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Awakening to the Call of Spiritual Maturity - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Awakening to the Call of Spiritual Maturity

KiraRaa_pyramidofspawakeningIt is 2008, the Year of Divine Action as Manifestation and within the blink of an eye we will soon be at the half way point. With each precious moment of every sacred day, you are called into the action of your presence as the gift that frees others to do the same.

Yet, bringing this gift into daily use is one that often collides with family, work, obligations and the chaos of a world in the grip of extraordinary shift. What does this all mean, and how do we walk into the gift of Spiritual Maturity?

Within each and every being is the seed of the Divine that is present for a purpose. Perhaps this was best said by the Benevolent Ones as part of one of the recent messages delivered to the Miracle Team:

“From the garden of eternal love we shower thee with the presence of Divine manifestation as the Action of the garden. Within your world now the energy of planting is coming forward and the many energies that provide the safety for bounty are present if you choose to sow seeds of love now. To sow a seed of love is to bring all of your gifts of presence forward without any attachment to the outcome of the seed. When seeds are planted, not all will grow to maturity, yet each one serves the harvest. Those that do not come forward into the light of the sun will become part of the soil that supports those who do. As you smile at the recognition that ALL SEEDS are vital to the harvest, each seed becomes ever more precious. What are the seeds that you seek to plant…right now?”

KiraRaa_presence250To fully embrace the question of what seed you seek to plant, is a call to Spiritual Maturity. This is a great gift of freedom that can only come forward when you accept responsibility for your life, and release the actions of others from any need within to control them. How much energy is spent focused or reacting to the actions of others?

When we embrace our Spiritual Maturity we recognize without any judgment that each and every being on the planet is literally doing the best they can, given their consciousness at the time. We free our energy fields to be of greater service and presence minimizing the need to offer words or actions. We fully enter into Ascension Awareness on the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening, (see above, from 2012: You Have a Choice!), thereby anchoring ourselves in presence.

Responsibility can be frightening for many. After all, it is easier to defer to another when we encounter a situation that is unpleasant. Yet, when we embrace our spiritual responsibility to be present without judgment, unpleasant situations dissipate.

As you navigate this year, and as the half way mark rapidly comes forward,
perhaps the greatest action before you is to claim your Spiritual responsibility,
to walk as the presence that frees others, and to live your life free from chaos!

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