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San Antonio Palopo Children’s Education Fund

The video above is a documentary filmed by Ron James spotlighting the San Antonio Palopo children not long after Hurricane Agatha destroyed their school. Sri, Kira, Fund coordiantor Thomas, Principal Odilio, and the smiling faces of the children tell the story. The school is still housed in the ‘temporary’ facilities of the video, and requires ongoing assistance for textbooks and supplies, far beyond the means of the village to provide.

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The foundation that sustains this project is the heart of love created through the Miracle Team.

The school in San Antonio Palopo, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, was destroyed in the summer storms of 2010. Since that time, the 550 students have attended their classes in a church building with a single bathroom. The church is too small to hold all the students, so they attend in two shifts. This means the teachers teach two full class loads every day, from early in the morning into the evening.

The school had no library and no textbooks. After Sri and Kira visited the children, the school, and its principal, Odilio Rodas Chavez, their hearts called them to to take action. The first need was to replace the books of the library, a venture costing $2500–money that the village did not have. Through the contributions of the Miracle Team and the TOSA community, the initial goal of $2500 became a reality, and the TOSA San Antonio Palopo Children’s Education Fund was born.

The school has ongoing needs for classrooms improvements, supplies, and textbooks, and it is YOUR donations that help offer these beautiful children the opportunity for education and a brighter future.

All donations go directly to purchase supplies, books and library materials for the school in San Antonio Palopo.

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Expanded Outreach

Due to the extreme poverty of their families, many children of San Antonio Palopo do not have the opportunity to attend even an hour of school per day. Children as young as 4 years old work in the fields, side by side with their parents and siblings, to help support the family. For them, education is a privilege, not a right. Your loving donations will make it possible to give these beautiful children the wondrous gift of reading, writing and more! Every dollar donated energetically returns to you a thousand-fold!

How to Donate

Please use any one of the links below to make your donation. If you would like to give a different amount, please choose one of the options below, then add the additional amount in the donations blank on the check-out page.

Also, if you gift yourself with program registrations through this site, or with self-ascension purchases or prfrom TOSA Publishing, you will find a donation option on their check-out page as well.

We ask you to connect with your heart and donate as you feel called to support the children of San Antonio Palopo. So many of you have generously helped save lives in the village, and now we all have the ongoing opportunity to help the school offer these children an education and a brighter future.

All donations go directly to purchase supplies, books and library materials for the school in San Antonio Palopo.

Is your Heart calling you to support education
for these beautiful children?

Donations may be made as a single, one-time gift of $17 – $444, or as a monthly automatically recurring donation of $4 – $144. If you would like to make a donation of a different amount, or by a different means, please email and we will be happy to help.


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$22 monthly    $44 monthly    $88 montly

$144 monthly

Contributions may be altered or stopped at any time by contacting

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We invite you to enjoy excerpts from emails written recently by Thomas and Francisca, the coordinators for the TOSA Education Fund in San Antonio Palopo. 


“I want to report a grand event here in San Antonio Palopo.  No, we haven’t had any disasters lately but the friendship developed as a result of those past  disasters continues to blossom and TOSA today presented school supplies valued at several hundreds of dollars to the students of the school temporarily housed in the Catholic Church complex. 

The supplies consist of pencils, crayons, felt markers, scribblers, rulers  and on and on.  The school will use the resources to encourage their reading program.  Competitors will be awarded prizes for reading their books, a critical activity in the pursuit of literacy amongst our children here.  Francisca and I presented the supplies to Professor Odilio Rodas and the grade three class this morning.  The children were delighted! I want to say again, TOSA ROCKS!!!!! God Bless TOSA.”

SUBJECT: TOSA Strikes Again!

“Well, the subject heading says it all, almost.  Our friends Sri and Kira and their group TOSA have just purchased class readers for the elementary grades one, two and three in Professor Odilio’s school. These people are TOUGH!  Despite the hardships, we always see the smiles of the children doing the best they can in the difficult conditions over which they have no control.

TOSA purchased 83 grade one readers, 65 grade two readers, and 70 grade 3 readers at a total cost of about $985.00.

One gentleman left us a $20.00 bill and with that, we bought ten 2 x 3s and a sheet of 1/4″ hardboard to make a small administrative space for the Director, Professor Odilio as the growth in classes resulted in his losing the little space he had for his ‘office’.  We will buy some glass for a window as well.

Again, Thanks Sri and Kira for your continuing support.  Thanks to all who contributed to this latest purchase.” 

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