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The Seven Paragraphs - Transforming Dogma - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Seven Paragraphs – Transforming Dogma

Seeds of Creation Ignition

The Seven Paragraphs

Welcome to a moment worthy of a quiet comfortable space and your favorite beverage. Relax and invite the gift of Divine Mastery Connection. May your heart KNOW and RE-MEMBER that the Ascension Renaissance is HERE because of YOU!

The Authenticity of Divine Mastery Presence IS the Yoga of Self-Ascension in form.

The ignition that calls forward your ability to Soar beyond the Dogma of limitation as YOU… FULLY embrace the Gift of your Eternal BEing!

Humanity is ACTIVELY Ascending!

The open portal that has called forward the Six Initiations of the Ancient CODES of Illumination are the affirmation!

Regardless of the Conscious Awareness that meets the energy of the transformation, within the wisdom of your Divine Mastery Presence KNOWING, is the AWARENESS of the NOW moment.

Relax into the joy-full KNOWING that EVERY-Thing is ready to MANIFEST. This insoulment is short yet invites deep Mastery Presence.  IT IS… a gift to assist with the ever expanding and rapid up-level of Conscious Awareness as the Sea of Neutrality.

The Original Text is in bold black. The Expansion text is in italic. Consider simply engaging one paragraph at a time and fully embrace where you may discover your-self through the process. Perhaps create a ceremony, light a candle, and smile! With a hand to your heart, simply BE with this SEVEN SUCCINT PARAGRAPHS that call forward a decisive moment in conscious awareness.

A VALUABLE INSOULMENT to connect with over and over again.


June 25, 2023…2:30pm TOSA Blue Mountain, Paute, Azuay, Ecuador

The St. Germaine IT-self Shares through MLKR:


1.     The adherence to any dogma, in and of itself, limits the potentiality of consciousness.

 In this moment, relax into the gift of your breath and invite it to guide you into the blessing of your true nature.  Relax beyond the limitations and soar into the infinite universe. NOTICE your vision of your life and KNOW THE TRUTH of this vision.

2.     To literally and strictly adhere to the words of dogmatic traditions is the beginners’ journey into the depth of their own wisdom.

 Smile and feel the depth of your humble appreciation for every dogma that you have had the gift of navigating!  Dance with the JOY of KNOWING you are the Master…ready to Flourish beyond the perceptions of self-inflicted limitation.

3.     To notice and actively participatethrough the expansion of strict literal adherence, into the depth of the message IS the journey of density. AND…The journey of density is the gift of the expansion through the dogma.

 The moment of Divine Mastery illumination is the exquisite gift that rises though the conscious awareness of the blessing of the journey through the dogma it-self.  To have tasted the rich textures of this specific potentiality while simultaneously knowing that you are ready to embrace and actively BE the sacred intention IT-self…LOVE in-formed Awareness and Conscious Self-Ascended Mastery.

4.     To fully in-body awareness as the ultimate expression of the dogma outside of all sense of agenda and manipulation.

This is the moment of the celebration that arises through the ABSOLUTE forgiveness of self as the foundation of the GIFT of In-bodied Divine Mastery Presence. To have the conscious command of the keys of divine creation once again…as the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation through in-formed Conscious Awareness.

5.     Dogma, WILL… in all-ways…direct its creative energy toward self-preservation. IT IS… the nature of this densified world to avoid all sense or perception of deathThis is the energy of avoidance for the death of what was.  This avoidance is birthed through the FEAR of What May BE.  It is this fear that supports ALL dogma to thrive.

 YOU ARE… A Divine Infinite BEing that is blessed to BE…in-formed Conscious Awareness of this moment of potentiality.  Imagine the freedom to create through limit-less expansion as the fear of the illusion of death is re-leased through ever greater IN-bodied Mastery Presence?  True freedom is yours to claim the moment the fear of death is set aside in favor of your limitless nature. 

6.     To receive answers solely based upon collective approval sustains the arrogance of the ego as all dominant. Through this perception of the experience of reality, compliance becomes the narrow gateway to happiness and complicity becomes the state of experiencing form.

The mind is your servant and YOU ARE…the blessing that arises to comfort the ego through your Self-Ascended presence into formed awareness. As the ego relaxes into the trust of your Divine Mastery Presence the energy of “Forgive them, they know not what they do.” Transforms into the active presence of emergent service through the co-creation of your life experience. 

The Self-Ascended Conscious creation outside of the limitations of the perceptions of a mind of form.  Free to breathe and call forward the joy-full aspects of the mind …for it is no longer limited through fear.. IT IS… FREE TO TRUST!

7.     Through mandatory compliance, Divine mastery presence in form, retreats and patiently waits… For YOU…to RISE…and once more and discover the SELF that is beyond the dogma and embraces the transformation joy-fully.

Celebrate that every-thing has brought you to this moment…right now!  YOU…the Divine Master IN-formed awareness, is CONSCIOUS of IT-Self.  Exhale and smile that this moment is a gateway to greater freedom and ILLUMINATION.

The zero point energy field of your eternal Divine Mastery Presence is every patient and without sense of limitation. The joy of your dance with this densified realm of potentiality are ready to SOAR BEYOND the perception of limitation. 

YOU ARE…and have all-ways Been…READY.


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