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I AM the Resurrection! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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I AM the Resurrection!

Baja Sunrise the morning after the Divine Galactic Blueprint was revealed to Sri and Kira
Baja Sunrise the morning after the Divine Galactic Blueprint was revealed to Sri and Kira
As the Christian world celebrates Easter we are afforded an opportunity to reflect and recognize the truth of resurrection. Each human being here has taken birth into the world of density and form. These creations are vehicles for consciousness to express through; they are not our true identity.

Identification with our body and giving power to the outer world of creation offers a separation from our Truth. The more we cling to the outer world, the more fear and disempowerment we will experience, for the outer world is not the Source. The outer world is but an easily manipulated creation. It is a playground where we learn discernment and find that our true power, our authentic Self, is accessed through the inward journey. Once discovered, our lives are forever changed.

And yet, touching the true identity, our Soul, is but the start of another journey. This is the journey of the conscious resurrection of our Authentic Self into the world of creation. Living a conscious soul-based life is the Path of Self-Ascension. It takes commitment to stay on the path while experiencing the bombardment of density distractions.

Your attention is sacred, for your attention offers Divine energy and validation toward whatever you focus upon. The Bible wisely reminds us that we cannot serve two masters. Archangel Zadkiel reminds us to keep our eyes on the Divine at all times. Your attention is an empowering energy. What do you choose to empower?

The illumination of the Divine is available to all. Are you ready to claim it? Are you ready to BE it? If you are, then the Light will offer you the opportunity to bring Divine Love to all that you have created, and all that you see, whether pain-full or pleasure-full. With commitment, both the pain and the pleasure dissolve and only the bliss of True Being remains.


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