possibility, dearest beloveds of the ascension Christed energy, trust your intuitive knowing.

This is the you that is coming forward now.  Are you in argument with yourself?  Often times many of you are.  It is important to remember, where is my energy?  What do I love and how can I express the  Divine Christed Heart of all that I am, all that I do, and  all that I communicate with?

Perhaps you can offer yourself the gift of knowing. As you release reacting… you begin being.  You become the observer.

Walking in the Shoes of Divine Knowing

You are at the time that you are ready to expand beyond dogma and embrace your own precious knowing. Your bodies will talk to you in ways that they have not talked to you ever before, as will your emotions.

Invite yourself to stay in the community of those that support you in the way that you would like to be supported.  Whoever that is, wherever that is.

Give yourself the gift of knowing that all is fluid.  The more that you flow, the less resistance you experience.  Your blessed heart has come forward now, so that all you are may express to all that is.

The sandals of the Essene Brethren are being offered to you.  On your feet, they are offering you back the sandals of your Divine knowing. They say to you, come walk with us, come back to the shores, come play by the sea.  As you walk in our shoes, we will gladly walk with you and walk in yours.

Feel this Divine energy coming into you, swirling up through you, empowering all that you are.  You are never alone and you are Divinely, Divinely guided.

You are loved beyond measure.  You are honored and it is time for you to wear your sandals again, if you so wish. Know that indeed the realms of Divine Love have opened up the ascension energy.  You are already in it.  You are not preparing for anything, you have begun the time of LIVING it.

Feel your Essene sandals in all that you do. Walk with presence.  Be Love. 

Your hearts emanate the Christed Love of all that has ever been and all that will ever be. 

Many blessings, Beautiful Ones.

10 responses to “Living With Ascension Energy: Accepting Divine Mastery”

  1. Thank you, this so resonates with my being. A deep recognition in the truth of this message and continued joy in aligning with my authenticity.

  2. I feel myself falling into this, especially this last two days. The love is infinite. Wonderful sharing, thank you.

  3. This is such a beautiful and empowering message. I felt so much love when I read it and strive to continue this journey with light, love and compassion. Thank you Sri and Kira for all of your gifts and supporting this beautiful community. We are family. Love you both.

  4. Thanx for bringing back to me my old memories & reminders along with a new present awareness of my old knowledge/knowings. Seventeen years ago when I first moved to Florida I called the only shoes that I wore then my “Jesus” sandals. I have never been without sandals since then. There is always something so (up until now) inexplicably comforting about just stepping into them.
    Together we, in all realms and all dimensions, are Truly Better in all ways . . . Always ! ! !

    Love & Light … Always & in all ways … Joyce

  5. This resonated so deeply like a remembering of a path once walked. I’m ready to wear those essene sandals . A rebirth of light is ready to shine through me. I love this message with all my compassionate heart.

  6. Thank you kira and sri for the support and love you give I’m truely blessed to have you both in my life this is exactly the support i have been asking the arch- angels for spiritual teachers to help me and guide and inspire me within a community. Everyone is so lovely and passionate and ready. Love connie from Australia Connie

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