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Miracle Team Message - March 14, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – March 14, 2011

Gossamer Wings



This week’s Miracle Team Message is from The Benevolent Ones:

Beings of benevolent light and luminescent blue hearts, we sing to thee the
glorious energy of love. This energy is wrapping itself around your planet like
a gossamer wing that gently lifts those whose hearts are calling.

The gossamer wings of all angels are the portals of divine connection that
have all-ways been present and yet have been at a distance that most could not

As your energetic alignment with the galactic center of the universe of your
world increases, the cloud of forgetfulness thins and the gossamer wings of
love reveal themselves.

For some it is a scattered moment of recognition that is glimpsed and then
forgotten again. And for many, this momentary remembrance is the gateway that
will bring them to full connection again.

And, for others, the gossamer wings of love are the daily guides that gently
allow your earth-self the divine connection with the one-self. This daily guidance
is patient and ever-refining as you learn to accept its presence in full view
and without need to experience the doubt and fear that keeps the cloud of forgetfulness
in place.

As you in-lighten your luminescent blue heart, and connect to the song of
love, you discover this gossamer portal as the connector of energy that will
propel your daily consciousness to the realms of pure light at will.

Bring your hands to your heart now and feel this luminescent ignition.

Close your eyes and invite the cloud of doubt and fear to release.

Experience the gossamer wings of love and lift with them as your consciousness
raises once again.

We love you.

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