Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

Miracle Team Message - May 23, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – May 23, 2011


Crystalline Beingness

An introduction from Sri and Kira:

Namaste Beloved Ones,

Before we offer you this week’s powerful message,
we wanted to share that this message is particularly important in that they
have offered us a second message in the way that the Ascended Masters have come
through to offer us a deeper recognition of Hu-man.

Whne this message came through, they were very clear
that there was the "hu", the H U, as a hyphen before the ‘man’. Hu-man.

Hu is the ancient name for god, for Oneness. It is
a love-song to god and often sung through the prayers of many as simply the

By allowing ourselves to remember the deeper expression
of Hu-man, we are being invited to remember ourseves at a much greater level
in the full context of this message.

Sri and Kira


This week’s Miracle Team Message is from

the Ascended Masters at Lake Atitlan:

Crystalline beings of light and love our hearts speak out to thee with great
presence. The fear molecule that has impregnated the hearts of Hu-mans is wildly
active in the expression of Allness.

While this molecule has as many expressions as Allness itself, its CORE reason
for being is to assist those who would choose, to reach the total expansion
of their fear thereby RELEASING all fear and breathing fully into the free flowing

Fear is an energy…it is a molecular component of your experience of density.
It cannot be avoided nor can it be denied.

To ignore fear…feeds fear.

And fear is a hungry beast that seeks food constantly and has an unlimited

Fear is an attractive energy for it also binds together like all molecules to
form its offspring. You know this offspring as anger, hate and judgment. These
energies are the greatest friends of fear and together they are a feast of fuel
to perpetuate each other.

YOU are Hu-man as you are traveling in this world expression now. And as a
Hu-man your ability to walk through the expression of fear is mighty.

Everything you need to walk through fear is within you. And, everything you
need to continue feeding fear is within you too! As part of your divine free
will, the ultimate choice is yours!

Today allow yourself to command the light within to speak to the fear molecule.
Allow it the voice that is seeking to speak.

Listen with a heart that is the witness of the fear rather than the companion.

Breathe through the expression of the fear and ignite your divine self through
the violet flame of your heart.

Bring this flame up and through your mental chatter and then, RELEASE this
fear and CLAIM your free flowing oneness.

Experience yourself as a FREE being of light and notice that you have opened
the doorway of greater energy that is no longer holding the fear and is ready
to serve through presence, love and oneness in form.

This is one of the greatest miracles of all…to release the
fear and all of its offspring as you expand your light and hold it high for
all to experience the same.

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