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The Flow of Timelessness Attunement - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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The Flow of Timelessness Attunement

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The Flow of Timelessness Attunement
Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

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The Ascended Masters of Lake Atitlan Speak:

Hello… Time.
We come today to share with you about this perception. This specific perception has become a hero and an enemy. It has become a friend and a warrior. It has become many different things.
Perhaps we have jumped in to share about time so quickly, because, to be in time is to feel the essence of all your energies slip through your fingers.

Time creates the greatest illusion of all in your world of creation beloved ones.
Many of your great books chronicle time. And, many of your experiences you chronicle according to time. This is called forward through self-doubt expressed as:

How much time did it take?
Is it my time? Is it their time?
Is there enough time?
When is the time?

The Chronicling of Time
As we gaze and connect with thee all, oftentimes your energy field emits what you would recognize as a clock in your head. It chronicles all of your events and all of your movements. And interwoven with the chronicling of all time, there is the handcuff of time. We choose this word because time can be like wearing a handcuff. One cuff on your wrist, one cuff on the clock.

Let us share more for thee. We invite thee to open your mind to know that time is beyond that which you choose to experience as time. Imagine yourself inside a rocket. The rocket has great fuel and is able to move very quickly. This rocket sails beyond the dimensions of all space, and is able to implode and explode simultaneously.

Relax and invite your “self” to experience the energy of imploding as you explode. Breathe and simply feel the energy and let go of the mind. For as you do, you will again discover the moment of stillness between the two. Between the implosion and between the explosion there is the moment of divine stillness.

Within the moment of divine stillness is the bliss-filled experience as if all time has stopped.
Can you imagine for yourself now frozen time as ALL time. Frozen time as ALL time. Go deeper with this. Take in a breath, Beloved Ones. Release and open your heart…wider.

The Gift of “Frozen” Time

Frozen time as ALL time. Frozen time as ALL time.
Fear arises from a belief in time. Fear arises from the attachment to events that have occurred in a sequential period of time. Fear arises when one is frozen in A specific time without the recognition of ALL time…ALL time.
And dearest Beloved Ones…your “time” has come and it is now.

You say wonder what that means or perhaps you may be confused. We understand this potentiality and offer you this.

Within the world of co-created experience that is calling you to be here now, there is a great sedentary motion that is slowing…slowing…slowing…slowing. Experienced within the slowing of this motion, there will at first feel like a rapid propulsion as if you are being thrown against a wall in the experience of linear time in a world of density. This is because you have been traveling so quickly that when the universal motion around this slows down, if you are still racing like a rocket, then the wall becomes closer and you hit it that much faster.

Do you understand? And if you do not, relax any judgment because through calling in to your density self the energy of understanding, this also steps you into a time expansion experience.

Relax ever more as you NOTICE and WITNESS your current experience of past, present, future…
as one experience, in totality. Calling forward your remembrance that they
are not separate experiences.

Fear and the Time Continuum
You may consider offer this gift to yourself. Begin by simply gifting yourself by being consciously still. Relax and close your eyes. Begin breathing deeply and expelling through your breath all fear. For the moment of the breath is your first moment to free all fear.

As you further focus with this breath process, you quickly connect to the next moment of the breath. And then you connect that to the next moment of the breath, each one expanding your ability to traverse the dimensional gateways.

To be fear-full is to be time-full.
This is because fear arises from that which you believe has hurt you,
or that which you are afraid will hurt you.

Often the fear of that which you feel will hurt you has birthed from the fear of what you feel has hurt you. This is just one way that you can limit your own sense of divine being-ness.

Within the creation of your planet now, there is the time continuum. A time continuum is a self-perpetuating mechanism that seeks to perpetuate the energy of densification. To be in a time continuum and to jump into it, so to speak, as a stream of moving light, is the ultimate people-mover. Jump onto this people-mover and all you see is time clicking. ALL experiences on this particular people mover are monitored by the clicking of this time experience.

As you jump into this time continuum, and the longer you stay on the ride, you discover that you soon forget who you are. This is the energy of preoccupation. It is cultivated by the experiences that capture your focus as they overlay with the clicking of the time event.

Is the Past Shaping our Future?
Contained within the density experience, events are remembered, called forward or shared, based upon the time they are perceived to have happened. Many say, “I remember A time.” Frozen moments of time. We enjoy the phrase “Past performance does not guarantee future performance,” because this is true.

When one is aligned with time only, then the past performance predestines the future,
and this is why it is your time!

You are in the moment of the opportunity for the expression of your energy to either have been determined by past performance or not. And we say this quite clearly. You are in the moment of opportunity because you have been at this precipice now for a while, and as you have been at this precipice, it is important for you to know that many have made choices based upon their past performance, and that these choices have already been made, these choices have already been anchored because it is, indeed, a fearful thing to expand versus to simply be.

To be in a moment of fear-full expansion is to bring forward past time into present experience thereby limiting the experience of the present, thereby confirming a future based on a past.

Is this what you want?

We do not offer you any suggestion. We simply invite you to look at the question. There is much happening in the infinite realm of expanded energy that exists beyond the comprehension of time in a brain that is limited inside a body with a skull and flesh and bones.

So, we offer for you an attunement that can take you outside of time. This is because in order to BE…in the flow of universal experience…you must be outside of time. And! You can stay in time and enjoy the gift! For time is a gift and time is a tool. Time is a tool. Like the egoic filters or the egoic presences, it is a tool!

Time and Everlasting Life

Beloved Angels of the divine expression of all that has ever been, your limitless DNA has been limited by time. This was, so to speak, the magic pill that was not swallowed when, in your Adamic traditions, you left the, “Garden of Eden.”

Prior to the leaving of the garden there was everlasting life. There was the understanding of life that was without a time continuum. This is the misperception of everlasting life!
To a mind of density, anything that is outside of linear time must be everlasting because infinite is all that can be comprehended while you are within this perception gazing out.

The key is to recognize that within the understanding and the recognition, the gift of expanding into your limitless being-ness, is an opportunity to step into your full remembrance without needing a linear time frame.

It is for this we offer you this gift today.

This gift anchors with itself quite beautifully when you step in through the fifth dimensional portals. As you learn and harness the energy of walking through the diamond portals into the fifth dimensional energies, you begin, very effortlessly, to let go of a time continuum.

Many of you have already stepped through this beautiful diamond portal into fifth dimensional experience are experiencing this time warp experience. This is where you step into the field of timelessness, have great experience, and then return to a sense of normal consciousness and notice: It seemed like a minute, but I was gone, so to speak, an hour.

These are time warp overlaps.

Many of you experience these in many different ways. For example, what happened to this day, is a common phrase. You wake up and you are busified , and then begin experiencing a sense of a lost day when it has yet to begin. These are opportunities to consciously step out of the time continuums because you are not gazing at the time continuum. Yet, you are called back into the time continuum by the startling recognition of, What has happened to my day; what has happened to the time?

It is the question: what has happened, that limits the expanded experience.

Invite the consciousness that perhaps it is an opportunity to flow with this experience.

Standing in the Experience of Time

To stand in the experience of time is to recognize your timelessness.
To stand outside the experience of time is to experience and anchor greater love and appreciation for the experience you have had within time.

To step back and activate the genetic code that is deep within all beings that offers to you the gift of being able to step outside of this time perception is the one that will lift you through all perceptions that wish to enhance your fear, and confine you within the perceptions of limitation.

Do you ever feel limited in your life?
Do you ever feel that you don’t have enough time?
Do you ever feel that you can’t do, or should not do, or are limited to do?

These free-floating energies have richly fed the planetary thought body. These thoughts thereby impose ever greater time restrictions at a moment of this universal stillness. This is why you will

feel as if you are slamming into the world more often. Imagine the freedom of fully calling forward your divine essence to implode while you explode as you embrace the moment of stillness again.

The Timelessness Attunement

We offer you this gift and invite you to simply relax. You may lay down or deeply relax in a chair or couch or wherever your heart calls. As you relax deeply, visualizing before thee a clock.

As you begin noticing the clock, it is whatever beautiful clock you call forward. And as you visualize the clock before you, notice that the number at the top is simply fading away.

There is no more 12. It’s just fading. No need to know where. Just fading. Gazing at the 1, you notice it has already faded. The 2 … the 3 … the 4 … the 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … 9 … 10 … 11.

Relax and notice the portal that has opened before you now. Notice and FEEL the light that is emanating from this portal as it streams toward you. The light that you are now streaming toward. It is one beam of light. You may feel a heavy energy as if you cannot move. You may feel ignited. Just be. Breathe again.

Deep within your body is a golden marker that has been hidden within you. As you stay connected with this portal you will discover where it is. For each of you it is in a different place. And each time you re-visit this, it may be in another place. Call to this marker now, ask it to reveal itself.

As you reconnect with it, breathe the energy up and call it into the center of this portal.
You are ready to experience the limitless garden and ignite your limitless expansion.
You are timeless even within the perception of a world of time.

The ignition of this divine luminescent energy will stabilize your experience, clarify your mind, and offer you the gift of that moment of stillness.

Take in a breath.

As you can, and as you do, continue this practice into deep moments of divine and limitless experience without worrying about time, without knowing time, because you are time-less.When you call forward the remembrance of your timelessness, fear can no longer exist within you. It is a great key for navigating this moment. This is why we share this with you again.
For YOU already know this. It is our joy to ignite this memory again.

 Take a breath.
We are holding the presence of great timelessness for you.
Take a breath.

We invite you to consider practicing this attunement often. The greatest gift you can offer to yourself and those around you is to navigate time
without being bound by time.

You are on a planet where navigating time is part of your experience. To be Bound by time is to also bind yourself to the planetary thought body.
This planetary thought body is creating “A future” based upon “A past”.

This does not have to be and yet it can be.
Take a breath.
We are complete.
You are timeless.

You are timeless.

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  1. This is incredible and of course, “timely” in coming forward to many now, myself especially. I took so many notes and will keep these in my journal.

    Is there a spoken version of the meditation/ensoulment. It will be helpful. I am blessed to have opened myself to the knowledge you present, in may forms of expression. Thank you, I send you Peace, Grace from Moodus, CT USA.

  2. Thank you and blessings I will take this on and I’m on it and grateful to have his practice in my life thank you kind regards Connie

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