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What is the Rapture?

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What is the Rapture?

by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Even if we have turned off our TV’s and are doing our best to stay focused
upon the positive, it is evident that our world is experiencing heightened tensions,
social decay and chaos. When the very world we live in becomes scary or overwhelming,
it is little wonder that many people either welcome or fear “end times”.
Seeking a need to justify the perceived insanity around them, it becomes comforting
to interpret the Book of Revelations, the prophecies of the Hopi, the Maya,
and others, to suggest that our world is ending. And, yes…there is an
end before us!

As our consciousness is craving expansion, and Allness is stretching to its
limits, our former way of life is coming to an end. The ways of modern civilization
have disconnected from the essential interdependence with the cycles of nature.
As man has continually lost respect for the essential rhythms of the natural
world, man has lost his connection with the very sustenance of the earth. Clean
air, clean water and sustainability require mindfulness and respect, and regardless
of the technological superiority that may feed the mind, ultimately man cannot
“control” nature.

Ancient cultures were not exempt from similar issues. Yet within their consciousness
the essential connection with this planet of choice was not lost in their communion
with all life. In the Hindu culture there is the recognition of the epochs or
Ages that govern consciousness. It is no coincidence that the ancient writings
in the Mahabharata predict great turbulence and destruction at the end of the
current cycle we are experiencing.

This is beyond the opening of the seven seals that is often quoted from the
Book of Revelations; it is a succinct experience of the direct result of man
losing his recognition of Oneness with all beings and the earth: the direct
result of an ego that believes in technological superiority as the way to “solve”

The Mahabharata is thought to have been recorded around 400 BC, shortly after
the Golden Age of Greece and before the appearance of Christ and the Buddha.
This is the same time that the Perennial Philosophies were brought forward and
a moment on the planet where cosmic connection was understood at a level we
are still seeking to reclaim.

With great similarity to the Mayan calendar, the Mahabharata predicts a new
age that will come to mankind. It also clearly states that there will be great
chaos, negativity and distress just before the new era anchors.

From The Mahabharata it is said:

In the Kali age (our current time), men with false reputation of learning
will, by their acts, cause Truth to be contracted and concealed. And when
the end of the Yuga comes, men will act cruelly, and speak ill of one another.
And people will, without compunction destroy trees and gardens. And men will
be filled with anxiety as regards to their means of living. And the clouds
will pour rain unseasonably when the end of the Yuga approaches. And when
the end of the Yuga comes, crops will not grow in abundance.

This is just one of the passages that is offered as the sign of the close of
the Yuga approaches. And, as with other systems that claim to count time, such
as the Mayan Calendar, the exact “time” of the end of this age is
heavily debated. Yet, there is a great gift in the time debate.

Perhaps as we gaze at the circumstances that are presenting themselves at this
moment in “time” it is easy to recognize that negativity and fear
are indeed dominating world events. Regardless of whether you believe, interpret
or ignore ANY of the ancient writings, the mere presence of them stimulates
greater chaos if we allow it to do so.

Chaos on earth distracts human consciousness.
The more that anger, separation and fear of loss are stimulated, the more agitated
and disconnected from their hearts people become.
Chaos serves the agenda of those who would keep humans entrapped.

As long as self-interest and fear are stimulated, then judgment, anger and
disharmony will be the environment of the day. As long as the chaos is stimulated,
people willingly become entrapped in their lower aspects, offering allegiance
to whatever authority or political agenda that offers them a sense of safety.

  • What if ALL of the ancient writings were simply offering us “signs”
    of the moment of awakening?
  • What if the “symptoms” that our humanity was being superseded
    by large and lofty egos was a gift foreseen by those who loved us enough to
    offer us our own reminders?
  • What if we chose to offer gratitude to these warnings instead of fear and
    empowerment to the horrors they also predict?

A being of light is filled with co-creative power and offers healing and love
simply through its presence. To entrap such a being in a paradigm of fear and
limitation can only happen if the person’s consciousness is refracted
by judgment. Such a consciousness believes in separation and is thus furthering
the Allness as opposed to embracing Oneness.

The very chaos which stimulates ego-reactivity and entrapment also stimulates
our greater yearning for freedom. It awakens the recognition for those that
chose to see it, that something is missing. Thus we can use the chaotic outer
world to help us evolve our discernment. It is indeed a wake up call, and it
is time to answer the phone.

Freedom is actually scary to one who is contemplating their next step and it
is this fear that will either trap you or free you. The mind can only conceive
of freedom within the ideas of earth school. The mind fantasizes based upon
what it has experienced or dreamed. So we must go beyond the mind! When we clearly
can embrace that the entire experience on earth is a hologram and has no reality
of its own, we break free of the mind and clearly see the power of our co-creation.

This is the dream.

Yet, we find ourselves ‘here’ and in our collective awakening we
begin to delight at the complexity, the variety and the beauty of the Allness
that has supported the expression of ‘here’. However when we begin
talking about freedom and dimensional travel…what do we really know? Are
we dreaming about that, too?

True Freedom is much more than our liberation from our density experience.
Freedom is a state of empowerment. It is the anchoring of your power to command
Light without any doubt. It is when you have reclaimed a mastery that is not
limited by earth concepts since it has always been.

So how do we truly understand freedom?

Our soul knows that the chaos here on earth is unnatural. Yet our identity
seeks to find “reasons” and “alignments” that support
us through our fears. This is the ultimate moment of freedom or entrapment!
It is the moment we break free of the stories, regardless of where they come
from, and remember that the dream is ours to co-create…we are not victims!

Self-Ascension is as unique as you are! Self-Ascension opens the portals of
mastery through gentle and loving reassurance of the Archangelic realm and beyond,
without any interference in your personal growth experience.

Perhaps the ultimate rapture is before us when we allow ourselves to relax,
unwind, and simply say to the universe:



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  1. Thank you, Sri and Kira, for another article filled with insight and gems of wisdom. I especially like:

    “It is the moment we break free of the stories, regardless of where they come from, and remember that the dream is ours to co-create…”

    Blessings to you both for being a guiding Light during these confusing times.


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