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When Did Healthy Eating Become Illegal?

Unfortunately, healthy eating is becoming not only difficult to sustain but...illegal?!

Food is a gift.

Our bodies — the physical temples that house our spiritual selves — are with us for the duration of our earthly existence. It’s only natural that we would want to fuel our bodies with the best food available. That we would do our very best to eat in a way that was not only delicious to our palates, but resulted in good health and better overall living.

Unfortunately, healthy eating is becoming not only difficult to sustain but…illegal?!

Yes, Dear Ones — the best foods for your precious body’s optimal health — are not only being mutated by chemicals and genetic modification, but new laws are creating loopholes for the government to sell junk under the guise of “organic.”

Monsanto: Are You Tired of Hearing About Them Yet?

Over the past couple years, Monsanto has dominated the news feeds of those of us interested in healthy eating. (So we know that you, as an interested party, have probably already witnessed most of the controversy!).

No longer the sweet company that brought you the Monsanto Ride at DisneyLand, Monsanto is now one of the world’s most corrupt “food” corporations. Seeing as their primary objective is to create insecticides, it shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone that they were genetically modifying their crops to be a genetically mutated fusion of insecticides and plants (the most prevalent being their Roundup Ready™ soybean, of which there are 23 different varieties). And they’ve been selling their products — for years!! — under the “organic” label.

But while Monsanto has taken the brunt of the GMO backlash, the real revelations that cropped up(!) in this horrifying tale of organic crop betrayal goes much deeper. The main question on everyone’s minds should be: How does Monsanto, and companies like them, get away with selling genetically mutated crops?

A handy government loophole, that’s how! Using their infamous “organic” soybeans as an example:

“American law permits these crops to be mixed with a small amount of organic soybeans, and the resultant combination may then be labeled organic.”

In other words, as long as one soybean in your bag is authentically organic, even if the rest of the bag is filled with insecticide-injected soybean mutations, the bag may be sold as “organic.” And the same laws apply to any other “organic” crops sold in the United States!

Big Agra VS. The People: Change on the Horizon?

Now that we as a consciousness have become more aware of what’s been occurring behind-the-scenes of our food’s development (and all that’s at stake!), activists ranging from individuals to entire States have come forward to put a stop to the harmful regulations that have been put in place. Not an easy task considering that the people they have to appeal to are the very ones who created the laws in the first place!

With the approval of the USDA Food Codex, we’ve essentially given full power of our food production to Big Agra!

And does Big Agriculture have our best interests in mind? Only if our best interests make them a profit. (No).

So where does that leave “the little guy?” Vermont recently passed a law requiring genetically-modified foods to be labeled as such. However, mere days later, they’re being threatened with a lawsuit from the National Food Industry. A lawsuit they’re almost certain to lose! According to a letter of caution written by Hawaii’s Attorney General in 2013 regarding potential GMO labeling bills:

“…lawmakers that a House bill on genetically modified organism or GMO food would likely be found unconstitutional.”

When Big Agra has the government’s most precious document, The Constitution, in their corner, what hope do we have?

Is Eating Well a Hopeless Dream?

In an era where one of our most base needs (eating) has been overly-complicated by bills, laws, and codexes — and where food fraud has become a normal part of our lives — it can be all-too-easy to feel discouraged.

Don’t give up hope, Dear Ones. Healthy eating is within your grasp.

Your hunger for knowledge is the key to satisfying your hunger for nutritious foods. Taking charge of your food and learning how to eat well is truly a gift; and it’s one you are ready to receive.

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