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Living Peace: The Four Steps to Self-Ascension - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Living Peace: The Four Steps to Self-Ascension

By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa
  • What is Self-Ascension and Authenticity?
  • How are they different from what we have experienced
    or heard before?
  • How can one embrace true freedom while living
    in the habit of fear, or stand in liberation while clinging to judgment?
  • Is it possible to break free of these habits,
    and live in Authenticity?

Have you ever asked for a moment of Peace?

Peace in your daily life, in the lives of those around you, and on a global scale is your birthright! Living that Peace within a fear-based paradigm is what presents the challenge.

Your Divine Connection lovingly places everything in perspective and lifts the soul into bliss regardless of what the external world may present. Archangel Zadkiel shares this gift so beautifully:

“The state of integrated successful spiritual living is known simply as: Self-Ascension.”

Self-Ascension is a gift we give ourselves by embracing our Authentic Peace, Love and Joy.  Self-Ascension transcends the habit and belief
that Peace, Love and Joy are emotions. They are a way of life, an Authentic pathway attained through the navigation of Four simple steps.

  • Surrender
  • Release Judgment
  • Unconditional Love
  • Be in Union

These steps are a circle and presented in no particular order, however it is the consistent and loving tenacity to allow them to become ever-refining that anchors greater peace in our lives!

Surrender means the Surrender of what surrender looks like! Stop making deals with the Universe!

Release judgment by starting with judgment of the self. Allow the gift of who you are to be fully appreciated.

Unconditional love: What if, just for today, you allowed yourself to simply appreciate all the billions of souls on this planet; embracing your freedom to love ALL paths; to know that each path does not need to be the same as yours, and may indeed be radically different. THIS is the experience of Unconditional love. Free yourself from believing that you are anything other than Unconditional love, and the door of your true soul opens wide.

When we boldly completely accept Union with our Soul authenticity, then we are ready to be in Union with a partner. Just for today, allow yourself to say “thank you” to your soul for holding the space of Union for you. Step into the divine embrace of your sacred heart, and breathe the truth of your Authenticity.

This is when you will know the freedom and Abundance of living in Peace, Love and Joy. This is where you were born to return.

Welcome home to Self-Ascension!

One response to “Living Peace: The Four Steps to Self-Ascension”

  1. Hello there you lovely spirits,
    Ok, here we go. In the past year I having been moving thru HUGH transformation. All good. And with this journey I (we) have allowed and surrendered that which no longer serves any purpose.
    Ok, long story short now… The past 10 days i began my meditation practice. New, to this arena. I entered this state with no pre conceived notions for myself with others experience
    Within minutes I was in what I believe the state of consciousness and therefore ( i ) no longer existed
    My body began to move in ways as though I was in harmony with spirit. It started off rather slowly but the momentum sped up and my experience became more tense with ease. Not once did I put up resistance. From every fiber in my being was shaking uncontroabbly
    my body was being touched , pinched and shaken to the point that i should have been so sore to of even walked away from this experience with no soreness what so ever. This first time lasted about an hour. The next morning I was excited to see If the experience would be the same. It was the same and just as intense but now over three hours. During this time I can only explain it as my body was convulsing contorting almost as though I was dancing harmoniously and seizing at the same time. Spirit is guiding my hands in areas all over my body. Working slowly at first and then aggressively and then letting it go. And moving on from there to another area. Always in a state of calm and receiving.
    Im chanting Indian mantras, eyes closed so tightly that at certain points I wonder If I will ever be able to open them again. I am currently meditating in the morning and evening. Wish and desire to stay in this state all day. But duty, calls…. I am keeping this to myself because there are no words to clearly explain what this is without sounding too nutty… So you two are my chosen ones… ( Lucky You )
    You appeared on my lab top today with no effort on my part . discussing the symptoms of ascension and spiritual awakening.
    And * Wha’la an answer. I am grateful to be here to receive your wisdom. Can this be my awakening and my experience with this intense movement and deep concentration with almost little effort be just that, my Awakening ? I look forward to hearing from you and your wise words of wisdom. Until then, be safe out there.
    Many Blessings,

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