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A Humble Mayan Elder Bows His Head and Speaks….

An introduction by Sri and Kira


A Humble Mayan Elder bows his head and

An introduction by Sri and Kira

What he has to say may shock you.

What he has to share may challenge your ego.

What he brings to the world is absolutely needed…right now.

He first came to us in a powerful vision 8 years ago and manifested himself
in physical form through extraordinary circumstances on May 8, 2011.

On that day he gave us the first four of 8 Revelations that challenged us to
our core. He requested we share these revelations and also shared ancient secrets
of the Maya with us.

Since May 8 we have had two more ceremonies. One with this humble elder and
another with the Head of the Mayan elders himself.

Our move to Guatemala was inspired by the presence of the Ascended Masters at
Lake Atitlan and our clear guidance to anchor greater heart energy in the center
of the Americas. The ability to assist people of all nations has expanded since
that time and we live the message that we are all ONE…dissolving the perceptions
of borders.

Living here and simply “doing what we do” along with being the custodians
of ancient sacred land, attracted the Mayan Elders to us. For the first few
years they “tested” our hearts and sincerity. Now that we live here
full time, it seems that we have passed these tests as we have been gifted with
a total of 8 powerful revelations and on May 21 we were asked by the head of
the Maya to bring their message to the world on behalf of the council of elders.

Our mission has always been to share the truth and exact words of the Archangelic
realm regardless of the ego’s that might be challenged. We have diligently done
this for 8 years. Now, with the blessing and support of the universe, we will
continue to hold this integrity and honor the universal trust that has been
bestowed to us.

We respect the SIMPLE PLAIN TRUTH of the Humble Mayan Elder, who bowed his
head in ceremony, shared from his heart, and will shake our world. We have been
chosen to also bring Ancient and Secret messages of the council to the world
and will follow through without changing one word.

We chose to offer the greatest gift of all to those who seek to claim it.

True freedom.

We love you, we honor your journey.

We pray your light and your discernment has matured through your journey to
support this moment on our planet and with our most humble love we offer you
the simple truth.

Sri and Kira


Since the posting of this initial article, Sri and Kira have been asked by
the elders to share 3 more ceremonies with them within the next few weeks. We
will continue to update you as more is revealed and invite your presence to
fully receive the energetic gifts that are being opened for the planet through
these communions.

Update: July 18, 2011

Now NINE ceremonies have been completed. Read Sri and Kira’s sharing
on the final ceremony of celebration by clicking

A large piece of the Revelations concerns the Unification Molecule.
The connection of the Mayan, Ancient Egyptian and Tibetan energies is calling loudly and you can learn more about this in parts One and Two of Unifying Voices:

2013 Unifying Voices Part 1
Unifying Mayan, Egyptian, and Tibetan Voices:
Universal Truths Revealed


2013 Unifying Voices Part 2
The Unification Molecule: Collective Awakening




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