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The Blue Starborn Offer a Very Special Message - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Blue Starborn Offer a Very Special Message

Relevant and timely!

An introduction by Sri and Kira:

Beloved Community of Love and Light!

As we enter the last two weeks of July we begin to notice that the energy
has already shifted…again..and is bringing us all closer to our cosmic connection.

This week we will be honoring a sacred agreement with the Archangelic realm
as we enter the crop circle that we were told would appear, "If humanity
reached the moment of critical choice."

Indeed we are there!

As we journey through Avalon, we will also be collecting the final keys to
be taken to the Sphynx in October when the Unification Molecule energy is fully
anchored. This process begins NOW and you are already part of it.

We are in a cosmic moment!

And we are honored that a very powerful and special discourse
from The Blue Starborn has been revealed to share with you FOR THIS MOMENT.

We invite you to bring your hand to your heart, to breathe with ease and to
sail the universe again, for the July energy is building and your cosmic brethren
are here!

May your week be filled with joyous knowing and may your heart know that you
are loved!

With great joy!
Sri and Kira


“The Starborn abode is calling out to those who seek peace.
You cannot connect with peace in a world of masters seeking to create anything
less than peace, yet you can discover your peace by reaching up, gazing up,
keeping your eyes up and gaze into that area that you call the North Pole and
begin to see the gift of this Beautiful Blue Crystalline City, and abode of
Great Starborn Energies.”

The Miracle of Service, 12 Steps to Ascension Series
From Message Six: Divine Mastery

The Blue Starborn Speak:

The Shield of Zadkiel

Beloved Ones, we have come through the center of the earth and emanate now
at the North Pole. Our cosmic connection is expansive and arrives with certainty
for You have already come home. Yet your vessel seeks understanding.

Your time has come, and only you can let it BE.

To expand is all you can do and all is now expanding. We come to support this
expansion and this understanding so desired by the vessel.

There has been great movement upon your planet and the energies of
disharmony seek to disturb harmony.

You will recognize the energy of Disharmony as if feels like a weight. It is
an energy that surrounds your planet as is attractive to negative energy. It
literally seeks out negative energy and then sticks to it. The one then feeds
the other.

There are many disjointed energies attaching now to the energy of disharmony
that seek to expand unrest, for indeed ALL is expanding.

Many who hold a cosmic connection are experiencing this energy. They are being
lovingly supported by the energies that placed the cosmic grids and are able
to expand with love and light.

We also seek for you to understand that the sister of the disharmony is Magnetization:
Many are magnetized by their own experiences. They discover that through this
magnetization there is a stream of energy that offers the vessel of density
an acceptable level of attainment within.

Spiritual Activism is an acceptable level of awakening to one who is deeply
magnetized and it is Attachment that keeps one in that state. Those that seek
to keep magnetized you are no threat to the greater awakening…they are
kept “safe” in their slumber through belief structures that further
magnetize their activism energy.

Belief structures, including those that are considered ascended are an attachment.

It is the attached energies that perpetually bind a being to this experience.
It is a very real and very powerful Self-imposed prison, and very few seek to
go beyond it..
The energetics of attachment and magnetization create the perception of being
safe here in the density experience for The journey of Liberation is
not comfortable as one begins the voyage.

The vast majority that are in the density experience now need reassurance
because they have lost the recognition that they are the reassurance they seek.

They seek to take from others who also seek and they bind each other through
this journey that is attached to this one experience.
The route of liberation is not well known—for many of those who find their
way do not come to this planet of density. And YOU HAVE chosen to be here, it
is time to remember.

Avatar prophets of this density experience, have shown the pathway without
divulging how to traverse it. To traverse the journey of liberation is your
own journey. You are able to break free without losing sight of liberation and
becoming affected by the magnetization and attachment.

There is a great Crescendo building around you now – a momentum of energy—it
is time to simply face the storm and we offer you the horse to safely ride upon
as you move through this moment in density.

Live who you are without fear! Consistently pace your journey so that you
have the endurance for the journey and confidently ride the horse that has been
offered to thee! You are Transiting into a transcended state that is familiar
once you relax into remembering.

The universal love energy has directed Massive energy shields toward you.
Tis is the great energy that offers a reassurance and stability to proceed in
accord with the Divine Plan.

Ignite these Shields as they will protect you from interference which is at
the edge seeking to find you. Gift yourself with creating your personal relationship
with the beloved Archangel Zadkiel which offers the shield.

For remember, the Shield offers respite. The shield allows the
physical body to relax and remember spaciousness without having to BE the shield.

The Shield offers balanced harmony to the merging bodies of the physical vessel
and the cosmic being-ness. Is it here that you discover true Safety which is
the pure stream of connection without the interweaving of other energies. The
Shield energy offers greater joy while in a planet of densification, for it
frees you to relax.

Wake up and remember that your world has a great and unique harmony. Most
have lost the ability to hear this harmony. They unknowingly create disharmonic
function in the opposite of the harmonic field of light.

Through magnetization and attachment, density is able to create an
opposing sustaining field in direct opposition to universal harmonic field.

This energy of disharmony becomes familiar and the energetic replacement in
the body that fills the spaces of cosmic connection with denser and denser harmonics.

While you are consciously within the shield, you will be IN harmony,
for the Shield itself IS A HARMONY. And it will feel offensive to those who
have become familiar with disharmony.

There is an affluence of harmony in the container of sacred connection that
is discovered within your heart as you let go of judgment.

The densified Brain function frequently disengages from harmony and seeks
disharmony as familiar while it ingests the seed of harmony thereby hiding it.

This seed of harmony actually encapsulates the brain with the energetic of
appreciation, compassion and love..for this is a function..not a program.

This is a density issue. In the field of harmony this is a non-issue. There
is only one.

Density sends the destroyers of harmony, (as perceived comfort), and permeates
the psyche to find comfort in harmony that is out of sync with they universal

You may ask then, how might one release frustration when still judging

Judgment comes from the energy that creates disharmony as harmony. As harmony
comes forward this question dissolves. Only the mind seeking “disharmony”
creates it.
So beloved ones, in this moment of the great reunification, we invite thee to:

  • Claim harmony without the need to seek it
  • Be careful of your thoughts and attachments as judgements
  • Be mindful of the energy that you attract and project
  • Be grateful for the Harmony and release the Disharmony


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3 responses to “The Blue Starborn Offer a Very Special Message”

  1. Thank you BSB for this wonderful sharing.
    I would like to thank the one that created the picture of the shield above.
    I felt called to print several out and hang in differt places like the ‘Sticky Note’ practice.
    I stop and say ‘Thank you’ for my presence and my claim to harmony. Knowing I(we) are protected and guided.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello Beloved, I just listen to your crop circle radio show and looked at the picture of the crop circle. Immediately at first I saw Oneness. The reason I think this interesting is because I have been tring to go under the paw of the sphinx and could not do thisuntill saturday the 23.There I saw Oneness and total Bliss with Elohim guiding us. For maney meditations I have gone to the great room (king’s chamber) inside we hold hands forming a circle and golden energy shot from the middle of us through the top of the prymid and cover the earth. Eternall love and harmony Michael

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