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Miracle Team Message - May 9, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – May 9, 2011

A message of divine Love from Ascended Master, El Moyra.

El Moyra


This Miracle Team Message is from the
Ascended Master, El Moyra:

Through the oneness of the rarified streams of divine light so pours forth
my love and devotion to your world and your journey.

As all abodes of the divine heavens have opened to receive the chariots of
love as they return and as they ignite; the illuminated state of presence is
now moving into a greater flow.

This flow will begin as if a mighty river has arrived within your energy field.
For some it may feel like a rushing wind inside the physical form and for others
it may feel as if a pressure is pushing out all that has been congested.

To accept flow is to release all resistance to flow and claim thyself
as a chariot of love.

To resist flow is to stay ignited in the presence of the full density experience.

Neither is better than the other and each is a journey that awaits all.

When you open to yourself as a chariot of love it is with the full power and
presence of the Divine empowerment that flows through you like a beacon of illumination.

What does this mean?

A chariot is the life force that carries the message of light and love without
the need to be reassured that it is OK to be such a chariot.

A chariot knows that it serves with every action through its presence.

When you are tired, you seek a chariot to carry you.

When you are burdened, you seek a chariot to ease the burden.

When you are ready to seek out new territory, you seek a chariot to
carry you there and count on the chariot to know the way.

Yet, you may ask, who is the driver of this chariot and where do I find it?

Gaze into the mirror of your soul and discover the chariot that awaits.

Then you will find the other chariots that are also standing in service with

My heart has now fully illuminated for the planet of your current incarnation

May the chariot that I offer bring you comfort and ease the burden, for together
we will discover the way that will clear the discomfort and open the greater

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