Miracle Team Message – March 21, 2011


This week’s Miracle Team Message is from the Benevolent Ones at Lake Atitlan:

Miracle Corridor Ignited
Miracle Corridor Ignited

Beloved ones we are here, with thee, now.

From the moment that your heart connects with us through the ever-refining spiral of divine love emanation, we conjoin with your heart and sing the songs of eternal love.

This is the moment when the eternal movement that IS all life, reignites the heart flame to service through the corridor of miracle energy.

This corridor of miracle energy is embodied by all and ignited by some.

To ingite the heart flame through the corridor of miracle energy is to fully embody the presence of the Oneness in form.

This heart flame, once ignited, burns eternally and rises and falls with your
attention to its presence.

At times it burns like an ember simply keeping the presence of your divinity
alive. At other times it burns bright and steady as you enter the corridor and
call forth the mighty energy that is yours to command. And, at other times it
burns as if it is a raging inferno of purifying energy that cleanses all negativity,
purges all distractions, and returns you to the peaceful center of your true

With each breath, your song of eternal love is offered yet another connection.
Let your breath be full, let your heart be open, and allow your eternal flame
to ignite as you navigate the corridor of miracle energy that is yours to command!

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