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Exploring Soul Nourishment

Photo by mckaysavage

Photo by mckaysavage

Beloved TOSA Community!

Each week we receive many wonderful letters with questions from around the world. As so many have recently centered around Soul Nourishment we felt it was of the highest service to share this with you in a more extended way.

The energies of fear and chaos that are vying for your attention are seeking to captivate you through appealing to your ego. This is now more prevalent than ever. AND, since most believe that food is necessary for survival, it is one of the primary centers of focus.

One of the greatest gifts we were ever given was the freedom that came from our 40 day fast. We learned that truly food was optional and that it is necessary to navigate our planet in many ways. We also learned that how we ingest our food, and the food we choose to ingest DOES affect who we are, how we navigate our world, and our ability to hold presence.

How you respond to the call of chaotic energy will directly affect your navigating of this time on our planet of rapid escalation of all energies. We offer the following question and its response as a gift of love.

If it makes you uncomfortable, we encourage you to look at the source of the discomfort. Our intent is to offer you love, truth and inspiration.

And, whether or not Soul Nourishment fits your life in this moment, with each breath you choose the gift of love. Through this conscious interaction with your breath, all true freedom begins.

May you know how truly loved and appreciated you are.

Dear Sri and Kira,

My husband and I have read your books and are familiar with the Soul Nourishment program. We believe that in order to purify our bodies and reach a higher vibration, so that our vehicles will not have to suffer a great deal through the process of Self Ascension, a strict vegan diet is required…

Recently, our beliefs are being challenged because in our Self Ascension group gatherings we have met several people that still eat meat and justify it. We agree that out there, many meat eating beings are wonderful and compassionate, although they are probably still very asleep. And this is OK, in our opinion. Our question is: how can one claim to be on a path of Self Ascension and still continue to eat meat? From our point of view it looks like the whole process is not coherent with the basic beliefs of what SA is all about. What are your thoughts?

Something even deeper puzzles us: some of the people in the group are certified Avesa masters and few others claim to be healers while stating that they eat meat. How can this great big dissonance be? We believe that before certain divine powers, including healing, can manifest through our human bodies, specific qualities of the Soul need to be re-awakened, which implies a capacity to subjugate the older qualities which were opposing the raising of the vibration in the body.

Thank you so much for your guidance and many blessings with love. (Name withheld by request)


Thank you for your sincere query. It appears that your need for integrity is not being met through some people you associate with. There are many stations along an evolutionary path and much self-delusion is cleared along the way! Meat-eating is an unhealthy norm and yet many heart-centered people ingest meat for many reasons.

All people who eat animals are organized around density beliefs. They have “swallowed” a belief system organized around misunderstandings on how the body gets its energy. It is a habit that is reinforced through the consciousness stream that surrounds the planet. We have met countless individuals who “must have” their certain animal or fish protein or they feel bad. Until they fully transition away from the attachments in density consciousness, then their bodily reactions will indeed pull them back. Meat eating becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You see, eating meat is simply one aspect of a level of consciousness. If one released meat, then they might also have to release many other subconscious beliefs that are associated with this level of consciousness. Killing another mammal in order to thrive is a distortion. Yet being a vegetarian alone does not guarantee a higher level of consciousness! (It does offer greater physical health, regardless of one’s level of consciousness.)

Here is a wonderful and insightful quote: “When we kill the animals to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh, which contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was never intended for human beings.” ~William C. Roberts, M.D. editor of the Journal of Cardiology

David Hawkins’ book, Power vs. Force, reveals a scale of consciousness that offers truth. He notes how all the great scientific contributors, authors and other leaders have Levels of Consciousness in the 400’s. We note that all these contributions are at the highest strata of density consciousness. It is the cutting edge of the “old paradigm,” and people who anchor there find a safety and validation in the outer world.

We have found that Self-Ascension is not even seriously entertained until people reach the mid 400’s.

One cannot lift from the perceived safety of the “cutting edge of density” without fully unplugging from the established norm. Norms provide stability for the density-brain until it reorganizes from concepts and belief structures into daily surrender and divine revelation. In short, have mercy! Everyone must transition through their beliefs to find true Beingness.

During Avesa training participants are lovingly and safely lifted into the 500’s where the brain quiets and the energy of Love and Joy become self-evident. This is the beginning of the ascended state, which Hawkins refers to as the strata where Saints and spiritual teachers are found.

The Avesa balancing and the Atlantean Healing Chamber cannot properly be given without the practitioner anchoring in Love (above 500). With the assistance of the Avesa attunements and practices, many people can hold this vibrational level temporarily–for example, while they are in the healing mode.

Following the healing they then slip back to their level of attainment in the 400’s and may also ingest meat. These are Avesa Practitioners not Avesa Masters. (Yet all Practitioners are Masters in training!) They can lovingly facilitate healing for others in density, a true gift! Yet, they themselves are nearly stationary on their path, evolving at the pace of the masses, and often at the higher level of Spiritual Activism on the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening, and unaware of it.

Self-Ascension proceeds as fast as one is able to release all attachments with full transparency to themselves. How fast are you willing to travel? When one proceeds slowly there is a great risk of accumulating unconscious habits and unwittingly becoming attached to another earth cycle. (The ego is a sly pirate.) At a greater speed, there is a risk of believing you are going crazy, unhooking without a safety net – the fast track! Regardless of the pace or method, commitment and trust are required to complete the surrender.

A true Master recognizes that water and sunlight alone offer the raw energy that is required to sustain the physical body. And, we have found that eating plants allows one to interface better with the density stream, to do our work in the world. Archangel Zadkiel reminds us to ingest only that which was grown in the sun.

To sustain a high vibration requires a pure vegetarian diet. You can “get away” with eating meat in the low 500’s – it is impossible to anchor above 600 and eat meat. Ascension Consciousness requires that One is able to sustain a vibrational rate above 600. So, even though being a vegetarian does not guarantee an ascended consciousness, it is a prerequisite!

Ultimately, one’s mastery involves trusting one’s inner guidance and disregarding the outer influences. Eating for the soul is different than eating for the body.

Soul Nutrition will also sustain the body…Density nutrition sustains the ego-body and keeps one disconnected from full integration with the soul’s consciousness.

In summary, Self-Ascension requires Soul Nutrition (essentially a vegan lifestyle) COUPLED with “Surrender,” “Unconditional love,” “Releasing Judgments” and a focus on “Union” (the four steps of Self-Ascension). These 4-steps cleanse other aspects of consciousness from density attachments.

Self-Ascension is a path of enlightenment. It offers those in density consciousness a lift into Spiritual Activism, then onto Ascension Awareness and later into Ascension Consciousness. Thus, it begins where you are! Smile and release judgment at those who misinterpret for their own soul’s journey and process. Trust your own divine guidance. Your energy and presence will soon offer a greater teaching to all you interact with. Perhaps that is why you are there!

We love you!

Sri and Kira

4 responses to “Exploring Soul Nourishment”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such beautiful clarity in your response concerning a vegetarian lifestyle. Also the revelation of the MIND CONDITIONING that promotes the eating of other sentient beings–I’d never realized that part of the equation before!

    Although I was raised in the Midwest (where we literally ate EVERY part of the butchered cow, and pretty much any and every animal that came within the crosshairs), I became a vegetarian in 1981 because I didn’t want to kill animals to feed myself.

    Over the years I would occasionally fall back into eating fish and chicken, only when my physical activity increased (I’m an endurance athlete and rock climber), and I experienced a protein deficit. But I could never feel good about indirectly killing those creatures I loved so much–even fish.

    Now a strict vegetarian for the last four years, I realize there are many alternatives–even for an endurance athlete–for supplying protein for muscle repair and growth. And you just gave me another INCREDIBLE source!

    Thank you again!

  2. Many thanks for the helpful tips here. I have got home improvement blog which i operate very difficult on such as you do here. My attempts skew towards lots of general topics and hopefully provide high level solutions for what everyone are searhing for. Always keep on working on a nice job in your blog.

  3. I Love This!!! What an amazing response!!! How uplifting for me, as I have been a Vegetarian for most of my life, yet almost always live with people who eat meat. I find your words most encouraging. Thank you, and much Love!!!

    • Hello Euphoria and thank you for your lovely comment. We understand the perceived challenges that arise with the choice of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and are happy to be able to supply information and insights for expansion! Blessings, Kat

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