Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

Miracle Team Message - August 1 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – August 1

From the Ascended Masters at Lake Atitlan



This Miracle Team Message is from
the Ascended Masters at Lake Atitlan

Dearest beings of love and light, our hearts reach out to you with the presence
of being that illuminates all miracles and ignites all light with the fullness
of expanded consciousness.

Reach out your energy field now, and allow yourself to travel far beyond the
illusion of this world. Relax as you begin to fully re-anchor your consciousness
as the one who has cared for and supported the expansion of light for eons.

Within the deepest recesses of the buried wisdom that is carried in your golden
heart seed, is the blue jewel energy that exists to assist the pulse of universal
harmony to remain forever steadfast. This is a gift, that once reawakened, forever
offers to you the reassurance and support needed for this powerful moment and
well beyond.

Step outside the borders of perception that seek to limit your re-awakened
spirit and allow yourself to breathe into the expanded state of being that fully
opens the divine channels of communication free from any and all manipulations.

You are the divine channel of light and love!

You are able to reignite this precious gift once you fully step outside the
limited world and once again experience the limitless world of all being-ness
that you are!

Breathe in the air of love and light and breathe fully the illumination of
your divine presence without restriction!

Allow your guidance to re-awaken beyond the limited perceptions
and experience the dream that you have so lovingly guided as the reality you
are ready to live!

This week’s sentence stem for Miracle Journaling is:

As I embrace my reality beyond the perception of limits, what I notice about my life is….

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