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The Shield of Zadkiel 2021!

Discourse received prior to the May 7 In-soulment.

Activating the Illumination of the Shield of Zadkiel

Please first enjoy this letter from Sri & Kira. The discourse from Archangel Zadkiel is below this sharing.

Beloved Self-Ascension community!

As we all are anchoring in moment of adaptation to Concentric Dimensionality and Spiral time,  we are ALL  illuminating in power-full ways. The gift you are about to engage, came forward the Archangel Zadkiel appeared in FULL FORM and shared the following information after literally “taking” Kira Raa for about 30 minutes
into the Acscended Masters abode at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for a power-full attunement. 

The moment that our planet has now arrived into is calling us ALL to greater presence.  We honor that this discourse needed to be delivered in the way we were asked to do so.  As you will read  below, a day of integration is needed prior to the final integration.

We love you dearly! We are GRATE-FULL for your Sincerity, Love and Presence!  With great love and Many Blessings of Self-Ascension, Sri & Kira

The Shield of Archangel Zadkiel: Unveiling the Moment of Power!
Archangel Zadkiel through Master Lady Kira Raa

For to all who are holding the energy of pure light a “deadly” virus is upon your planet now.  This virus begins the moment the ego entraps
itself in righteousness, and gains strength through common bonds of anger and entitlement.

To those who seek to clear of this virus, and for those who seek to not be affected by its potency, I offer my shield.

This Shield is the gift of the realm of which I AM!

Within its protective energy is the might and strength of a warrior of true crystalline light. The time is upon your world now when the warrior’s of crystalline light are being actively sought after to carry the virus of the energy that seeks to entrap this light on this world permanently.

This is a moment of great love! For each is being empowered with the greatest choice of all.

Freedom or Entrapment!

Both of these choices carry great and power-full energies! They are, indeed, brothers in the way they will feel to the un-initiated. The un-initiated will discover through the virus a sense of belonging and righteousness positioned against others. They will also feel and  strength as they adapt to the entrapment.

As this energy anchors within,  they will eventually realize that they have chosen entrapment. And those who have chosen freedom will be called upon to love them through their choice.

For those who chose freedom it will, initially, seem a more challenging choice! It is one that must remain free of the virus that is affecting the choice molecule.

For these reasons, and others that your own heart will easily call forward, I offer with great love my shield.

This shield stands as a beacon of all crystalline light warriors and is encrusted in the center with the blue jewel of the heart. It is surrounded by violet light and beams from the outer core with a glorious energy that is the loving blending of the violet with greater light as it joins in the center with the blue jewel.

This shield, and ALL of its power has already been gifted to the one who so
lovingly gives ALL of her-self so that we may share with you.

The full strength and anchor-ship, for ALL who chose to call forward
the shield, came forward at sunrise on the day of the celebration of the
revelation of the Abode of the Warriors.

We offer you this gift now, with great sincerity, love and presence.
We offer you this moment on behalf of the moment you called forth eons ago
and have prepared for NOW.


Offer your-self the gift of the UNLOCKED 2021 Re-Release of this timely and Profound Sharing from Archangel Zadkiel.

5 responses to “The Shield of Zadkiel 2021!”

  1. Hello to all 🙂
    Before heading off to bed last night, I was guided to a meditation someone had just posted on You Tube. During this five part meditation, the words, “blue jewel of the heart” came forward – along with incredible energy. It felt like a diamond swirling on my heart chakra (lol, and blue mixing with the green).

    I was looking through the Angelic teachings this morning since the recollection is there for a teaching about the “blue jewel of the Heart”…I didn’t find it..but I found this.

    I’m crying with so much happiness and joy, since this is resonating with the energy around me at this time. Thank Sri and Kira for ALL of the help and to the angelic team, seen and unseen.

    Abundant Blessings,

    • Namaste Rachel! Thank you for your lovely comment. The PDF for the insoulment delivered on Saturday, May 7 will be available soon, and contains the activation and attunement of the Shield. You can find references to the Blue Jewel of the Heart in the Divine Illumination Series. Here is the link to Lesson 9, entitled, “The Blue Jewel of the Heart” click here. Enjoy! Blessings, Kat

  2. I watched the in-soulment twice so as to continue to catch nuances and understandings. Later last night I was guided to light a fire in my chiminea, grab my journal, and just be. So many messages came flooding in, as well as the integration of Zadkiel’s shield. I felt his shield come all the way into my body, combined with so much peace and love for myself and for all of the natural world. I felt at one with everything, part of the fabric of all-that-is. It was wonderful, and I look forward to how life will continue from this point on. I am so much more at peace than I have ever been; it can only get better from here. Thank you Sri and Kira for delivering all the amazing messages and energy that you do with such open hearts. Namaste.

  3. Thank you Zadkiel, for releasing me from this spell.
    Thank you Zadkiel, for helping me dispel the quote unquote “hell”.
    Thank you Zadkiel, for helping my Spirit swell.
    Thank you Zadkiel, for helping me dwell within the truth of every cell.
    Thank you Zadkiel.
    Beloved Archangel Zadkiel.

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