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Miracle Team Message – May 30, 2011

From the Essenah Brethren


This Miracle Team Message is from the Essenah Brethren:


Beside the shore of the lake of all dreams is the witness of the dream.

The witness sits silently and gazes out at the lake without the need to speak a word.

The witness notices the subtle shifts of the waves, the light on the water and the endless horizon.

The witness has no desire to understand the waves…or the light…or the horizon.

The witness simply sits and gazes and smiles.

At last a single tear comes forward from the witness at the moment of divine understanding:

The witness has looked down and sees the reflection of the single self.

Fascinated by this reflection that is unlike the lake itself, the witness is at a moment of great choice.

Can the witness remember the gift of the lake, the subtle waves, the light and the horizon?

For without these gifts, the witness will continue to look down, absorbed by this reflection of a “self” and slowly forget that this reflection is also part of the dream.

Wake up beloved ones!

Look up again and claim your silent witness through the lake, the waves and the horizon.

For many are lost in the dream and have forgotten the lake.

And yet, all they need do, is to simply look up again.

And so it is.

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