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Miracle Team Message 1/10/11 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message 1/10/11



This weeks message is from the Benevolent Ones at Lake Atitlan:

From the endless sea of light there exists the sands of time that shine like diamonds in the consciousness of those who come forth from the sea.
Some gather these diamonds and witness their brilliant emanation.
Some hold these diamonds in their hands as a possession to be maintained.
Some simply walk on the beach, notice the sand and simply keep walking.

The sands of time call forth like an attractor field to the mind of a densified world.
This attractor field is what reaches into the sea of light yet is not part of the sea of light.
As one experiences the oneness and the allness simultaneously the sea of light sends gentle waves toward the sands.

The energy of love propels the force of light to meet at the sand and gently greet it.
Here the soul is born, and here the soul is free to choose.

To enter into the sands of time is a vast journey that extends beyond the mind of a “man.”
Yes, this journey is wondrous and filled with love.
Yes, this journey is one you have undertaken.

The time is now to re-member your soul’s birth.
As you gaze into the water of this world and embrace the sands of time
Do you gather the diamonds and witness their brilliant emanation?
Do you hold the diamonds in your hands tightly?
Do you walk through this journey, notice the experience and breathe in the gift of the next cycle being born now?

3 responses to “Miracle Team Message 1/10/11”

  1. I find this message extremely powerful and somewhat eye opening for me as today is my birthday so it seems to bring special meaning to me at a special time in my life on the perfect day! Thank you so much to you and my Sister Rebecca for bringing this to my life!!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you!

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Gretchen! SO glad you are on the planet spreading your radiant Light! 🙂

    Anf Happy 1-11-11 to all! Big heart hugs <3

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