Featured Phenomenon Photo – March 21, 2011

Ascended Master at Lake Atitlan
Ascended Master at Lake Atitlan

Sri was in Antigua and “heard” that he needed to go to the lake the next day. It was a rare one-day turn around and he went alone.

At the last moment, he took his camera as he felt he would be documenting the recent rise in the lake.

When he arrived in the boat, he “felt” a strong presence of the Ascended Masters and saw the “shadow of light” through his psychic centers. It was then he snapped the photo.

He did not look at the photos he took that day until returning back to Antigua when Kira off-loaded them. Together they enjoyed an immense communication from the Ascended Masters of the Crystalline City who wanted to be seen clearly so that all who chose to, would be able to connect with them.

What a gift!

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